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The biggest excavator in the world


Excavators represent the earth moving machines that have a different purpose. They can be used for digging of pits, pits for house construction, and mining. All the mechanisms differ not only in technical characteristics, appearance and size.

In the top 10 included the biggest excavators in the world in the history of excavation works.

10. Hitachi EX8000-6

Hitachi EX8000-6 is a modern hydraulic excavator from Hitachi opens rating large excavators. The car was built in 2012 for coal mining. In comparison with other representatives of the rating, he can't boast a very impressive size, but despite this has a good performance. Over time, the mechanism is able to lift up to 75 tons, and its capacity is equal to 3880 HP. The altitude of the Hitachi EX8000-6 of about 10 meters and length of over 30 meters. The bucket capacity of this model is 40 cubic meters.

9. Marion 6360

Marion 6360 is among the ten largest excavators world. Its Creator is American company Marion Power Shovel, the construction of which was produced in 1965. Weight Merion was about 13 thousand tons, and the length of its boom exceed 67 metres. Escutar has been in operation for more than three decades. It fell into disrepair after 1991 in the mechanism has occurred the problem that led to the ignition of the car. The restoration design was considered impractical, so after this incident, the legendary Marion 6360 was disposed of.

8. Demag H740 OS

Demag H740 OS is one of the largest mining excavators in the world, developed in 1999 for work on the sandy territories of Canada. Movement weight more than 700 tons, and for one time bucket can lift up to 40 cubic meters of sand.

7. ASH 100@

EL 100\100 — the great Soviet walking excavator, the Creator of which was made by Uralmash in 1976. Bucket capacity giant was of the order of 100 cubic meters and a boom length equal to 100 meters. ASH was 100\100 in operation for 15 years, after which it was reclaimed for scrap.

6. Big Muskie

Big Muskie — world's largest walking excavator, created in the second half of the last century, the American company Bucyrus-Erie. The total weight of the colossus is about 13 thousand tons. The height of the Big Muskie almost 68 meters, the width is greater than 46 metres and a length of about 150 m. bucket capacity of the dragline is equal to 168 cubic meters square, which is enough to fit two buses. Its construction took the company two years, and its final cost amounted to 25 million U.S. dollars. Big Muskie was in need of consumption of this amount of electricity enough to provide electricity to about 30 thousand apartments. In the operation of the machine was 30 years old. During this time dragline was produced 20 million tons of coal.

5. RH 400

RH 400 is the biggest hydraulic excavator in the world, built by the German company K. O movement Weight is about 100 tons, and its capacity is 3.3 MW. The bucket this model can accommodate about 50 cubic meters. The RH 400 is ready to work even in very harsh weather conditions, thanks to the heated oil. Power of the engine to 4500 horsepower, and the fuel tank unit with capacity of 15 thousand liters of fuel. The cost of one such instance will cost $ 14 million dollars.

4. Bagger 293

Bagger 293 is one of the largest mining excavators in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of records. Movement weight is 14 tons, the height is tridtsatietazhnogo the building, and its length more than two hundred meters. Bagger 293 was built specifically for digging pits. To control the machine works team of five people. The unit moves at a speed of just over 6 miles per hour. Daily this machine is able to shovel about 3 million cubic meters. For the day of the Bagger 293 can dig a pit area of a football field. On Board there are special vehicles lifting and workshops for its repair.

3. R Н4100ХРС

R Н4100ХРС — the largest Russian excavator for the extraction of minerals. The mass of giant machines exceed 1.5 tons and a bucket capacity equal to 57 cubic meters. In year R Н4100ХРС can process 200 million tons of rock, for export which used six huge Trucks weighing 320 tons. The owner of the unit is a company Kuzbassrazrezugol. With the help of an excavator in a year the company can produce up to 15 million tons of coal. R Н4100ХРС justifies his money that he had to pay his purchase cost of the company in 575 million roubles. This design can replace four conventional excavator. The machine produces two excavator that also in the cockpit there is a place for rest and a toilet.

2. Bucyrus RH400

Bucyrus RH400, also known as big Brutus — one of the giant excavators in the world, the Creator of which is the company Bucyrus-Erie. The car was used for the extraction of coal by open method. Big Brutus was able to get rocks with depths more than 20 meters. Annual maximum capacity Bucyrus RH400 (assuming operation at full capacity) could be an area of 260 ha. In the period of the cycle thereof, the machine was able to fill 3 huge car. Machine weight is about 900 tons, and engine power is equal to 4400 horsepower. Length of the tracks of big Brutus exceeds ten meters. Currently, this one of a kind copy is kept in the American Museum of the city of West Mineral.

1. Bagger 288

Bagger 288 completes the rankings of the largest excavators in the world. It was built by the Krupp company in 78-year of the last century. The client machine was a company Rheinbraun, the mining of minerals, which needed a unit that could operate at very great depth. The end result is the cost of the machine resulted in the company 100 million us dollars. The day the excavator produces such a number of breeds for export which would need about 4 thousand Trucks. Bagger 288 is equipped with 18 buckets, each volume is around 7 cubic meters and a height of about 2 meters. Every hour can process about 10 thousand cubic meters of mined rock. The height of the giant is almost equal to 100 meters and length exceeds 200 meters. Weight one piece design is more than 13 thousand tons. At the same time for the Bagger 288 is a team of four people. The speed of movement of the colossus is only half a kilometer an hour.

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