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The biggest sea in the world


The sea is a saltwater reservoir, which is associated with one of the five oceans. But some waters are in the mainland, the second considered part of the other, and the third — part of the ocean. On our planet there are about 90 of the marine water bodies which differ in size, shape, depth, and presence or absence of banks.

In the top 10 included the biggest sea in the world by area.

10. Sea of OkhotskArea of 1.6 million sq. km.

Okhotsk opens largest seas in the world with an area of 1.6 million square kilometers and a maximum depth of 4 thousand meters in the Kuril basin. It washes the shores of Japan and Russia. Earlier the sea was called Kamchatka. Okhotsk began to call him in honor of the Hunting river, which flows into the sea. Its waters abound in valuable species of fish, such as salmon, Chinook salmon, sockeye salmon, chum salmon and others. In the Okhotsk sea, Kuril Islands.

9. The Bering seaArea 2.3 million sq. km.

The Bering sea is the largest in Russia, its total area is 2.3 million square kilometers of waters belong to the Pacific ocean, it washes the shores of the USA and Russia, as the water boundary between States. The deepest point of the seabed up to 4 thousand meters. Its current name, the sea was named after the Explorer and Navigator, Bering, in which most of his life devoted to the study of marine waters. In the 13th century the Bering bore the name of Beaver or Kamchatka. Almost all the year the sea is covered with ice, but despite this, there are about 240 species of fish, among which there are valuable species of interest to fishing.

8. The Mediterranean sea isan Area of 2,5 million sq. km.

The Mediterranean is one of the biggest seas on the planet. Its area is about 2.5 million sq. km and the maximum depth can reach sometimes 5 thousand meters. The sea washes three parts of the world — Africa, Asia and Europe. It connects with the Atlantic ocean by the Gibraltar Strait. An integral part of the Mediterranean are the Aegean, Adriatic, Ionian and Tyrrhenian. All together they form one great sea. Here a very rich fauna, numbering about 550 species only one fish, 70 of which are found only in these waters. The Mediterranean sea abounds with sharks and consists of about 15 species that are dangerous to humans.

7. Caribbean seaan Area of 2.7 million sq. km.

The Caribbean occupies the seventh place in the ranking of the largest area of seas in the world. Its size is approximately 2.7 million sq. km, and greatest depth is about 8 thousand meters. It refers to the basin of the Atlantic ocean. The name of the sea was due to the Indian tribe of the Caribs, who lived on its coast. Second name marine reservoir — Antilles. There is a version of scientists that the Caribbean is the source of the greatest number of hurricanes in the Western hemisphere. Disastrous natural events regularly destroy buildings the inhabitants of the Islands and the coast of the basin.

6. The Weddell seaArea of 2.9 million sq. km.

Weddell is sixth in the list of the largest seas of the world. Its area is 2.9 million sq. km, and maximum depth reaches almost 7 thousand meters. Is a marginal sea in the Atlantic sector of the southern ocean, between the Western part of the Antarctic Peninsula and Land cotsa (East). Weddell is considered the coldest and the cleanest sea in the world. The water is amazingly transparent. Feature Weddelli is the fact that the water temperature in it can reach minus 25 degrees, but it does not freeze! The local fauna includes such marine animals like penguins, seals, whales, etc.

5. The Tasman seaArea 3.3 million sq. km.

The Tasman sea has an area of 3.3 million sq km and its maximum depth is more than 5 thousand meters. This is one of the biggest seas on the planet by area. It is located between New Zealand and Australia. It got its name after the Dutch Navigator Abel Tasman. The sea depth is about 6 thousand meters, making it one of the most profound. The flora and fauna of the sea in different districts is significantly different.

4. The coral seaArea of 4.7 million sq. km.

The coral sea is on the fourth line with an area of 4.7 million sq. km. It refers to the waters of the Pacific ocean and is located between the coast of New Guinea, Australia and New Caledonia. The sea depth can reach some places more than 9 thousand meters. The sea has numerous coral reefs and Islands. Here is the largest reef on the planet, called the Great barrier reef with a length of 2.5 thousand km and an area of 344 sq. km., which exceeds the area of great Britain. Here are concentrated the richest underwater flora and fauna.

3. The Arabian seaArea 4.8 million sq. km.

Arabian opens the three largest seas on the planet. Its area is approximately equal to 4.8 million square km and a maximum depth of 4 thousand meters. Initially the sea was the name of Eritrean. It is part of the Indian ocean washes the shores of o Somalia, Maldives, Djibouti, Iran, India and Pakistan. It is here that are located the best beaches in India for vacation. By sea are the world's major trade routes. In addition, the Arabian is one of the saltiest and cleanest seas of the world. The underwater world is rich in vegetation and marine life. Here you can meet rare species of animals such as green sea turtle or bissu. The Arabian sea is one of the most popular among fans of ecotourism.

2. Philippine seaArea of 5.7 million sq. km.

The Philippines is the largest coastal sea, with an area equal to approximately 5.7 million sq km and a maximum depth in places can reach 11 thousand meters. Here is the deepest on the planet depression, which is named Mariana. Located sea near the Philippine archipelago, hence its name. He does not have a clear coastal boundaries: from the ocean it is separated groups of Islands: the Philippine Islands, Honshu, Kyushu, Ryukyu and Taiwan. Philippine waters are inhabited by numerous species of fish from small to giant. Here is industrial fishing of tuna, which is considered one of the most valuable marine products.

1. Sargasso seaArea of 6-7 million sq. km.

The Sargasso sea tops the list of the largest seas in the world. Its area reaches 6-7 million sq. km and can vary depending on the sea currents. The uniqueness of this sea is that it has no shores. Its water borders are the three ocean currents. Form sea is a large ellipse light green color. This color is derived from a rich underwater vegetation in the form of algae. Just imagine: in about one square meter have about two tons of underwater plants! Hence the second name, which is received from the Sargasso Columbus — Bank of algae. In the depth of the sea in some places can reach about 7 thousand meters. The average temperature here varies from 20 to 28 degrees above zero.

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