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The biggest birds in the world


The biggest birds in the world affect its size. But many of them are paid for your height and weight, losing the ability to fly. In the ranking are the leaders in terms of size, wingspan and weight among flying, flying and leading an aquatic way of life.

10. Swan mute

Opens a rating of the largest birds in the world the mute Swan. Among the duck family is the largest representative. The weight of the birds can reach 22 kg, the wingspan is 2.4 m, height – 1,8 m. Now it is one of the most rare birds in the wild, as the hunting of swans led to their disappearance. Mute feel well in captivity and so are the ornaments of many fish groups. The name Swan was named for the hissing sound he makes when angry.

9. Emperor penguin

Birds that cannot fly – penguins are one of the heaviest and largest in the world. The most prominent of the family is considered to be the Emperor penguin, weighing up to 50 kg, growing up to 1.3 m. Prey penguin is looking exclusively in the water. He has a well developed vision that allows you to dive to a depth of 550 m. to find food penguins are willing to travel considerable distances to gain the speed up to 55-58 km/h Birds nest in colonies. In extreme cold, they gather in large groups to keep warm and constantly moving from one place to another – so each individual gets its share of heat.

8. Steller's sea eagle

One of the biggest and heaviest birds – Steller's sea eagle. The wingspan of an adult can reach 2.45 m, height of 1.15 m. This predator prefers to eat fish and salmon, but bears, and a serious threat to the young seals, which also can attack. Due to the considerable weight (9 kg) the eagles are not making the big flights, so they nest in the vicinity of the mining site. Despite the fact that the eagles build a pair for procreation, cheating them – an ordinary case. Mate with other individuals, both males and females. Therefore, the family of eagles could be Chicks from different fathers.

7. Bustard

Figure bustard allows to include it in the list of the largest birds. Males reach 16 kg while body length is 1 m, and the scope is wide strong wings can be up to 2.4 m. the bustard flies perfectly, although gaining height very slowly. But more she likes to travel by land, to do this it adapted a powerful featherless legs. Unlike other birds, bustards do not have an oil gland that produces grease for the tail. Therefore, in the period of rains and frosts, they become helpless because of wet and frozen wings.

6. Crane

Not only the largest bird in the world, but the most ancient is the crane. Education of the family date back to the time of the dinosaurs. The Indian representative of the family is the largest: height – 1.75 m, wingspan – comes to 2.4 m. This height makes a crane tallest flying bird on the planet. The family has its heavyweights is the Japanese crane, is able to gain up to 12 kg. in Virtually every country inhabited by cranes, they are valued for their beauty, grace, mating dances and loyalty. A few birds remain until the end of life.

5. Dalmatian Pelican

The strange title of "Baba" and the other is the largest bird is the Dalmatian Pelican, so named because of the curly feathers on the head. The bird's body reaches a length of 1.8 m, wingspan is 3.4 m, the length of the beak is 0.5 m (the second largest in the world). The weight can be dialed up to 15 kg. per day large bird eats food, the weight of which amounts to 20-30% of the weight of the animal. Pelican equally well flies and floats. But the water wings quickly become wet, so it is often during the voyage takes them up to the dripping water. Also the beak of a Pelican holds constantly in the wings, as if squeezing out the water, so that when danger plumage was dry, and he was free to fly.

4. Black vulture

The biggest bird applies the black vulture or "lammergeier". The wingspan reaches almost 3 meters and a body length of 1.2 m. unlike other birds the male significantly more females. Vultures have large eyes, so they have excellent eyesight, and strong and large beak allows them to tear prey to pieces. The feathers on the head replaces the fuzz. All these characteristics are adaptations to a scavenger who does not hunt, and searches for and eats the prey. Vultures eat the lot and even too much. Sometimes a lot, they can't take off under its own weight. Comes to feeling threatened, vultures spit up food to take to the air.

3. Wandering Albatross

The largest flying bird in the world – the wandering Albatross. Its wingspan is 3,3 m and length 1.2 m. Among the other representatives albatrosow bird-wanderer has a completely white plumage and only the border of the wings are trimmed with black stripes. Albatrosses are solitary, though nest in colonies. Albatrosow eat the whole fish, without exception, able to fit in a huge beak. They are frequent companions of marine trailers for the processing of seafood, waiting for waste. Albatrosses live long, the average is 30 years, but can live up to 50, and they create a couple only once.

2. Cassowary

Some of the largest flightless birds in the world – cassowaries. In size, they occupy second place in the world and first in mainland Australia. Common cassowary of the family is the largest representative of: height – 1,5 m, weight – 80 kg. Bird runs fast. It is able for a few seconds to reach the speed of 50 km/h and well and promptly floats. Cassowaries are considered to be very dangerous. Their main weapon is a claw-like dagger, the length of which reaches 15 see members of the family in 2004 was in the Guinness book of records as the most dangerous on the planet. They have ceased to be kept in zoos, as too many injuries were caused to staff and visitors.

1. Ostrich

Rightfully the biggest bird in the world recognized the ostrich. But other than that it is the hard and fast representative of birds. Its height reaches 2.7 m, weight up to 200 kg at the same speed that the animal can reach is 70 km/h is Not in vain in the translation of his name means "Sparrow-camel." Only one step made by the bird, is 4 meters. How an ostrich eats in the nature of the thoroughly unknown, but in captivity a day he needs about 3.5 – 4 kg of food. Not having teeth, it is for the best digestion of eats stones, can even swallow the metal elements. The big bird is very dangerous. Blow of their powerful legs with long claw she is able to kill even a large predator such as a lion threat.

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