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The most expensive home on wheels


Travel around the world with comfort is possible with their own transport, if it's a smart mobile house with all amenities. It can fully replace conventional building. However, the cost of such housing will be much more expensive. Some models can cost a fortune.

In the top 10 included the most expensive home on wheels, which is on sale today.

10. Entegra Coach Cornestone 45 DLQPrice 464 000 $

Entegra Coach Cornestone 45 DLQ opens ten exclusive and luxurious mansions on wheels. He could easily replace the usual home that you can carry around the world. This mobile home is equipped with all necessary: kitchen, bathroom, shower room, a cosy bedroom and a bar. To live here and to move on the roads in these apartments a pleasure. For Supreme comfort you need to pay the amount of $ 464 thousand us dollars.

9. Country Coach Magna 630Price 495 000 $

Country Coach Magna 630 with the value of 495 thousand us dollars, occupies the ninth position in the ranking of the most expensive homes on wheels. Luxury bus boasts beautiful, both external and internal design. Done in brown shades from walnut wood interior brings the luxury and special comfort. Here is everything you need for a comfortable existence.

8. UNICAT Amerigo InternationalPrice of 500 000 $

UNICAT Amerigo International is among the ten most expensive homes-RVS. Not quite a presentable appearance hides a luxurious interior and comfort. The mansion on wheels has inside the kitchen, rest room Suite, the room to work and room with a bathroom. Safety and strength this residential SUV has no equal. It is made of high-strength material, which does not fear any emergency. For safety and comfort will have to give much is not enough — 500 thousand dollars.

7. Monaco Dynasty 45PPrice 586 000 $

Luxury mansion on wheels Monaco Dynasty 45P is ranked seventh in the ranking. Length multiwheel transport the house is about thirteen feet. It provides six sleeping comfortable seats, and the interior is made with the latest modern fashion trends. Floors and porcelain tiles, furniture made of natural, exclusive wood. In addition, Monaco Dynasty 45P is equipped with modern, reliable system of safety of passengers and the driver. Such mobile transport — the dream of any tourist. But to become his owner will need to pay about $ 586 thousand dollars.

6. Newmar King AireThe Price Of 739 000 $

Sixth place goes to one of the most expensive motorhomes Newmar King Aire. Mobile housing model are made using the latest technology and has a truly Royal interior design. An exclusive lounge is made of mahogany, and the lounge is equipped with comfortable sofas, a washing machine and dryer, and there is also area with a TV. Passengers can be confident of their safety, as the Newmar King Aire is equipped with a Safety Cruise system, which has a navigation system, warning of bad weather conditions. The cost of luxury tourist transport is around 739 thousand dollars.

5. Country Coach PrevostPrice 1 000 000 $

The Golden mean goes to the model Country Coach Prevost. One of the most expensive homes machines on wheels equipped with an entertainment system, comfortable furniture, huge walk-in closet, elegant bathroom, a study and a lavish bedroom. The interior is furnished with materials such as porcelain and cedar wood. Wishing to acquire a luxurious and comfortable touring car you will have to pay $ 1 million.

4. Foretravel IH-45Price 1 300 000 $

Foretravel IH-45 is the most luxurious and expensive motorhome from Foretravel company. It is engaged in the production of coach-houses since 1967. This released model it is a luxurious and striking in its uniqueness and exclusivity. Unmatched noise isolation and vibration reduction makes moving passengers as comfortable as possible. IH-45 boasts dvadtsatimillimetrovym generator, special and comfortable Seating for the driver Knoedler, as well as retractable walls that increase interior space when needed. Flooring and walls made from high quality, corrosion free steel. Price chic mobile mansion equal to 1.3 million dollars.

3. Prevost H3-45 VIPPrice 1 600 000 $

Opens the top three most expensive motorhomes Prevost H3-45 VIP. This is one of the most spacious and high-utility vehicles, designed for travel and housing. Its absolute height is 3.8 meters. Inside the largest machine is a kitchen, a study, a luxurious bedroom, bathroom and an area for relaxation and entertainment. Floors of rooms covered with gorgeous glossy parquet. Inside four mansion offers elegant sofas and armchairs, which will make the rest of the owner as comfortable as possible. All this luxury is estimated at 1.6 million dollars.

2. Featherlite Vantare Platinum PlusPrice 2 500 000 $

Second place in the ranking of most expensive homes on wheels goes to the Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus. Here the luxury and magnificence in every detail: ceilings manufacturer decorated with Swarovski crystals, steps to climb on Board made of marble and seats trimmed in the finest leather. Transport-the house even has a garage, which can fit a passenger car. The bedroom is equipped with bunk sleeping space and toilet and bath. Attached to the interior of a huge plasma. Active guests can make inside four home runs on the built-in treadmill. The driver's cab is equipped with the latest technologies: GPS system Avic N-2 with the possibility of real-time updates. The cost of living area is $ 2.5 million.

1. Marchi Mobile EleMMent PalazzoPrice 3 000 000 $

Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo tops the list of most expensive homes on wheels. Four wheel luxury mansion was designed by Austrian company Marchi Mobile. The length of the luxury automotive dwellings is 12 metres. About 20 square meters is the recreation area Sky Lounge, where there is an exclusive bar and more Seating made in the form of massage chairs for maximum comfort. Provided there is even floor heating. The top floor is a mobile design: it can increase due to the retractable mechanism on the left side. The built-in ability allows you to see the interior and features remote function of the climate control, which helps to regulate optimal temperature by the time I returned to the house. The exclusivity of the internal arrangement of apartments off-the-luxury. Naturally, this house will have not everyone can afford. Lucky its owner can become a buyer with us $ 3 million.

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