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The most expensive metals in the world


Many people mistakenly believe that the most expensive metals in the world platinum, gold and silver. But in fact there are other dense chemical elements, which is hundreds of times greater than their cost. High the price is determined by such factors as rarity, inaccessibility, and properties.

10. RutheniumCost 1 gram 1.5 US dollar

Ruthenium opens the ten most expensive metals. Chemical element, bright silver color is high-melting, hardness and brittleness. Ruthenium is one of the rarest platinum group elements. It was first opened by Professor Karl Klaus, who conducted the research at the Kazan University in 1844. The element name comes from the Latin Ruthenia, meaning Russia/Russia. Ruthenium actively used in the jewelry industry, electronic and chemical industries. It is used for manufacturing electrodes, wires, contacts, etc. With the help of the item also get chlorine and alkali. The cost of 1 gram of the metal is estimated today in 1,5 US dollar.

9. Rhenium isthe Cost of 1 gram $ 10

Ninth place among the most expensive metals in the world is rhenium. Dense chemical element, silvery-white is also considered one of the most rare, hard-to-reach and high-demand isotopes. Because of its high density rhenium is one of the most refractory metals. Since the opening element (1925) it is widely used in chemical and electronic industry. It is made from alloy for nozzles of jet engines, turbine blades, missile technology, etc. Is only a refractory element which does not form carbides. On average, 1 gram of rhenium are estimated at $ 10.

8. Scandiumthe Cost of 1 gram $ 12

Scandium is one of the world's most expensive metals. The item is silver color with a yellow tint was first discovered in 1879, thanks to the Swedish scientist Lars Nilsson, who named it after Scandinavia. A valuable isotope used in innovative technologies in the construction of rockets, robots, laser technology, satellites and aircraft. Alloys with the item made sports equipment. The biggest deposits of scandium are concentrated in Madagascar and Norway. One gram of the metal is estimated at $ 12.

7. IridiumValue 1 gram $ 20

Iridium is the seventh among the most expensive metals in the world. The isotope silver-white color, resembling tin. It's very heavy, solid and fragile. Iridium is most often used for making alloys with other metals, for example platinum. Ornaments from this alloy have a high wear resistance and very beautiful. Iridium is widely used in the manufacture of electrical contacts, fine chemical scales and surgical instruments. About the metal world learned thanks to the British chemist S. Tannate that it was opened in 1803. Currently absorbs about a ton of iridium. Supplier is South Africa, that's where the concentrated field. One gram of this isotope is estimated at about $ 20.

6. Palladiumthe Price of 1 gram 30 dollars US

Palladium is one of the most expensive metals in the world, which belongs to the platinum group. Silvery-white isotope is fusible and ductile. It is perfectly amenable to polishing, does not lose over time the luster and corrosion resistant. It was opened by British chemist William Wollaston in 1803. The scientist decided to separate the unknown metal from platinum ore arrived from South Africa. Now palladium is used for manufacturing of jewelry in different price categories. Also it is widely used in medicine and industry, due to its anti-corrosion properties. One gram of metal costs about 30 us dollars.

5. GoldCost 1 gram $ 45

Gold sits in the middle of dozens of the most expensive metals in the world. In the nature of noble isotope is found only in its pure form. Due to its flexibility and durability, gold is considered to be one of the most popular metals used for jewellery. In addition, it is used in the electronics industry and dentistry. Some of the most expensive bullion coins minted from gold. The cost of 1 gram of the precious element is estimated at about $ 45.

4. Platinumthe Price of 1 gram US $ 70

Platinum ranked fourth among the most expensive and precious metals in the world. She is a natural blend of six isotopes, which has a silvery white hue. Platinum is one of the rarest elements. Its deposits are found mainly in Russia, USA, China, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Platinum is used not only for the production of jewelry, but also for medical and industrial purposes. Earlier, the metal added to silver of low quality and often used for forgery of articles of silver and gold. Today, 1 gram of platinum is estimated on average at $ 70.

3. Rhodiumthe Cost of 1 gram 225 dollar

Rhodium reveals the top three most expensive metals in the world. Since it has high light reflecting ability, it is used in the manufacture of glass and mirrors. In addition, it is used for the production and processing of jewelry. Rhodium gives the product the Shine and not allow them to darken, due to its high resistance to oxidation. One gram of the isotope is estimated today at 225 us dollars.

2. Osmium-187the Cost of 1 gram 200 000 USD

Osmium-187 occupies the second place among the most expensive metals in the world. Its production is associated with some difficulties and takes time approximately 9 months. One of the rarest isotopes in the form of a black crystalline powder is the most dense substance on the planet. But despite this, the most valuable element is quite fragile. For scientific research activities osmium-187 is of great importance because it is used as a catalyst for chemical reactions and for the production of measuring devices with high accuracy. The cost of 1 gram of osmium-187 to 200 thousand dollars.

1. California-252Cost 1 gram 6.5 million USD

Topping the list of the most expensive metals in the world California-252. The cost of 1 gram of California is estimated at 6.5 million dollars. Annually produces about 30-40 micrograms of element that justifies its inflated price. For all the time it was produced only 8 grams of californium-252. It was first obtained in one of the Californian University in 1951. Now create it in the laboratory with nuclear reactors in Russia and the United States. The uniqueness of the isotope lies in its emitted energy, the capacity of which can be compared with an average nuclear reactor. It is actively used in medicine and nuclear physics. Using californium-252 is produced the treatment of malignant tumors. The metal is able to detect the damage in the reactors and the design of the aircraft, which are unable to detect x-rays. In addition, the most expensive element is used for the discovery of new deposits of oil, gold and silver.

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