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Deserted cities of Russia


Abandoned cities Russia — places of human habitation, where life was in full swing. Today they are called Ghost cities, where not a single living soul. They all have their own unique history of formation and collapse. Many of them ceased to exist due to a tragic accident, others due to political and economic reconstruction, others just outlived its usefulness. So, let's look at ten of the abandoned urban settlements of our country.

10. The Kursch-2

The Kursch-2 opens a list of abandoned cities Russia. It was built in the Ryazan region in the early 20th century for the development of huge reserves of forest. The population grew rapidly, and by 30th years of the last century exceeded one thousand. The tragedy happened on August 3, 1936, contributed to the total extinction of the population. The incident the fire claimed more than a thousand human lives. Managed to save a little, as Kursha-2 was located in the heart of the forest. Close to burnt village is a large mass grave, where were buried the victims of the tragedy. Now this place is an overgrown clearing with the ruins.

9. Between kolendo

The northernmost town of Sakhalin between kolendo refers to the abandoned and the forgotten man. Here in the 50-ies of the last century people were attracted by deposits of oil and gas. The village people began to leave in 1996, after what happened here, the earthquake. The reason also was exhausted mineral reserves. Now between kolendo is considered to be completely extinct city.

8. Charonda

Charonda — abandoned Russian town in the Volgograd region on lake Vozha. Once his territory was inhabited by more than 11 thousand inhabitants. In the 18th century Charonda was considered one of the shopping centers. But gradually, trade routes began to wither, and in the early 19th century, the city fell to the status of the village. Residents left their homes and moved to other settlements. In Carande there are only a handful of elderly people that lived here. Now this place attracts many tourists.

7. Mologa

Following the abandoned Russian town of Mologa was near Rybinsk. Place its exact location is the point of confluence of the Mologa and Volga rivers. It was built in the 12th century and was one of the largest shopping centers in the state. In the early 20th century its territory was home to about 5,000 people. But in 1935, the Soviet government decided to build the Rybinsk hydroelectric. That meant a flooding of nearby lands, including the city of Mologa. A thriving village with developed infrastructure at one point ceased to exist. The liquidation of the inhabitants. In 1941 occurred the complete flooding of the city. The restructuring resulted in cases of mass suicides: many residents refused to leave his home town. Due to fluctuations of the water level, on the surface of the water sometimes appear the remains of a Ghost town.

6. Neftegorsk

The once prosperous oil town called Neftegorsk, Sakhalin in this moment is a shapeless ruins. This is due to the tragedy that occurred in 1995 may 28 and spread all over the world. The unexpected happened: suddenly began a massive earthquake in 10 points. Natural disasters killed more than 2 thousand people. After the incident, the residents of Neftegorsk were evacuated and given financial support. Now from the organized settlements were in ruins.

5. Kadykchan

The settlement of Kadykchan, referred to popularly as "Valley of death", refers to the abandoned cities of Russia. Founded the settlement in 1943, when these places were discovered deposits of coal valuable brand. In 1986, on-site Cadicina lived more than 10 thousand people. But after an explosion at the mine in 1996, the population began to decline rapidly. A few years later, after the tragedy, there was a thawing of the Central boiler. About 400 people refused to leave their native village, despite the absence of any infrastructure. In 2003, according to the order of the local authorities there was a resettlement of all residents.

4. Iultin

The former village of Iultin Chukotka district relates to the neglected settlements of Russia. In 1937 there was a tin Deposit. In the early 50-ies of the last century, the area where the discovery, it gradually became populated by humans. In 1994 was terminated on tin mining because of unprofitability of production. Iultin began to leave the inhabitants, and by the beginning of 1995, almost completely empty. In the early 21st century from the town and left no trace.

3. Khalmer-Yu

Halmer-Yu — a Ghost town in the Komi Republic. The basis of the settlement considered in 1942, when the river Halmer-Yu was discovered deposits of valuable coal. Here was left a small group of workers, which were to determine the extent of deposits of minerals. Bad weather conditions cut people left in the lurch, from the nearby town of Vorkuta. Because of baytowne nature was impossible to deliver food the group of workers. It was adopted attempt to get to a tough place on deer. In the expedition consisted of about a hundred animals and only fourteen deer managed to go back due to the lack of food: the moss was frozen in the ice. After a year in Khalmer-Yu was created the necessary material base, and soon moved here about three hundred people. In 1957 began operating the mine and the stream of people arriving here has become more and more increase. Within two years after the opening of the mine, lived here more than 7 thousand people. But in 1993 the decision was made to eliminate mine. From that moment began the liquidation of the village: people were forced to leave their homes. Now here is the military training ground.

2. Industrial

To the abandoned Russian cities include urban-type settlement Industrial. It is located in the Komi Republic. In 2007, there were about 500 citizens. And once this area was inhabited by about 12 thousand people. After the explosion occurred in the 90-ies of the last century at the mine "Central" settlement began to decline. At the moment there's no one home. The history of this small settlement begins in 1954 and is associated with two local mines — the "Central" and "Industrial". On them rested the whole infrastructure of the camp. Tragedy on sh. "Central" was the reason that people were left without work. Gradually people began to leave Industrial. The city was subjected to the destruction of the wooden buildings burned, and the brick buildings were dismantled. Now Industrial ruins, and it is difficult to imagine that there ever existed life.

1. Jubilee

A former industrial village of Jubilee relate to the abandoned Russian cities. The settlement was established in 1957 with the founding of the mine "Chistoye". But in 1998, the mine, the decision of the top management, has been destroyed, that provoked the protest of local workers and residents. A large part of the population remains without work. The reconstruction of the village. Some buildings were converted into a sawmill, others are simply destroyed. Central boiler that provides heating to the entire village, was also destroyed. People did not have other exit how to leave Jubilee. Only a small group of settlers continued to live there. Due to the lack of heating of the structure began to fall apart before our eyes. Not without the help of vandals, who began to loot the buildings for profit. Now this place has free settlement for prisoners.

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