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The most expensive flowers in the world


Flowers – one of the most wonderful creations of nature, giving a sincere joy in its beauty. They not only adorn our homes, but also give the opportunity to provide favors to loved ones. You can Express your feelings a modest bouquet or gathered wild flowers, but there are flowers, which cost up to fabulous amounts, and they can afford not everyone.

The average price of bouquet in different regions ranging from 2.5 Yes 4-5 thousand rubles. The most expensive flowers in the world are much more expensive. Their price is determined by rarity and difficulty of cultivation.

The most expensive flowers in the world – we know how much it will cost, some of the most beautiful creations of nature.

10. Gold Of Kinabalu

The most expensive flowers in the world is the Orchid paphiopedilum Rothschild, or "Gold of Kinabalu". The cost of one flower reaches 300 thousand rubles. The high cost of the plant due to its rarity in nature paphiopedilum Rothschild uncommon. By the way, first blooms this magnificent Orchid no earlier than 14-15 years of life. The Orchid grows in only two places on mount Kinabalu, located on the island of Borneo.

To purchase the flower is very difficult – it is grown only in a few nurseries in the United States.

This is interesting: Orchid paphiopedilum Rothschild is pollinated by flies parasites. Because of the unusual color of the flower they take it for a colony of aphids, which in nature larvae.

9. King of the night

Among the most expensive flowers on the Ground includes a black Tulip with the high-sounding title of "King of the night". It should be clarified that among the most expensive flowers he was centuries ago – during the incredible demand for tulips. Then for one bulb of the black Tulip could cost a small fortune. By the way, the black Tulip called conditional – in fact the petals of the plant was a deep purple color. In 1986, the breeder Gert Hagemann led the black varieties of tulips. Work on the creation of the flower cost the enormous sum of 400 thousand dollars.

Now the bulb of the black Tulip is an average of from 30 to 200 rubles depending on the variety.

8. Black Orchid Fredclarkeara

Black Orchid Fredclarkeara is one of the most exquisite and expensive flowers in the world. This is a complex hybrid of three species of orchids. The plant has beautiful leaves and flowers are Tulip-shaped deep black color. Flowers with a delicate spicy-sweet smell of honey, aggregated in a raceme on long peduncle. Created this amazing hybrid American hybridization Fred Clark. For their strikingly beautiful Orchid he has received numerous awards.

This is interesting: in 2006, the scent of black Orchid Fredclarkeara inspired Tom Ford to create his masterpiece – a perfume of the same name Black Orchid.

The cost of one plant can reach up to 8000 rubles.

7. Kadupul

The Kadupul flower is one of the rarest flowers in the world. Cost it is impossible to determine because it is not sold in any flower shop. The second name of the flower – the "Queen of the night". It is unique in that only lasts a few hours, so shrouded in legend. Growing Kadupul in Sri Lanka. This cactus blooms flower at nightfall, and after a few hours fades. Kadupul has a delicate and unusual flavor and delicate white petals.

6. Medinilla

The most expensive flowers in the world belongs medinilla. This is one of the most beautiful tropical flowers. Homeland medinilly – tropical forests of Madagascar and the Philippine Islands. Flower prized for the beautiful bunches of blooms a gorgeous soft pink color. The cost of one stem is up to 150$, and a vase with medinilla will have to pay at least 700$.

To grow this beautiful exotic flower can be at home, but it is worth considering that medinilla is extremely demanding on the humidity and temperature conditions. The plant is very delicate, and can discard the flowers and even the leaves, if you move it or rotate.

5. Rainbow roses

Rainbow roses bred by Dutch flower company, seem to be created with the help of photoshop, so incredible and amazing their colors. The difficulty of cultivation made these roses are among the most expensive flowers in the world. Amazing rose color of the rainbow – the invention of Peter van de Werken. He and his colleagues within six months had developed an optimal method of growing rainbow roses. The idea was that the flower stalk is divided into several channels, and pass through every water, painted in different colors. So managed to create a unique technology of growing roses. Since this process is extremely time-consuming, rainbow roses are quite expensive – about $ 10 for a single flower.

4. Pierre de Ronsard

One of the most expensive flowers in the world is part of rose cultivar "Pierre de Ronsard". It is a climbing plant with large globular flowers in the style of old roses. The flowers are so heavy that droop under their own weight. The petals are creamy-white in color, with Carmine and pink tinged at the edges. Rose flowers twice a year: in summer and autumn. The fragrance is light and unobtrusive. The bushes of these roses will adorn any garden.

The cost of one varieties of roses "Pierre de Ronsard" is $ 15.

This is interesting: the variety is named after the famous French poet of the XVI century by Pierre de Ronsard.

3. The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid is one of the most expensive flowers in the world, created by human hands. A team of breeders from China was working on its creation for 8 years. Orchid is estimated at 16 million rubles. So the high price of the flower due to its beauty, uniqueness and cost of its creation.

2. Rose Juliet

Rose "Juliet" was first presented to the public at the 2006 garden show in England, became one of the most expensive flowers in the world. David Austin 15 years worked to create a beautiful peony flower with delicate petals peach color and a light aroma.

Now the cost of one flower is estimated at 300-400 rubles.

1. Saffron

Saffron (Crocus sativus) is among the most expensive flowers in the world because its stamens are used for the manufacture of the eponymous spices. Saffron is known since ancient times. Golden-orange stamens of the small lavender flowers are harvested by hand and then dried. Each saffron flower has only three stamens. To obtain 500 g of a spice, you need to process up to 100 thousand colors.

The average cost of a 500 g spices – $ 1,500.

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