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The cheapest cars in the world


Leader in the production of cheap cars is considered to be China. But lately, the Chinese vehicle market there is a serious competitor to India, which seeks the best ratio of price–quality.

The rating included the cheapest cars in the world that can be purchased today.

10. Renault (Dacia) LoganPrice 400 000 rubles

Opens the top ten most inexpensive cars Renault (Dacia) Logan from Romania. Not only is it one of the cheapest, yet most reliable options in the budget class. Five-seater compact sedan has a length of 4250 meters and a mass of 975 kg. top speed Logan — 165 km/h and Acceleration to hundreds machine dials for 13 seconds. Engine power is 75 HP at 5500 rpm. The type of fuel AI-95, and the volume of the tank capacity is 50 liters of petrol. The cost of the basic equipment of such a car will average 400 000.

9. Fiat PalioPrice 388 000

On the ninth place among the cheap cars located Italian representative of Fiat Palio. The five-seater three-door hatchback boasts a spacious boot, which is 260 litres. It is relatively light and compact car with a mass of 890 kg and a length of 3735 metres. Engine output is 61 HP at 5500 rpm. Consumption in the combined cycle does not exceed 7 litres. Not only is it one of the cheapest but also cost-effective options for fuel consumption. The average price for Fiat Palio — 388 000 rubles.

8. Lada KalinaPrice 370 000 rubles

The eighth position is the representative of the domestic automotive industry —Lada Kalina. Five-seat compact hatchback is not only modern and stylish design and good performance at a reasonable price. The speed limit which is capable of Kalina 175 km/h Acceleration to hundreds of car takes approximately 12 seconds. Fuel consumption depends on engine type and developing power, the average is — 7 liters per hundred. Class fuel consumption AI-95. The cost model in the base — 370 000 rubles.

7. Daewoo NexiaPrice 379 000

The seventh line of the rating of the cheap car is a Daewoo Nexia. The five-seater budget sedan developed based on the German Opel Kadet and manufactured in Uzbekistan. The length of the body equal 4482 meters and a weight of 1025 kg. the Car has a very roomy trunk, holds up to 530 litres. The engine capacity of 1.5L is capable to develop a power of 80 horsepower at 5600 rpm. Class consumption of gasoline AI-95. The maximum speed of which is capable of Nexia — 175 km/h To hundred it is dispersed for 12.5 seconds. In mixed mode the car eats up to 8.1 liters per hundred kilometers. In the base cost budget will be an average of 379 000.

6. Chery KimoPrice 350 000 rubles

Sixth place goes to the Chinese Chery Kimo. Roomy compact five-door hatchback has a unique, not similar to others, design. Body length is up to 3700 meters. The interior is designed for 4 people with driver inclusive. The model is equipped with ABS and EBD. The car has a 1.3 engine with a capacity of 82 HP and has a 5-speed gearbox. For every 100 km the car consumes up to 6.5 liters on the combined cycle. The speed limit, which is capable of Chery Kimoequal to 156 km/h, to Disperse hundreds he dials for 13 seconds. Class used petrol AI-95. The capacity of the tank is about 43 L. the machine Weighs relatively little, about 1415, which makes it agile and nimble enough. The value of this model is less than 350 000 rubles.

5. Daewoo MatizPrice of 314,000 roubles

One of the cheapest and most popular models available on the Russian market, is considered the Korean Daewoo Matiz . Compact and roomy hatchback with a length of 3500 meters for 4 people with a driver. The maximum speed, which is capable Matiz — 145 km/h. For acceleration to hundreds of car will need an average of 16 seconds. The power of the engine when the engine is 1.0 L 64 HP at 5400 rpm. Average fuel consumption is 6 liters in the combined cycle. Internal equipment of the compartment depends on the configuration and may include: air conditioning, power steering, catalytic Converter, radio, Central locking, Parking sensors, fog lights and much more. The cost of the basic configuration is in the range of 314 000.

4. Geely MRPrice 230 000 rubles

On the fourth place among the cheapest cars in the world is located the Chinese model Geely MR. It is a five-door hatchback with a capacity for up to 5 people with a driver. The car has a 5-speed gearbox, reaches maximum speed of 160 km/h the engine Power of 85 horsepower at 6000 rpm. Acceleration to hundreds of Geely MR is taking over 12 seconds. The combined cycle fuel consumption is 5.9 l per hundred kilometers. Vehicle weight -1052 kg Capacity of fuel tank is small — only 37 liters. Facilities include air-conditioning, radio and CD-player. The average cost Geely MR today 230 000.

3. Maruti Suzuki 800Price 210 000

Indian car Suzuki Maruti 800 opens the three cheapest cars in the world. Three-door hatchback has a capacity for up to 4 people with a driver. This model is capable of speeds up to 137 km/h and has a capacity of 45 HP Average fuel consumption is 6.6 l/100 km with a motor 0,8 L. Has a five-speed gearbox. For a long time held the status of best selling car in India. The average cost of a Suzuki Maruti 800 — 210 000 rubles.

2. Jiangnan AltoPrice 192 000

The second place ranking is the Chinese representative of the Jiangnan Alto. His body, despite the relatively low price, made of metal sheets. Machine length is 3.3 meters and weighs 645 kg. Engine here are 2 types: 0.8 l (44 HP) or 1,1 (52 HP). Jiangnan Alto has a four-speed gearbox, which achieves minimum fuel consumption is 4.5 in the combined cycle. The five-door hatchback is equipped with air conditioning, a radio and ABS. On average, the cost model is to date, 192 000.

1. Tata NanoPrice 95 000 rubles

Heads the rating of the cheapest cars in the world the Indian model Tata Nano from the company Tata Motors. City dwarf is able to accommodate 4 people with a driver. Its length is about 3 meters and a weight of 600 kg five-Door hatchback has a very roomy trunk with 80 HP But it can be increased by removing the rear seats to 500 HP to push this car far out, as its top speed of 105 km/h Gearbox consists of only 4 degrees, but it reduces the gasoline consumption to 4 litres per 100 km in the combined cycle. Power of Tata Nano is equal to 37 horsepower at 5500 rpm./min. up To a hundred kilometers per hour the car accelerates in 12,6 seconds. In this model, no power steering, air conditioning, automatic electric Windows, radio and ABS. A greater percentage of the material from which made the car, is plastic, instead of metal. Due to the lack of many conveniences and cheap material made possible its cost is 95 000 rubles.

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