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The biggest water parks in the world


Water parks are a great place for a fun and memorable family vacation. They are ready to receive visitors in cold and hot seasons. Numerous rides, water slides, wave pools and lots of other entertainment will not leave anyone indifferent.

Throughout the world there are about 2,000 water parks. But few of them received the status of a popular and ambitious. The TOP 10 includes the best and biggest water parks in the world.

10. Ocean ParkHong Kong

Ten largest water parks in the world opens the most visited Ocean Park (Hong Kong). Five million people a year come here to spend a memorable vacation. Two parts of the Park are connected to the so-called Ocean Express in the form of a transparent tunnel and ropeway. Traveling through the transparent tunnel, visitors will meet exotic underwater world and sharks. It regularly hosts various exhibitions with the participation of a variety of marine life. Besides here is located the most dizzying and thrilling rides. Such attractions include the Flash, rising to 20-meter height and make a turnover of 360 degrees at high speed. The famous roller coaster Dragon kilometer long ride visitors at 80 km with two loops.

9. Port AventuraSpain

One of the most popular and largest water parks in the world is considered to be Port Aventura (Spain). Annually it is visited by about five million people. The territory of Port Aventura has five entertainment zones. Here are the world's only roller coaster with eight loops, where the speed reaches 110 km per hour. In the Park you can get around both on foot and by ship. For younger guests there is also ample entertainment in the form of water rides and slides. On-site water Park is one of the most unique cinema halls, having the shape of a submarine, showing all the mesmerizing beauty of the marine world.

8. Fasouri Watermania Waterpark In LimassolCyprus

Fasouri watermania Waterpark in Limassol (Cyprus) is included in the top ten of the largest water parks in the world. On the territory of 100 thousand square meters, there are 30 slides of various complexity, the so-called lazy river, thrilling rides and a zoo with tropical animals. There is also the opportunity to take boat trips on the yacht. Rest in Fasouri watermania Waterpark in Limassol will have a shower, people of all ages.

7. Wet n’ Wild Water WorldAustralia

In seventh place among the biggest water parks in the world located Wet nWild Water World (Australia). Every year it attracts about a million visitors. On the water entertainment center there are four huge pools, and one of the most popular rides called Kamikaze. In addition, visitors here will find 15 different slides for both kids and adults. Wet nWild Water World is one of the best in the world with well-developed entertainment infrastructure.

6. Chimelong Water ParkChina

In the area of 400 thousand square meters, is one of the largest water parks in the world, Chimelong Water Park (China). On the territory of the majestic building can accommodate up to 4000 tourists. Here is the longest artificial river with a length of 5 km from Chimelong Water Park includes hundreds of different rides and water slides for every taste. One of the most popular entertainment centers in here – Truboplast Behemoth with a 20-metre tall. On site there is a lot of entertainment for younger visitors. Here regularly hosts a variety of entertainment events.

5. Disney Typhoon Lagoon, USA

One of the largest water parks in the world include Disney's Typhoon Lagoon (USA). In addition, the Park is one of the most visited in the world. Come here every year about 2 million people. Disney Typhoon Lagoon is popular for its swimming pool, where waves can reach a height of two meters. The property is located in the turbulent river with numerous water slides and various rides. There is the so-called area Shark reef, where fans of the adrenaline surge can swim among the sharks and fish. In the centre is a mountain with waterfalls, deep caves and water slides.

4. SandcastleEngland

Sandcastle (England) is located on the fourth place among the largest water parks in the world. First of all Sandcastle is famous for the longest slide with a length of a quarter of a kilometer. It is so huge that beyond the indoor dome. In addition to the many attractions on site are a children's Park, a pirate ship and the pools with artificial waves. Also the facility is equipped with saunas and ice rooms.

3. Tropical IslandsGermany

Tropical Islands (Germany) opens a three of the largest water parks in the world. It's a real amusement Park, which can accommodate up to six thousand visitors daily, and its area equivalent to eight football fields. Tropical Islands is divided into several thematic zones. Every visitor will find something fun to do. For thrill-seekers, there is provided an attraction with a height of about 25 meters. Here and there are water slides of varying difficulty. Fans of the vegetation can take a walk in the area with palm trees and many colourful flowers.

2. AquaventureBahamas

On the second place among the largest water parks in the world is Aquaventure (the Bahamas). This incredible, impressive size structure with themed towers and high-speed slides, a long river, pools equipped with wave, dozens of zones for swimming and more than 10 unique pools with unique tropical environment. Design is a 141 acre area where the water area that can accommodate about 80 million gallons of water. Bahamas Aquaventure is not only huge, but also the most expensive.

1. Ocean DomeJapan

The rating of the largest water parks in the world rightfully heads the Ocean Dome (Japan), who was able to get into the Guinness Book of records because of their large size. Length the towering dome of 38 meters altitude is 300 m and width 100 m. a Spacious design able to accept ten thousand men. It is not only the biggest but also the most beautiful Park, equipped with openable dome. Here is an artificial and very beautiful body of water in which the water temperature never drops below 28 degrees. As entertainment for the visitors, this includes various water rides and slides, cafes, cinemas and more. On-site Ocean Dome regularly hosts entertainment shows and festivals. Champion was founded in the 90-ies on the island of Kyushu.

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