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The biggest catfish in the world


One of the largest river of the representatives among the fish considered to be soma. Under favorable conditions, the existence of these fishes can live up to several hundred flax, to reach the size of 4-5 meters and dial in the weight of 100-500 lbs. the largest representative was also in Uzbekistan, 100 years ago, his weight was 430 kg and a length of as much as 5 m. But no official confirmation of this. There are also unconfirmed reports that in the Dnieper river in Ukraine, had caught the biggest catfish weighing 288 kg and an increase of 4 m.

Large fish of this species is at once able to swallow an adult human. Such cases have already happened and were recorded. There is a perception that among these river dwellers are cannibals. But yet nothing is confirmed. Found dead in the belly of the giants, according to experts, was already dead when he came into the womb of river creatures.

Recently, the catfish population is shrinking due to environmental conditions and fisheries person. But in our days are quite old and large specimens. In proof of this we made a rating of the largest catfish in the world.

10. Som from BelarusLength 2 m

The ten greatest river opens som representatives from Belarus. One of the huge catfish was caught in Belarus in 2011. The owner of a big catch was a local fishing enthusiast. Together with fellow fisherman catching prey tackle. When men tried to collect the catch, the tackle did not want to get. About an hour the fishermen needed to get to the shore of the large river monster. Giant decided to measure and weigh. Fish pulled 60 kg, and her length was 2 m. the Catfish, the fishermen did not let go and made a real fish feast.

9. Som from Spain,Length 2 m

Ninth place goes to the largest soma of Spain. In 2009, a small river Ebro local fishermen caught a catfish albino. The body length of river albino exceeded 2 m, and weight was 88 kg. to Catch a rare fish managed Briton Chris from Sheffield. Trying to pull the catch, the fisherman realized that can not cope and called for help arrived friends. The man took more than half an hour to get the albino on the beach. With a live catch, held a photo shoot and released.

8. Som of the NetherlandsLength 2.3 m

The eighth line of the night goes to big Dutch soma. In the Netherlands the vacation Park Centerparcs is very popular, as in the pond on its territory is home to one of the largest catfish in the world. In the length of fish body is 2.3 m. the River the creature was nicknamed Big momma. According to Park guards, she likes to eat ducks, and eats at least 3 floating birds daily. Som is under the protection of the state.

7. Som of Italy,Length 2.5 m

In seventh place is the biggest catfish caught in Italy. In early 2011, one of the biggest catfish in the world was caught by Italian Robert priest. Fish length was 2.5 m, and weight was 114 kg. of a Seasoned fisherman admitted that over a lifetime first encountered this giant fish. To pull the prey to the shore, Robert needed the help of six people, who took out a catfish about an hour. Robert says that in this day along with other fishermen went out to catch bream. No one imagined that the hunt will end with the capture of a living colossus. Fish were weighed, measured and released to continue to swim.

6. Som from FranceLength 2.6 m

Sixth place is the biggest catfish from France. One of the biggest catfish in the world was caught by Yuri, Grisendi in the rhône river. A giant weight was 120 kg, and body length of 2.6 m. the Hunt for big fish is the hobby man. Each time he tries to beat his previous record. Caught big fish, the tourist removes the video and releases.

5. Som from KazakhstanLength 2.7 m

Fifth place is a river of Kazakhstan. In 2007, the river Or the local fishermen caught the biggest catfish weighing 130 kg and a length of 2.7 m. It is the largest fish, which saw local residents of all time.

4. Som from ThailandLength 2.7 m

The fourth line gets the biggest soma from Thailand. In may 2005, on the Mekong river was caught by one of the largest catfish weighing 293 kg. Its length was about 2.7 m. These parameters were recorded chief of the international research project with Zeb Hogan. This year he was researching the biggest fish in the world. Caught catfish albino became the largest freshwater fish noted in his work. This giant could get into the Guinness Book of records. Its going to give under the supervision of environmental services and to let go, but som, unfortunately, died.

3. Som from Russia,Length 3 m

Three honorary opens the largest catfish caught in Russia a few years ago. In 2009, out of the Seim river in the Kursk region fishermen was caught by one of the big catfish. The weight of the extracted colossus exceeded 200 kg, and the length of the fish appeared about 3 m. the Witnesses to this were the staff of the Kursk fishery, which confirmed the fact caught catfish. Accidentally the fishermen lucky enough to spot the monster. One of the men managed to fire and strike the giant. Several men tried on their own to pull a huge fish. But soon, the hunters realized that not cope decided to come to rural of the tractor. When the fish beast was pulled to the shore, everyone gasped in surprise: many had to see here huge catfish, but a whopper villagers saw for the first time.

2. Som from Poland4 m

The second line is the biggest catfish in Poland. One of the huge catfish in the world was caught by Polish fishermen on the river Oder. The age of the giant was more than 100 years. The size of the river being a little over 4 m, and body weight – 200 kg. What was the surprise of the fishermen, when in the belly of the catfish they found the corpse of a Nazi officer. This fact men hurried to report to the police. Arrived at the place of discovery, the experts conducted a study and concluded that the fish had swallowed the officer, when he was already dead. And again the rumors of cannibalism in these river monsters have not been confirmed.

1. Som from RussiaLength 4 m

First place goes to the largest soma out of Russia. According to some, this giant was caught in the late 19th century. Its length is over 4 m, and weighed it is about 347 kg. This discovery managed to catch in the lake Issyk-Kul. There is an opinion that in honor of catching huge fish in this place was erected an arch in the shape of a giant catfish jaws.

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