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A rating of vitamin-mineral complexes


The rating of vitamin-mineral complexes has entered the best drugs that exist today.

The reader should understand that the below given information is descriptive and does not provide medical recommendations for admission. The website is not responsible for the possible negative consequences in case of the use of information from this site. Before taking the drug consult a specialist is required.

10. Undevit

The child never opens the ranking of the best multivitamin preparations for today. The complex is prescribed for the reception of persons with low vision experiencing regular mental and physical activity. The whole family attended for rehabilitation after operations, hypovitaminosis, vitamin deficiency, after long reception of antibiotics, etc. Course admission restores vitality and strengthens the immune system.

9. Triovit

Was located on the ninth place among the best multivitamin preparations. It is designed for individuals experiencing increased mental and physical exertion. Its application is needed by the elderly, smokers, those who live in ecologically polluted areas. In the absence of correct balanced diet Triovit supplies the recommended daily dose of vitamins in the body and strengthens the immune system. It can be used from the age of ten. Vitamin complex can take diabetics, as it contains no sugar in its composition.

8. Univ

Vitamin-mineral complex Univ is one of the best poly drugs for children and adolescents. It is taken as prevention of diseases, for the treatment of deficient States in the period of active growth. The product fills the body with all the necessary microelements and ensure normal development and functioning of all the tissues, strengthens immune system and improves mental activity. When taken regularly develops resistance to viral diseases.

7. Centrum from A to zinc

Centrum from A to zinc are also included in the top ten of a multivitamin and polymineral preparations. Use of complex is possible from 12 years of age. The main advantage of the drug is that despite the low price it is not inferior in effectiveness to more expensive counterparts. It is used in the prevention of vitamin deficiency and hypovitaminosis, during pregnancy, in chronic diseases, as well as during periods of increased emotional, mental and physical stress. Also Centrum from A to zinc is recommended to be taken in the postoperative period in the treatment of alcoholism and in diabetes. The complex should not be taken with other vitamin products, as it already contains a daily dose of all the necessary elements.

6. After

Queen is the best vitamin and mineral complex for children. Growing body is experiencing a great demand in receiving the vitamins and minerals than an adult. This drug copes well with this task and provides all the necessary substances to all biological tissue. Pikovit helps to improve mental performance, reduce fatigue as that is very important for school-age children. Regular taking a multivitamin strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of viral and infectious diseases. The complex is also responsible for the growth and full development of all tissues.

5. Vitrum

Vitrum is in the top five vitamin-mineral complexes. Among the products provided vitamins for children, adolescents, pregnant women, and adult men and women. When taken regularly, you can be sure that the body gets all the essential elements for maintaining health. Included in the vitamins and minerals not only improve the General condition, but also contribute to better hair growth, strengthen bone tissue, increase resistance to many diseases.

4. Daily Formula

Daily Formula vitamin-mineral complex, which contains the basic elements for maintaining human health. In addition, it consists of special enzymes, which are responsible for better absorption of nutrients in the diet. Dietary Supplement improves mental performance and overall health. Regular course reception improves immune resistance and reduces the risk of various diseases. It can be used both female and male. In the presence of any disease, consult a doctor for taking daily Formula.

3. Supradyn

Supradyn opens three of the best multivitamin and polymineral drugs that exist today. Effect of vitamin-mineral complex confirm many positive reviews about it. One tablet per day meets the daily body's need for vital substances. Supradyn improves metabolism, energizes, strengthens bone tissue, improves mental activity, triggers the regeneration processes and strengthens the immune system. Its reception is especially needed in the spring when body reserves are depleted and require replenishment. Before applying you should read the manual as there are some contraindications.

2. Alphabet

Vitamin-mineral complex ALFAVIT is located on the second place. The vitamins of this group developed both for children and for adults. It can make both men and women. Multivitamin preparation includes all the elements needed by the body for normal functioning. It can be used both for prevention and for replenishment of necessary substances in the rehabilitation period after illness. The alphabet is not only aimed at protecting the body from diseases, it also stimulates mental and physical activity. A specially designed group of vitamins are chosen so that the three receiving optimally supplies the recommended daily dose.

1. Complivit

Complivit headed a rating of the best vitamin-mineral complexes. A series of vitamins manufactured under this brand, is designed for any age and pregnant women. Complivit contains all the essential minerals and vitamins. It is to be taken not only to fill all the vital required elements, but at the time of increased mental and physical activity. The complex contains important group of vitamins B, which are responsible for the condition of the skin, hair and General psycho-emotional state. Daily intake Complivit reduces the risk of viral diseases by 30%.

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