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The biggest insects in the world


"Animals in fashion" — as translated from the word insects with the Greek language. Their peculiarity lies in the extraordinary diversity of forms and habitats, because the insects are even in Antarctica. They are the biggest and largest class of animals. Insects considered to be small creatures. This view is erroneous, since some of them are pretty impressive size of the giants.

The ranking presents the largest insects in the world.

10. Tarantulady hawkLength 5.1 cm

Opens a rating of the largest insects on Earth tarantulady hawk, the length of the body which may reach of 5.1 cm Is the biggest wasp in the world. The stings of wasps very long -7 mm, it affects spiders tarantulas. In still alive, but paralyzed victim to the wasp lays its larvae, which devour the spider. And hunting spiders are only females. The hawks feed on nectar and fruit. The bite of the hawk is considered one of the most painful compared to the stings of other wasps and bees. But this does not prevent the inhabitants of Bolivia to call tarantulisimo hawk the other person.

9. Cockroach RhinoLength 9 cm

Ninth place belongs to the indigenous Australian cockroach is the giant burrowing or rhinoceros cockroaches over a body length of 9 cm Or eucalyptus leaves, which eats a rhinoceros, very high in calories or is he just pretty much eats, like a cockroach with a 35 gr. weight is considered a heavyweight among his peers. In addition to its significant size cockroach can boast of longevity: life span can reach 10 years. Rhino looks more like a beetle than a cockroach. Most of the day he spends in a deep hole (up to 1m) under the ground. Many fans of insects give birth to a cockroach rhinoceros as a pet.

8. Grasshopper VetaLength 9 cm

Grasshopper beta is not only one of the largest insects with a length of 9 cm, but also the most difficult, as its weight can reach 85 gr. The female lays at a time up to 300 eggs, but nature has so that she does not survive to birth.

Grasshopper lives in New Zealand, its appearance does not change over millions of years. It's isolated position of the island and the absence of enemies among animals for grasshoppers helped them to reach such proportions. But with the settlement of the island by Europeans, the population Council was reduced to a minimum. Unique grasshoppers can be found only in the most secluded corners of the island.

7. Beetle - GoliathLength 11 cm

Beetle - the Goliath beetle is the heaviest in the world. On the scales it will easily pull 5 sparrows, as the weight can reach 100 GRS. and 11 cm in length. These dimensions hinder the fast take off and hide. But in color, the beetles can be easily adapted to the habitat. In a shaded area inhabited by Goliaths with a black shell. It is known that black color is better heated. And this bug we need to raise the body temperature to soar. In areas of high solar activity, their color is full of diversity — it saves them from overheating.

6. Giant water bugLength 12 cm

Giant water bug in the favorable conditions of the tropics it grows up to 12 cm. bed Bugs are true carnivores, they hunt almost all freshwater animals. Can bite and man, and their bite is considered one of the most painful. His sacrifice bug affects poisonous saliva is released from the proboscis. The saliva paralyzes the prey and decomposes it. The bug remains only to suck a lot. In the spring the female lays eggs on the back of the male where they can fit up to 100 pieces.

In Asia water bugs are edible. On street stalls fried delicacy is sold in plastic bags.

5. Wood lobsterLength 12 cm

Wood lobster or giant stick insect is one of the rarest insects on the planet and the largest, with a length of 12 cm To 2001, he was thought to be extinct, until one small Australian island found a few representatives of a walking stick. Australian biologists have managed to preserve and multiply their population. The arboreal Omar no wings, but he moves very quickly. The offspring of giant stick insects can happen without the involvement of a male. The female lays eggs, creating a clone to be safe.

4. Chinese mantisthe Length of 15 cm

The Chinese mantis is an impressive nocturnal predator to insect size (15 cm). From China and gradually spread to other countries. Many farmers buy and raise mantids for pest control. Fed them locusts, flies, crickets. Praying mantises get used to people and not even afraid to feed directly with hands. Females much larger than males and can even hunt small birds and frogs. In half of the cases, the females eat their partners. Many fans of exotic plant Chinese mantises as Pets. And why not? Individuals raised in captivity inquisitive, quiet, calm, not aggressive.

3. Lumberjack-titaniumLength 22 cm

In South America lives the largest long —horned beetle-Titan. The largest recorded length of a specimen is 22 cm This information is contained in the Guinness book of records. These beetles are very valuable for collectors. To get the largest beetle in the world arrange special tours.

The lumberjacks have very strong jaws, able to eat a branch with a thickness of about 1 cm And this despite the fact that they do not eat anything. They are fed by the reserves accumulated at the stage of the larvae whose size is about 35 cm life expectancy of the giants is not large — not more than 1.5 months.

2. Pavlinoglazka AtlasLength 25 cm

Pavlinoglazka Atlas with a wingspan of 25 cm is one of the largest butterflies from the class of insects. The name of the butterfly is associated with the mythical hero Atlas, holding on his shoulders the whole sky. Because of its impressive size winged insect got its name in honor of a mythical creature. Females of the Atlas are much larger than males. The life cycle of these butterflies does not exceed ten days. It is noteworthy that during the short existence, Pawlikowski does not eat, as they have no mouthparts. Their livelihoods are supported by those substances that has gained a butterfly being a caterpillar. Inhabited by Pawlikowski atlases in tropical and subtropical forests of Indonesia, Thailand and China. The last time the population size has significantly decreased due to the Providence of man.

1. Birdwing butterfly Queen Alexandra'sLength 27 cm

Birdwing butterfly Queen Alexandra tops the list of the largest insects in the world. In addition, she is the most beautiful butterfly in the world. Wingspan is 27 see ptitsekrylki received Its name because of its huge wings, which in flight resemble a bird. The amazing size and beauty of the butterfly is the dream of any collector. But the hunt for pickrill recently prohibited because its population has significantly decreased. Habitat of the species are tropical forests of Papua New Guinea.

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