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The longest films in the world


In the top 10 included the longest films in the world in the history of cinema. Is not one of the series, which is obviously designed for a long show. All the following pictures were shot with the expectation of demonstration of integrity. Some of them are absurd and unjustified, but it is the will of Directors, decided to stand out from the crowd.

10. War and peace

"War and peace" (1965) — the longest film of Soviet film directed by Sergei Bondarchuk. In art the film took part all stars of the Soviet music: Sergei Bondarchuk, Lyudmila Savelyeva, Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Oleg Tabakov and others. Filmed the epic Leo Tolstoy was a huge success and was awarded the "Oscar" as best foreign language film. In addition, the film is on the list of the most expensive paintings in the history of cinema: on the left about 8 million rubles, which was by the standards of Soviet times fabulous sums. Investments paid off: in 1966, the film attracted a record audience of 58 million people only in the USSR. The shooting of the film lasted for six years.

9. Evolution of a Filipino family

"Evolution of Filipino family" is one of the best and longest Philippine paintings with a duration of 9 hours. The film was made in 2004 by Director Lav Diaz. The film appeals to the film critics who have left rave reviews, describing it as a monumental masterpiece of cinema. The version shown at the festival 1.5 hours longer than the one that reached the audience. In the center of the unfolding action painting represented a small group of Filipinos, leading a desperate struggle in times of political chaos in the country. Canadian viewers have included masterpiece creation of the top ten films of all time.

8. Out 1

"Out 1" (1971) occupies the eighth position in the list of longest movies in the world. The basis of the picture went to "the Human Comedy" honoré de Balzac. The duration of cinturini is 12 hours and 36 minutes. "Out 1" includes eight episodes with a duration of 90-100 minutes. The idea of the Director Jacques Bawling was to unite the multiple stories that have a subtle connection, and author of the art of the film is quite possible to realize.

7. Journey

"The journey" directed by Peter Watkins, one of the longest documentaries in the world with a duration of 14 hours and 30 minutes. The shooting occurred over several years on different continents. In the 80-ies of the last century, the film was shown at the Austrian film Museum. The General public "a Journey," rarely demonstrated. The storyline connected with power, the production of nuclear weapons and numerous costs.

6. Berlin-Alexanderplatz

Art painting "Berlin-Alexanderplatz" is one of the longest in the world of cinema. It was taken in 1980 by Reiner Fassbinder, and its duration was 15 hours. It's hours story of the former pimp Franz Biberkopf, who has been in prison for murder, running his prostitutes. Coming to freedom, he begins to search for himself in this world. The hero gives his word that will not deviate more from the correct and honest way. But it is not easy to do in a country mired in unemployment and crime. The plot unfolds on the background of the 20-ies of the last century in Germany. "Berlin-Alexanderplatz" based on the novel by Alfred Doblin. In 2007 was acquitted of the restored version of the drama.

5. The long and senseless movie

"The long and senseless movie" lives up to its name. The tape was filmed in 1968 by Englishman Anthony Scott in the new direction called the underground. Pattern is unique only in that it has absolutely no plot and lasts for 48 hours — 2 days. For the painting has not produced any special shots. She was "glued" from advertising and scraps of footage that did not appear in the Filmstrip. "The long and senseless movie" is a "cinematic trash" and does not bear absolutely no value. The screening took place in 1968 in London, and was presented at the festival of experimental art.

4. Treatment of insomnia

"Treatment of insomnia" (1987) holds the fourth place among the longest films in the world. The author of the plotless picture was John Henry Timmis. In 1987, a film with a duration of 87 hours (3.5 days) got into the Guinness Book of records as the longest film. In the film there is no plot, but its main figure becomes L. D. Groban reading his poetry. The reading is suddenly interrupted by inserts of clips of heavy metal that have erotic content. The film was created with the purpose of reprogramming the consciousness of the people suffering from insomnia. "Therapeutic" film was released in 1987, when he was shown the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

3. Matryoshka

"Matryoshka" (2006) is a feature film directed by Karin Heller opens the top three. The total duration of the longest German film is 95 hours or 4 days. The whole film does not have sound and is built on one photo. In the frame displayed event malosvyazannye between them. "Matryoshka" was presented in 2006 at the festival in Frankfurt on a giant screen canvas 100 square meters.

2. Sinematon

"Cinematon" (2010) — art painting by Gerard Courant is one of the longest in the world. The shooting of the film lasted more than thirty years (1978-2010 years), and its duration was 154 hours, which is almost 6.5 days. "Cinematon" includes more than two thousand silent episodes with a duration of three minutes. Heroes episodes were celebrities, friends and acquaintances of the Director, who was engaged in the allotted time on the camera than they want. For example, a friend of Gerard Terry Gilliam ate during the filming of a bill. Also in the frame were Russian stars: Inna Churikova, Lyudmila Kotlyarova, Juliana Semenova and others. Very interesting to observe people who are not scripted. The film received a positive assessment of film critics.

1. Modern times forever

"Modern times forever" (2011) — the longest film in the world, filmed by the Danish art group "SUPERFLEX". The film shows the world's largest, the headquarters of the forestry companies in Helsinki, which is gradually destroyed due to the disappearance of humanity from the face of the Earth. The film was shown at the Helsinki festival of contemporary art. To watch the movie completely gone 240 hours, to be exact 10 days.

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