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The biggest aquariums in the world


There are a huge number of aquariums, each of which is unique in itself. They differ in size, inhabitants and variety of animals. The biggest of them attract every year a huge flow of visitors eager to get acquainted with the life of underwater creatures.

In the top 10 included the biggest aquariums in the world today. With their selection took into account the area, number of individuals and species represented.

10. Sydney aquarium

Sydney aquarium opens the top ten largest aquariums in the world. Live here more than 6 thousand individuals, among which there are about 650 different species of underwater creatures. It was opened in 1988, and in 2012 it was completely rebuilt and restored. The Sydney aquarium is the permanent home to sharks, seals, sea lions, penguins and other animals. It also presents one of the largest collections of sharks in the world.

9. Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium is the largest Oceanarium in Russia. It occupies an area of just over half a hectare and gathered his exposition on two floors. On the territory of Sochi discovery world aquarium is located 30 aquariums with different kinds of inhabitants. Downtown aquarium is a tunnel with a length of 44 meters, where live sharks and other fish species. For filling the aquarium only took 5 million liters of water. The opening of the Olympic village, took place in the winter of 2009.

8. L'aquarium de Barcelona

L'aquarium de Barcelona, ranked as one of the largest aquariums of Europe. It is located in the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona and covers an area of approximately 1.5 hectares. L'aquarium de Barcelona is inhabited by about 12 thousand of underwater inhabitants, is available in 450 different species. It has several themed areas. Of particular interest is the aquarium in the form of a large tunnel with a length of 86 meters. It is part of the Mediterranean sea. L'aquarium de Barcelona is considered one of the most visited and popular among tourists.

7. Oceanario de Lisboa

Oceanario de Lisboa, the largest aquarium of Portugal, located in Lisbon. It is inhabited by about 16 thousand sea creatures, includes 450 species. The area of the Oceanario de Lisboa is 1 hectares, and its depth is about 7 meters, which allows you to generate the illusion of the open ocean. The pride of the aquarium is a fish-moon, which is not available in all aquariums because of its specific conditions.

6. The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium with an area of about 2 hectares is included in the list of the largest aquariums in the world. It is located in Japan, at exposition Park, Okinawa. The four-storey building located about 80 aquariums, where live sharks, deep sea creatures, tropical fish and other marine inhabitants. The Oceanarium is located approximately 80 types of coral.

5. Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium ranked as one of the biggest in the world. Its total area is about 273 square meters. It is located in the capital of the UAE, Dubai and is part of the shopping Mall Discovery Centre. It was opened in 2008 and became one of the most visited in the world. To fill it took 10 million liters of water, which is now live over 200 species of marine life and 33 thousand species of fish. Dubai Aquarium is notable for the fact that he was in the Guinness book of records as the biggest indoor aquarium. A panoramic panel of the Dubai aquarium is more than 30 meters wide and over 8 m in height. Dubai Aquarium has an arched, half-kilometer long tunnel with a height of 11 meters and a width of 20 meters.

4. LOceanografic

LOceanografic, located in Spain, is one of the largest in the world. Its area is just over 1 hectare, and live in it more than 45 thousand of sea animals, among which are 500 different types. In addition to its diverse flora, a rich fauna, consisting of 80 species of plants. In Europe LOceanografic is the largest. The aquarium is divided into ten zones, which shelter the inhabitants of the Mediterranean, the polar oceans of the Arctic, tropical seas, the red sea, etc. the Total volume of water contained in the aquarium, is about 42 million litres.

3. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium (SOA) is the largest oceanariums in Asia. It is located on an area of 2 acres and became a permanent habitat for more than 15 thousand animals, includes 450 species. SOA is divided into nine thematic zones. In the gallery "China" are rare, endangered species of fish. Particularly noteworthy are the following zones: "Cold" and "polar". There you can observe the life of seals and penguins. A feature of the Shanghai ocean aquarium is a long tunnel, considered one of the longest in the world: it stretches for as much as 155 meters.

2. The Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia aquarium is the second place of honor among the largest aquariums in the world. It was opened in 2005. For seven years he was able to maintain its status as the largest, not yet opened S. E. A. Aquarium in Singapore. It is divided into five thematic zones. In the area of the Southern Company River Scout visitors are river dwellers of North America and some exotic fish. The next thematic section AT T Dolphin Tales intended for dolphins, of which there are more than a dozen. Every day they organise a half-hour football show. The largest of the galleries presented here is Ocean Voyager built by the Home Depot, inhabited by the inhabitants of the Mesoamerican barrier reef. Also in this part of the aquarium laid a huge thirty-meter tunnel. Is marine house area of just over 5 hectares.

1. S. E. A. Aquarium

S. E. A. Aquarium — the largest aquarium in the world, located in Singapore, on Sentosa island. It opened in the fall of 2012. It was then that he took the honorary title of the largest American Georgia aquarium. The total area occupied by S. E. A. Aquarium is 8 hectares, and the volume of water is equal to 45 million liters. It became a home for 100 thousand marine animals from 800 species. The aquarium is divided into ten zones and includes about 50 marine habitats. The Central part of the S. E. A. Aquarium is a habitat of the open ocean with the largest survey panel in the world that allows to generate an illusion of being beneath the sea. S. E. A. Aquarium is part of the Singapore Park "Marine life".

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