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The biggest bulls in the world


There are more than thousands of different breeds of cattle, most of which are Pets. Many of them do not exceed in height more than 1,5 meters, and weight not gain more than 750 pounds. But among them there are species that are truly the giants, and can be compared with the elephants of medium size.

In the top 10 included the biggest bulls in the world. The list is presented as a domesticated species, and wildlife.

10. TourHeight 1.8 m

Opens the ten largest bulls in the world extinct species of the genus of these bulls tour. The species is considered the ancestor of cattle. Tours became extinct in the 17th century because of the raging epidemic, which they have been exposed. It was quite massive and large animals that reached at the withers 180 cm, and weight was gained up to 800 pounds. The closest relatives of the tour is considered a breed, watussi that originated in Africa. From relatives, watussi distinguish massive and very long horns that can grow up to 1.8 meters and weight up to 100 pounds.

9. CanineHeight 1.9 m

Canine is the largest domestic breed bulls from Italy. Otherwise called porcelain bull. The largest specimens can reach 1.8 meters at the shoulder and weight up to 1 ton and more. Typically, porcelain bulls have a white or cream color. Large even-toed ungulates have a well developed muscle mass. They are incredibly strong and powerful, so in the way of the enraged canine better not to get caught. However, this animal is not peculiar to the aggressiveness, on the contrary, towards people they are very good-natured. The champion of the breed was the bull named Donato, weighing 1700 kg with height 190 cm

8. KupreyHeight 1.8 m

Kuprey — extinct species, which were among the largest in the world among the bulls. The growth of adult individuals reached at the withers is 180 cm and body weight was about 800 pounds. The horns of the males grow up to 80 centimeters. This species was poorly understood by man, as these animals were rather secretive way of life in the tropical forests of Asia. Presumably kuprey was a hybrid of banteng and Gaur, as have very many similar traits with them. A distinctive feature of the males and females was a large, long tuft of hair hanging in the neck.

7. African BuffaloHeight 1.8 m

African Buffalo — one of the biggest bulls in the world, common in Africa. At the withers the major representatives are able to reach 180 cm and with a body length of 3.4 meters. Old males can gain weight up to 1.2 tons. Giants graze from morning to evening, and almost never move away from bodies of water more than 4 kilometers, as have regular need in liquid. During the day, African Buffalo drinks up to 40 litres of water. Despite the fact that these animals are endowed with a thick skin, which reaches 2 inches, they are suffering from insect bites. To get rid of the blood sucking parasites they help birds moleclue that sit on the backs of Buffalo and get pests.

6. BisonHeight 2.7 m

In sixth place among the largest bulls in the world is the representative of the subfamily bovine, bison. Species is the last representative of wild bulls and the largest land mammal in Europe. At the withers males grow to 188 centimeters, and body length can reach 2.7 meters. Weigh the bison about 1 tonne. A small population of bison is in Spain, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia and Germany. In Russia the species is on the brink of extinction and is contained in the bison reserves. Sharp decline in the population is associated with intensive hunting of cloven-hoofed animals since ancient times.

5. BantengHeight 2.5 m

The top ten largest bulls in the world included the view named banteng. The largest specimens can reach in the shoulders 190 centimeters, and the length is 2.5 meters. Individuals gaining weight to 900 pounds. Banteng have curved horns up to 70 cm in length. Wild members of the species live on the Islands of Borneo and Java, as well as in South-East Asia. Domesticated banteng common in Indonesia. In nature animals prefer to live in groups, which can be up to forty females and only one bull. On average they do not live more than 25 years.

4. BizonHeight 2 m

The Buffalo belonging to the tribe of the bulls, is one of the largest among their closest relatives. Males grow to 2 metres and a length of 3 meters. The weight of large specimens can reach 1.2 tons. In the United States, Canada and Mexico bison are found in the wild and in agriculture.

3. Asian Buffalothe Height of 2 m

The Asian Buffalo is among the three biggest bulls in the world. The adult grows at the withers of up to 2 meters and in length up to 3 meters. The largest representatives are able to gain in the mass of the order of 1.27 tons. Large, long horns up to 2 meters endowed males — in females, they may be completely absent or to be negligible. Common wild birds in Nepal, India, Thailand, Cambodia, and Ceylon. Settle giants, as a rule, stagnant water. They prefer to graze in the morning and evening when it's still cool enough. Their food is aquatic vegetation. In the hottest time of day, escaping from the scorching, hot sun, water Buffalo wallow in the swamps, where they become the object of attention for herons: birds sit on the backs of the animals and pull them from ticks and other parasitic insects.

2. Yakthe Height of 2 m

The Yak is one of the largest kinds of bulls in the world. In Russia the breed is also called surlyk, meaning "grunting ox". It's the only representatives of the genus of these bulls who know how to grunt, when not satisfied. The largest Yaqui grow to 2 metres at the withers and body weight are able to gain up to 1 ton. Old males reach a length of over 4 meters. Long widely spaced with the bends of the horn, if their spread will be in a length of nearly 1 meter. The yaks are truly terrible. Cloven-hoofed distinguished from congeners its long, shaggy coat that hangs down and almost completely covering the legs. Yaks are common in the republics of Tuva, Buryatia and Altai. Popular animal in the countries of Tibet, Tajikistan, India, and China.

1. GaurHeight 2.3 m

Gaur is the largest bull in the world, which grows at the withers of up to 2.3 meters and weight can reach up to 1.5 tons. The length of the body of the animal usually does not exceed 3 meters. Curved Crescent-shaped horns grow to an average of 90 centimeters. Common Gaura in the dense forests of India, Pakistan, Thailand and Bangladesh. Wild animals are usually active during the day, but if you settle near human dwellings, they prefer nocturnal life. The species is under threat of extinction in the wild, there are about 20 thousand individuals.

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