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The ranking of law universities in Russia by 2016 the quality of education


Training in the best universities offers students a great opportunity. Graduates with good legal education is always in demand, as their services are in great demand.

Readers of the ranking of law universities in Russia by 2016 the quality of education.

10. Ural law Institute of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

Ural law Institute of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation opens the top ten law schools in Russia. The training of future police officers covers all aspects of theoretical and practical training. Educational process is provided by 19 departments, employing highly qualified teachers, including more than 100 doctors and candidates of Sciences. The graduates receive a special title of "Lieutenant" and sent to work in the internal Affairs of the Ural Federal district.

9. Irkutsk state University

Irkutsk state University is in ninth place in the ranking of law universities in Russia 2016. High school prepares highly qualified lawyers for work in public authorities and local self-government, the legal services; post of administrative structures, governmental and commercial organizations. Students who obtain traditional legal, diplomatic, education, providing them with employment opportunities not only in the system of bodies of state power, but also in any other sphere of social activity where special legal knowledge is required.

8. Southern Federal University

Southern Federal University (SFU) won in 2016, the eighth in the list of the best law universities in Russia. Currently, the law faculty has eight departments employing over one hundred teachers and students gain knowledge in many different areas of jurisprudence and law. Teachers of the faculty teach students to be real masters of their craft, know the laws and honestly use them for the benefit of people. Many teachers have a degree and are the creators of law and legal works and documents. Law graduates — one of the best representatives of the law enforcement system of the southern region and the country, among them the famous lawyers, prosecutors, judges and notaries.

7. Voronezh state University

Voronezh state University is among the top ten law universities in Russia for quality education. The Department was founded in 1958. Voronezh law school – one of the famous in Russia. The educational process provides highly qualified professionals – the faculty has 21 professors, doctor of juridical Sciences and more than 70 associate professors, candidates of legal Sciences. For all the years the faculty trained more than 18000 professionals. Graduates of the faculty work in court, the institutions and bodies of the Prosecutor's office, justice, the legal profession, notaries, pension funds, banks, tax inspectorates and state bodies of legislative, Executive power and bodies of local self-government.

6. National research University Higher school of Economics

National research University "Higher school of Economics" (HSE) — one of the best law schools for quality of education in Russia. Higher school of Economics closely cooperates with leading foreign universities, business schools and research centers. HSE offers students the opportunity to undergo training and participate in exchange programs with partner universities. In the learning process, students participate in the design, research and expert work in the field of Russian, foreign and international law.

5. Perm state national research University

Perm state national research University, offers quality education in law. The main scientific directions on here are "the power of the State, law, morality", "public law and private law began to regulate the property relations", "problems of development of labor law and social security law in modern conditions", "a Comprehensive study of the problems of social security and protection of the person in conditions of a new social reality, through the application of the resource-potential approach". Today the law faculty has produced more than 20,000 specialists, bachelors, masters. According to the project Superjob, salaries of graduates, the faculty is located on the 5th place in the rating of Russian universities.

4. Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

In the ranking of law universities in Russia in 2016 has entered the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. The aim of the law faculty is to ensure work on the preparation for an competent lawyers to meet the needs of public authorities, large businesses and private entrepreneurship of qualified legal personnel. One of the priority tasks of the faculty is the development of student scientific activities, preparation of innovative projects and scientific works, conduct and participate in scientifically-practical conferences of various level, including international. In the framework of this direction is actively working scientific student society regularly organizes scientific conferences, debates, round tables.

3. Moscow state law University named after O. E. Kutafin

In 2016, Moscow state law University named after O. E. Kutafin (MSAL) is recognized as one of the leading universities in Russia. Students get fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Students raising moral qualities of these lawyers, namely: purposefulness, ability to debate, love for people and their work. This approach allows to educate these professionals and followers of a long tradition of legal education. During all activities the school has prepared and produced more than 180 000 specialists with higher legal education, which include the honored lawyers and prominent scientists.

2. Saint Petersburg state University

Saint Petersburg state University is included in the list of top Russian law schools for quality education. At the faculty of law of Spbgup the training of future specialists carry out doctors of Sciences, candidates of Sciences, honored lawyers and scientists of Russia. At the faculty of law in accordance with Federal state standards are taught various disciplines, the main ones are: theory of state and law, administrative law, constitutional law, civil law, international law etc. of the Department of the faculty of law offer students the opportunity already from the first course to undergo practical training in various law firms, tax and customs services, police, courts, prosecutors, administrative authorities.

1. Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov

Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov headed the ranking of law universities in Russia for quality education. The MSU school of law is a center for training highly qualified lawyers. School in addition to studying compulsory subjects optional courses are organised on topics of legal science, in foreign languages and pedagogy. During training students undergo training and work practice in court, bodies of the state power and administration, enterprises, institutions and organizations. Graduates of the law faculty of Moscow state University in state authorities and public administration, in court, Prosecutor's office, advocacy, public enterprises, institutions and organizations, business and commercial organizations, educational institutions, continue their training in graduate school.

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