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The largest machines in the world


Our time is the era of cars. The person does not possess sufficient muscular strength to move heavy objects, lift boulders, removed from the earth, tons of rock. But we have reason and long ago became used to the heavy work of helpers or various fixtures.

In ancient times it was a variety of Pets and the simplest of accessories: levers, pulleys, winches. As time went on, the progress does not stand still. Restless human mind has managed to "tame" such a force of nature, like water, steam and electricity. People have learned to create great mechanisms that perform for us the most difficult and dangerous work. The size of some of them, indeed, impressive. We have prepared for you a list, which includes the largest machines in the world.

10. Mining machine Bagger 288

The dimensions of this machine are really impressive: its length is 240 meters, height – 96 meters, width – 40. We can say that the processor occupies an area of two football fields. However, this machine can independently move on roads: the harvester has twelve tracks, with which he can travel independently. Of course, not very fast (0.5 km/h).

In General, it should be noted that machines that are designed for mining or construction work often have huge sizes. The reason for this is the large amount of work that they must perform. Bagger 288 is no exception.

It is used for piping or trenches for different utilities. Machine productivity is very high. To work the combine needs a tremendous amount of power, it consumes about as much as a small city. To manage this giant can only four.

9. Dump truck Liebherr T282B

To remove the soil that is removed from the earth in mining machines of this size required a corresponding truck. And he certainly is. You can add that all trucks used in mining operations, is massive in size.

One of the largest is the Liebherr T282B dump truck. Its length is 14.5 m, height of 7.4 meters and a width of 9 meters. This monster weighs 232 tons, and to translate at once he is capable of 363 tons of cargo. Engine power of this giant is 3650 horsepower.

Hit the wheel of this car – they are just huge. It should be noted that the wheels are always in short supply – they simply do not have time to make.

8. Caterpillar 797В

Another giant dump truck, which is used to work in the quarries. He is the second in the world in his capacity. At one time this giant can translate 345 tons of cargo. These machines are used for iron, coal, copper and gold mines. Their owners have long felt that much better to have one big machine than several small ones.

7. The Terex 33-19 "Titan"

Another truck that was built for work in mines and quarries. It was produced in a single copy in the plant of General Motors in 1973, and at one time it was the largest truck on the planet. This machine can at once carry up to 350 tons of cargo. Now this giant has retired and is a landmark in one of the museums.

6. BelAZ 75600

Another giant machine that operates in quarries and coal mines. The height of the truck exceeds the height of a three storey house. At one time it can carry 320 tons of cargo. The noise of the engine of the truck is so strong that people use it only in special headphones. The fuel tank's volume is over 4300 liters.

5. Bugatti Type 41 "La Royale"

The largest passenger car in the world (probably the longest) is the Bugatti Type 41 "La Royale", which was released back in 1927. This machine was produced commercially, its length is 6.7 metres.

This car can be attributed to exclusive cars, it was released under the order and usually it is the buyers became very rich. First, the company that produced these machines, everything was very good, the fat cats lined up, but then came the Great depression and the demand fell sharply. Today in good condition, there are six machines, some of them are presented in various museums.

4. Maybach

This is the longest of the modern cars. Its length is of 6.16 meters. It's a luxury car, its price starts from 430 thousand euros. Based on the car created by Maybach Landaulet, which is considered one of the most expensive cars in the world, its price is 900 thousand euros. Such machines can even equipped with armor protection, if desired by the customer.

This car provides all the amenities you can imagine: great climate control, luxury trim, fridge, great sound system.

3. Mammoth mobile crane LTM

Cranes on the basis of car is very convenient. They are mobile, they can be delivered anywhere in a very short period of time. They have one drawback – they are quite a small capacity. The German engineers decided to rectify this situation and have created a monster: Mammoth mobile crane LTM.

It is the largest crane on a wheeled chassis in the world. This car has nine pairs of wheels. He can lift 1,200 tons to a height of 180 meters. The car has hydraulic supports on which it rests during their work. Preparation for use is eight hours.

2. Bulldozer D575A-3 sd

It is the world's largest bulldozer, which is able to move the amount of earth several times more than a normal bulldozer. Designed and manufactured this car in Japan. She has a very impressive options. The height of the bulldozer is 4.9 meters in length and 12.5 meters, width – 7,5. Weighs machine of 152.6 tons, that is as much as weigh three modern tank.

1. Backhoe Goliath

It is the biggest machine in the world. It was created in a single copy, and is currently working in the canadian province of Saskatchewan. This machine is used for coal mining to ensure one of the cities electricity.

Coal is mined at a quarry, and the coal seam is at a depth of over thirty meters. The challenge of Goliath to get to the coal and extract it. The height of the excavator is 65 meters, the arrow has a length of 122 meters, and the bucket weighs 250 tons. The excavator can move independently, though not very quickly. It moves with the help of special skis, he moves one after another. The speed of this displacement is 320 meters per hour. Operate the machine only two people, but its maintenance requires a whole team of engineers.

During one shift, the excavator can be removed from the land of 48 thousand tons of soil.

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