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The largest and most expensive yachts in the world


What in your opinion is both expensive and a status symbol? Cigar collection closet entirely of global brands, Executive cars in the garage, a private Villa and casino on Saturdays... of Course, all this emphasizes your assets, but below we will talk about the true accessories selected. Yacht – that's the theme for today. This will not just floating court, and the yacht, facing expensive, very expensive, obscenely expensive and ridiculously expensive. So, the ten most expensive and largest yachts in the world.

10. Al-Salamah $200 million

Opens our rating luxury super-yacht Al Salamah, owned by one of the members of the Royal family of Saudi Arabia. Infrastructure on Board this ship in all seriousness be compared to any suburban town. Judge for yourself, there are facilities such as a cinema, a hospital, a beautician, a gym, a Spa, a library and a business center! Of course, the costs of maintaining the whole of the floating city a lot of money (about $ 20 million per year), while the cost of the yacht is estimated at $ 200 million. Well, the owner must be really fabulously wealthy man, even trying to somehow "recapture" the cost of surrendering the ship in the lease (the yacht is fully private).

9. Octopus205 million $

From the Arab oil workers moving on to another, equally profitable industry of IT technologies. At least, it can be argued on the basis that the Floor Allen (cofounder of Microsoft) once belonged to the 126-meter yacht Octopus worth 205 million dollars. In addition to the usual yacht decoration in the form of luxurious cabins, restaurant and pool, the vessel has two helipads, an entire fleet of jet skis and even a couple of submarines to explore the bottom of the ocean. Moves the boat by 8 diesel engines from Mercedes, with a total capacity of nearly 20 000 horsepower. The ship can develop a speed up to 20 knots – not so much, but the owner exactly rush nowhere.

8. Lady Moura210 million $

And again the way of luxury are in the Royal family of Saudi Arabia. More precisely, this time to its environment, which includes Arabian businessman Nasser al-Rashid. This person owns the yacht, the Lady Moura, the estimated cost of which is estimated at $ 210 million. The vessel is 105 metres, with 23 of them is the dining table, made to order al-Rashid to conduct meals with many friends and partners. The yacht has a helipad and plenty of places for luxury leisure. The letters of the name of the Lady Moura made of 24-carat gold leaf.

7. Rising sun250 million.$

Sail on, and have a yacht Rising sun cost a quarter of a billion dollars. Impressive not only because of the price tag, but the length of the vessel (138 meters), which puts the yacht on the 10th place in world ranking. It has an owner, which is the producer of USA David Geffen, has 8 dozen spaces of different sizes and purposes, which are located on 5 levels. Only living space on the yacht of 8, 000 square meters, more than 3 300 of the allotted walking areas of the decks. Proximity of the vessel can provide a large movie theater and Jacuzzis, onyx, a wine cellar and a basketball court, which is easily rearranged to the landing place for a helicopter.

6. Pelorus300 million $

This yacht is also owned by David Geffen. Can you imagine how much money this music bigwigs? By the way, he sold Pelorus to Geffen none other than Roman Abramovich, pre-pohozyaynichat on the ship a few years. Equipment for the vessel is 2 V-obrtnika for 12 cylinders each, outstanding together 11 000 horsepower. Cruising speed is at around 13 knots. Of equipment for leisure can distinguish the presence of tenders, jet skis and submarines. Also on the boat are available for helicopter landings. The British media claim that Pelorus is equipped with bulletproof glass, means for blowing out cameras and even anti-missile radar.

5. Yacht And300 million $

Barely glancing at the boat, immediately catches the eye as much as 3 components: cost, title, consisting of only one letter, and overly outstanding design performance. Let's discuss it in more detail. For $ 300 million owner purchased one of the largest yachts in the world (with a length of 119 meters, a displacement of the vessel is 6000 tons), which was built for 4 years. Called too easy. The letter "A" begins the names of the yacht owner Andrey Melnichenko and his wife Alexandra. But the design of the ship really gives a reason for many discussions. Externally, the yacht is very similar to the battle cruiser, and at the same time its form traced the refined taste of the owner. Perhaps the journalists are right in the opinion that "A" is the most attractive and simultaneously the most unlikely vessel in the world.

4. Dubai350 million $

The world of luxury living and stretches in the Arab countries. So, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum is the ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the UAE, owns a yacht worth $ 350 million. Named for the ship is simple and logical – Dubai. Chic floating complex with a length of 162 meters occupies the third place in the global ranking of the largest yachts. Offering the owner and guests there are 8 decks, a swimming pool, a helipad, and lots of facilities for leisure activities, each of which is imbued with elegance and comfort. Crowns design research spiral staircase, located right in the center of the yacht and represents a true work of art.

3. Azzam609 million $

The top three Champions on the cost opens yacht Azzam, owned by Sheikh Khalifa al-Nahyan. From the moment of commissioning, and to this day the ship is the largest private yacht in the world. Think about it, Azzam length of 180 meters and a maximum width of the ship Sheikh is 21 meters. Surprisingly, its draught is only 4.3 meters. The record is not only the size but also the production time of the ship – from the drawing of the first projects to launch took only 4 years. Driving mechanism of the boat is the tandem diesel mechanisms with a total capacity of 94 000 horsepower, 2 turbines and 4 cannons. Despite the huge size, the Azzam can reach speeds of up to 31 node.

2. Eclipse996 million $

Just above we mentioned Abramovich and his then property in the form of a ship Pelorus. Now it is time to talk about the current yacht of Roman Abramovich. Floating complex called Eclipse itself is not cheap (according to various estimates, the cost of "naked" yacht is not less than $ 300 million), and onboard equipment, its price increases to a billion "green". And is located on the boat not so little: a cinema, several cafeterias, a couple of swimming pools, dance floor, wine cellar, numerous fireplaces and a concert hall. Its equipment can allocate 2 helicopters, several boats, jet skis and a small submarine for 12 persons. Nice to live not forbid!

1. History Supreme4.8 billion $

Well, in first place we have today the yacht-History Supreme Ghost. The fact that the Internet with the same intensity, insists on the existence of the yacht for $ 5 billion and that all of this is a bloated fiction. For example, there is evidence that the author of the registration of boats is a designer from Liverpool Stuart Hughes. However, the owner's name does not appear anywhere (supposedly anonymous), just as Wikipedia has no page about the boat. Assuming the ship still exists. Record the cost due to the fact that the History Supreme is actually Golden in the literal sense. At the finish of the yacht had spent 100 tons of precious metals, including gold and platinum. Almost every element of the vessel, including the bottom, made with the use of these noble and expensive materials.

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