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Soviet movies about sailors, a list of the best


The Navy has existed for several centuries and takes its countdown from the moment man first pulled the boat into the water, sending it to the shores of the enemy. The picture, taken about sailors and submariners are imbued with the spirit of bravery and heroism.

To readers in all Soviet films about sailors, a list of the best.

10. Battleship Potemkin1925

Legendary silent art artwork Battleship Potemkin (1925) is one of a cult classic among movies about sailors. The film is based on real historical events that took place in the early 20th century. In the historical drama clearly shows the value of the time – is, above all, human dignity, desire for freedom, the struggle against tyranny, an attempt to achieve equality. The rioting that occurred on one of the Soviet ships, resulted in the tragic events. Sailors are not intending to put up with the ongoing injustice, start a protest.

9. We from Kronstadt1936

The work of Vsevolod Vishnevsky, We are from Kronstadt (1936) talk about the heroism of the sailors of the Baltic fleet, who were in the struggle against Yudenich. The film takes place in 1919. The troops of the interventionists and the whites, precipitated Petrograd. Marines defending the city from the land, in need of assistance. They organize marine expeditionary detachment from Kronstadt, who comes into the fight with the enemy. Some of the sailors taken prisoner, and dies. The only who survive, it turns out Artem Balashov. He was entrusted with the task to lead a new expedition of sailors. Support the marine corps played a crucial role in the victory of the soldiers stationed on land.

8. Admiral Nakhimov1946

Historical drama Admiral Nakhimov (1946) tells about the real events that took place at the time of the Crimean war. In the center of the plot is the legendary Admiral Peter Nakhimov. Thanks to the professionalism of the commander of the Soviet sailors raskromsat the Turkish fleet and win. In 1854, naval commander who directs the defense of Sevastopol and gets a serious injury. Talented Admiral dies. Director Vsevolod Pudovkin was able to detail to reveal the forceful personality and the best internal quality of Nakhimov.

7. Admiral Ushakov, 1953

Biographical drama Admiral Ushakov (1953) – one of the best films about sailors. The events of the film take place during the reign of Catherine the great. Fyodor Ushakov – captain of the Imperial yacht. Abandoning the courtly career, he asks the ruler for permission to start construction on the black sea fleet. Ushakov together with a small group of sailors remains at the shipyards. The construction of the fleet is accompanied by simultaneous training of the Maritime crew. In the launching ceremony of ships coming Potemkin. He favors Turkey, which saw a huge potential naval commander. At the time of first swim training Ushakov is working on clever tactics, the principles of which will bring the ship, many naval victories.

6. Michman Panin1960

The basis of the next film about sailors Michman Panin (1960) formed the memories of a sailor-Bolshevik Vasily Panyushkin. The hero tells about the events of 1912, when he was promoted to warrant officer. Vasily is involved in the rescue of political prisoners. Risking their reputation and freedom, Panin dare to take his vessel 13 convicted persons. The ship sets sail for the border. After returning Home, ensign due to its ingenuity and the living mind, escaped prison and was only demoted.

5. Optimistic tragedy1963

The following picture about sailors Optimistic tragedy (1963) was filmed on the eponymous play by Vsevolod Vishnevsky. The historical drama was awarded at Kansk film festival awards For best impersonation of a revolutionary epic. Events occur in 1918godu during the Civil war one of the Soviet ships. On the ship led by the anarchist leaders, are not subject to power of the Bolsheviks. Of the Central Committee of party sends to the ship the woman-the Commissioner, which must be redefined anarchists in the First sailor regiment. Arrived sailors perceive negative and threatening her with violence. But tempered with a strong spirit of a woman was not easily frightened. It does not intend to retreat and is going to convince anarchists-sailors make of the Bolsheviks and to follow them.

4. Maritime character1970

Among Soviet films about sailors also noteworthy war drama Maritime character (1970). The film was produced based on the stories by Leonid Sobolev, will tell about the brave and fearless foot soldiers who love their country, city, and prepared to stand in defense of the Fatherland. This film is also about real friendship: everyone is willing to give his life for his fellow comrade. Ability to face alone the enemy and not give up until the last, deserves respect. The film demonstrates the horrors of the last war and the courage of the Soviet infantry.

3. 1972

One of the best paintings of the Soviet era sailors – war film the Commander of happy Pike (1972). The events take place during the great Patriotic War. Submariners of the Northern fleet carried out raids in the polar latitudes on the submarine U-721. Pike sank a huge number of enemy ships. The Nazis were hunting for undesirable vehicle, but Sch-721 always managed to slip away. One day, during a routine mission, the ship is in a desperate situation. Operation should be fulfilled at any cost. The commander no choice but to sacrifice his life for the salvation of the crew and Pike.

2. Follow its course1974

Military Soviet film Follow its course (1974) talk about the events of 1942. German troops headed for Sevastopol. Domestic marine vessel repeatedly broke through to the town to deliver ammunition and provisions. Two Soviet destroyers Rapid and Daring get another such job. The path followed by the destroyers familiar to sailors. But the Germans have repeatedly mined the channel. During operation Daring dies, and Swift breaks in Sevastopol. But the main tests are waiting for the crew ahead when the ship returned, crowded with wounded soldiers.

1. Single voyage1985

Soviet drama directed by Mikhail Tumanishvili solo voyage (1985) tells the story of a war frigate and its marine crew. After a long voyage the ship heading home. But the frigate receives a distress signal and must now change course. American NATO members playing a deadly game. Life crew is in their own hands. Only showing courage and resourcefulness, you can avoid a tragedy.

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