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The biggest bears in the world


In each forest region or region not only in Russia but throughout the world, is found any species of bear. Meeting him face to face promises nothing good. Only few can boast of a successful outcome of the confrontation with the bear. But not all these animals are dangerous to humans. There are quite harmless instances. But, in any case, it is better to stay away from them. And the big fish especially. In this article we consider what are the biggest bears in the world.

10. Sloth54 Weight 140 kg

Bear with the most unusual appearance in our top. The shape of its head, eyes and nose resembles the sloth. Lips bear like a trunk, hence the specific name of the animal.

Sloth, the opening rankings of the largest bears in the world, has a body length equal to 180 cm, and weight from 54 to 140 kg. Eats ants and termites. With their large and powerful claws to climb trees.

Area of distribution: India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal. Is currently under threat of extinction, listed in the Red book. Lives no more than 40 years.

9. Himalayan bear120 Weight 140 kg

Animal with black short silky fur weighs 120-140 pounds and has a body length of 150-170 cm a Distinctive feature of the bear is a stain in the shape of the letter "V" on the chest. It gave the second name of the mammal — Moon bear.

Himalayan bear can be found in Iran, Afghanistan, Himalayas, Pakistan. Rarely in Korea. On the territory of Russia lives in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Krai.

Of a mammal, which occupies the ninth place in the list of the largest on the planet bears, can be called herbivorous, because almost 90% of its food consists of nuts, berries, herbs. Of living creatures, it only feeds on frogs, mollusks and ants. He lives about 25 years. Listed in the Red book.

8. Spectacled bearWeight 70 140 kg

The only one of the family bear a resident of South America. Lives in Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, Peru. Weighs from 70 to 140 kg, and body length of the mammal reaches 150 - 180 cm Lives just 21. Spectacled bear, one of the largest bears in the world, not falling asleep, although the den itself satisfied. He hunts at night or twilight. In his travojadnogo second only to the Great Panda. Feeds on roots, herbs, fruits. Very rarely attack deer. The bear is a loner. Is considered a species on the brink of extinction. Listed in the Red book.

7. The giant PandaWeight up to 160 kg

The most peaceful on the planet bear. Has a specific black-and-white coloring of wool. The mass of the largest individuals up to 160 kg. the length of the mammal at 1.3-1.8 meters.

Eats only bamboo. A day can eat more than 30 kg of this plant. With a shortage of food Panda, which is one of the biggest bears, does not shrink small animals, insects, bird eggs.

The habitat of the pandas: Tibet and Sichuan — mountain regions of China. Is under threat of extinction. For killing a Panda in China carries the death penalty.

6. The KermodeWeight up to 300 kg

This animal, a member of the top the biggest bears on the planet, called by the Indians of spirit bear. He was named in honor of zoologist Francis Kermode. He was the first to describe this species of bear.

The habitat is on the West coast of Canada. The Kermode is a subspecies of the American black bear. Having white fur color, he's not an albino or relative of the polar bears.

Eat animal food and vegetable: fruits, berries, roots.

Has a length of up to 1.8 metres and weighing up to 300 kg.

5. Whitetailed330 360 Weight kg

Length of American occupying the middle of the rankings of the largest bears in the world, reaches two meters. The weight of an adult male 330 - 360 kg. The largest specimen, which was shot, had a body weight of 363 kg. Animal with a sharp nose and shiny black fur inhabits almost the entire territory of the United States and Canada. Also, common in Northern Mexico. Bear eats mostly food of plant origin (berries, nuts), insects, fish. Sometimes attacks sheep or pigs. Living about 10 years in natural conditions and 30 in captivity. The number of individuals of the American black bear currently stands at 600 000.

4. Grizzly bearWeight up to 450 kg

A subspecies of the brown bear. Found in Alaska, Western Canada, near Yellowstone Park and in northwestern areas of Washington. The mass of this large animal up to 450 kg. Feeds mainly on fish (salmon), but did not hesitate, and carrion.

Grizzly is very similar to the brown bear. Special almost no difference. The difference is mainly in behavior, not appearance. A mammal is stronger than the brown bear.

Though the word "Grizzly" is translated as terrible, bear attack humans only when hungry or angry. The rest of the people is not for a mammal that occupies 4 place in the rating of the largest bears in the world, of little value.

3. Siberian brown bear750 Weight 800 kg

Another subspecies of the brown bear. The largest specimens reach a length of 2.5 meters and weight of 750-800 kg. Animal with dark brown fur lives near the basin of the Kolyma and the Anadyr. Sometimes found East of the Yenisei river, near the border of East Kazakhstan and the Chinese province of Xinjiang.

Is a bear a lone in the winter becomes dormant. Animal, receiving a bronze rating to the largest bears in the world, it feeds on plant and animal foods in about equal proportions, i.e. omnivorous. Loves fish: CSibirskogo brown bear can often be found in shallow rivers

2. KodiakWeight 800 to 1000 kg

And finally, the largest subspecies of brown bear and silver medalist of the rating of largest bears on the planet, Kodiak. Mammal, up to 2.8 meters and a weight of up to 800-1000 kg, is omnivorous. Has long muscular body with a massive head and a short tail.

At the moment the number of these bears is 3000 individuals. They have long been under the disappearance, so shoot them for not more than 160 animals per year. Man scares the beast. After meeting him, the bear may stop to gain weight for hibernation.

The species is distributed in the Kodiak archipelago, located off the coast of Alaska.

1. Polar bearWeight up to 1 ton

A beast of prey, up to 3 meters and weighing up to 1 ton, becomes the leader of the rating of the largest bears on the planet. The species is distributed in the Arctic. A lot of polar bears on the island of Spitsbergen. Them there much more than people. Svalbard is also called the "island of the White bears."

The most striking difference of a mammal from its southern counterparts is the long neck and flat head. The beast feeds on such animals as sea hare, walrus, Arctic Fox.
The life span of these bears lone is not more than 30 years.

Now, the number of polar bears in Russia is about 5-6 thousand animals. Worldwide — 28 000 individuals. In our country hunting is prohibited, but poachers still shoot 150-200 bears per year.

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