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Rating of construction companies of St. Petersburg 2017


In the ranking of construction companies of St. Petersburg 2017 includes the most reliable developers. Information given is based on the magnitude of the activities of a construction organization. Among all the organizations had identified a dozen leaders who handed in the greatest number of residential units on time or with minimum delays. Investing finances in the construction of one of the following construction companies, the buyer minimizes the risk of losing their investments due to the bankruptcy of the developer.

10. GK SU-155

GK SU-155 opens the ranking of developers of Saint Petersburg, which are considered the most reliable. A construction organization is a group of companies that carry out different functions. The company operates more than in 50 cities of the country and is a leading player in the niche real estate construction. The organization is building brick apartment complexes and specializiruetsya mainly on the construction of housing of economy class in 12 and 19-storey high-rises. Currently, the company is engaged in construction of nine new buildings.

9. LenSpetsSMU

LenSpetsSMU is the developer, the responsibility and reliability of which were proven. The company has been in operation since late 1995. The company is building not only on the territory of St. Petersburg, but also Moscow region. The organization is part of the standard, which includes about 65 organizations. LenSpetsSMU sells most of the property after completion of construction works and has no special dependence on Finance shared construction participants. This fact determined the stability of a construction company in the real estate market.

8. L1 SK No. 1

L1 SK No. 1 among the top ten developers of Saint-Petersburg in 2007. The company was founded in 1992, in particular focusing its activities on the development of residential complexes. For all time of existence the company has built more than 120 large objects. About half of completed developments relates to the business class. On account L1 SK No. 1 shopping and entertainment centres, fitness clubs, and swimming pools. The peculiarity of the company is that she is practically engaged in the building of economy housing. The organization is engaged in construction of houses in Moscow, Sochi, Kiev and Novosibirsk, where it is known under other names. Prices for apartments constructed by the company is quite high.

7. SPb

SPb Renovation works on the market of developers since 2009. The main focus of the organization is to address problems associated with emergency housing. The company is engaged in reconstruction of buildings and construction of residential complexes. Currently, the Renovation involved the construction of seven major housing facilities in Saint-Petersburg.

6. The Leader Of The Group

The leader of the Group has been operating since 1992 and during the work has established itself as a reliable Builder. First, the organization has specialized exclusively in the construction of industrial buildings, but since 2002, the company's expertise began to enter the construction of commercial and residential real estate. The leader of the Group is engaged in construction of objects not only in Saint Petersburg but the Russian capital. On account of the enterprise more than 1 million square meters, leased territories. One of the biggest projects built by the developer is a popular business center Leader Tower with a height of 140 meters.

5. RBI

RBI construction company that is part of the same holding company. The company operates in construction market since 1993. For all time of existence the organization has donated more than 1 million square metres of space. The developer is principally engaged in the construction of elite residential complexes, construction of which takes into account all European standards of quality. Residential buildings were built elite class primarily in the heart of Peter. Additionally, the company carries out landscaping next to the residential complex built and is also engaged in the improvement games, playgrounds, recreation areas.

4. Glavstroy-SPB

Glavstroi-SPB is located on the fourth line of the rating of the most reliable construction companies Peter for the current year. This is one of the largest developers in the Russian market, which is engaged in construction of residential complexes and the development of new areas for construction. Started the organization in 2006 and for more than a decade of experience passed almost always the objects in time without any delay. Currently, the number of houses under construction by the company there are 26.

3. SK dal'piterstroy

SK dal'piterstroy — a reliable construction company SPB, the base of which occurred in 1998. The organization in charge of construction of large residential complexes and individual homes. Dal'piterstroy functions as customer, developer, and designer and contractor. The company is mainly engaged in the construction of housing of economy class. The company has completed the construction of houses not only in St. Petersburg. The state order was executed the construction of residential complexes in Karelia. The dal'piterstroy has assets, among which the boiler houses and electrical grids. Currently, the developer is engaged in construction of 7 housing complexes.

2. Setl City

Setl city is among the three most reliable builders of St. Petersburg. On the market of construction companies he has appeared for a long time: the base occurred in 1994. Then the organization operated under another name —St. Petersburg real estate. As the Setl city company known since 2000. This is one of the leading players in the construction market, which leads the development of territories for the construction of residential complexes. The company is ready to offer its clients the projects of residential, rural and commercial real estate. The authorized capital of Setl city to date, 50 million rubles.

1. LSR Group

LSR group tops the ranking of developers of Saint-Petersburg. Construction company for all the years acquired an excellent reputation. It was founded in 1993. LSR builds in mass and premium segment. During the construction of the residential complex uses panel seamless or solid brick. Apartments are usually high quality finish and ready to move in. LSR is ready to offer development of housing at will and finances of the client. This is one of the most reliable St. Petersburg developers who built numerous residential complexes.

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