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A rating of brake pads for cars 2016


In the ranking of brake pads for cars 2016 includes products those firms that have proven themselves in tests only with the best hand.

10. Samko

Brake pads Italian company Samko discover the top ten best products of this line. Products Samko has a non-asbestos composition, a high coefficient of friction, not changing from heat exposure; minimum abrasiveness, high thermal stability and silent operation. The range of Samko are available for cars of European, Japanese, Korean, Russian and American production. Quality products certified by international certificates ISO and DNV and Russian quality certificate GOST R.

9. Bosch

Brake pads for cars Bosch came in 2016, a ranking of the best. They include about 20 components. About 20% are binding agents: synthetic resin and natural rubber. Steel copper, zinc, bronze, aluminum — 10%. Carbon fiber, synthetic fiber and mineral wool are about 10%. As fillers are used, the oxides of AL, FE and Na sulfate is about 25%. 35% components forms: graphite, sulfides of Cu and Al. The product range from BOSCH meets the most stringent requirements of car manufacturers for uniformity and stability characteristics, the behavior of the car at high speeds, durability, fradinho.

8. Sangsin HAGEN

HAGEN Sangsin — brake Shoe for cars of the highest quality. Thanks to the introduction of high-tech materials and components HAGEN friction have high wear resistance. Using organic compounds, the company has created SANGSIN BRAKE brake pads containing aramid and mineral fibres, which gives a special plasticity of the friction material makes braking smoother and more predictable, increases the service life of brake mechanism 150%. According to the manufacturer's resource — 35 thousand km.

7. Nisshinbo

Japanese Nisshinbo brake pads for cars known around the world and ended in 2016, a ranking of the best. The products of this company has wide fields of application — from passenger cars to sports cars to heavy trucks. A distinctive feature is the fact that the brake pads made according to the highest international standards using a unique material "Ferodo", designed for any conditions of operation and long service life. In addition, the focus development of materials in the brake system based on the use of asbestos-free materials with the addition of expensive minerals.


FERODO TARGET (TAR) series disc brake pads for cars, which is manufactured using advanced friction materials developed to provide optimum braking in various driving conditions. They are specially designed to supply the aftermarket, where the price is crucial. TARGET fully meet all modern requirements of reliability and quality.

5. Kashiyama

Kashiyama — the best Japanese brake pads, used for many passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks. Predicted response when braking the vehicle, no brake dust from the pads on alloy wheels, and the lack of difficulty — the main indicators of the quality of the product Kashiyama.

4. Hankook FRIXA

Line Hankook FRIXA included in the list of best brake pads for cars today. Mainly products are intended for Korean-made cars, which makes the company a strong player in the domestic market of primary and secondary products.
The elements of the Frixa brake systems are designed at the research center for Hankook Tire in Daejeon city and manufactured at the main plant in the city of Suncheon, has produced the products exclusively in the territory of South Korea. A distinctive feature in the production of brake pads and linings company Frixa is the use of Kevlar fiber. This component provides a duration of operation of the brake discs. Even under heavy loads the discs wear out in 2 times less in comparison with products from other manufacturers.

3. ATE

Ceramic brake pads ATE company for cars open the top three in 2016. ATE Ceramic is designed to increase the life of the pad, reducing noise and eliminating the dust generated during the working process of the brake pads. Numerous tests of the company ATE showed that the Ceramic product series comply with all standards and requirements of the original pads in all modes of operation. ATE Ceramic certified for the original brake systems of cars. It is believed that ceramic pads effectively inhibit only in warmed-up condition, however, ATE Ceramic specifically designed for use in standard brake systems on public roads, so work equally effectively at any temperature.

2. Allied Nippon

Allied Nippon are recognized as one of the best brake pads for cars in 2016. The range is specially designed for difficult operating conditions in the urban driving cycle associated with constant acceleration and braking. Priority and Allied Nippon pads are designed for use in brake mechanisms of heavy cars and SUVs. Main objectives — reduced wear and increased coefficient of friction was solved by the application of technology Carbon Ferro — metallic mineral. Currently, this group consists of 150 items of brake pads for cars of different brands and models. Friction pads all pads of this group are manufactured using non-asbestos mixture NAM114, which is due to the latest technological developments of the company and specificity of its members has a number of advantages over similar products from other manufacturers.

1. ABS

ABS at the top of the best brake pads for cars 2016. All Brake System was founded in 1978 and is one of the leading European specialists in the manufacture of brake components parts. The range of over 1,500 products covering a full range of passenger cars and light trucks, European, Japanese, Korean, American production. All products meet the requirements of the quality system TUV/ISO, which is confirmed by relevant European certificates.

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