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The most expensive coins of Imperial Russia


What can you buy for 1 ruble ? Nothing. But its value could reach several million rubles. The value of old money depends not on the number of gold and silver contained in them, from safety, from the number of the copies, the smaller the more expensive from the events associated with their release. The coin share of the coin for the ages. The most expensive coins were issued in the period from 1700 to 1917. The most valuable were mostly coins made in small editions, not for everyday walking, to anniversaries, to the coronation of the new monarchs.

10. 1 kopeck 1726cost up to 2 million rubles

1 kopeck 1726 valued for their rarity. Today only about 10 known surviving copies. During the reign of Catherine I, they were withdrawn from circulation and remelted. 1 penny is among the last coins that were minted in the shape of a square. Increase the money supply by minting coins from cheap Ural copper was due to the difficult economic situation in the country. This was the cause of square pennies. Because of its unusual money forms it comes to cost 2 million.

9. 1 ruble 1705,the cost of 2.7 million rubles

1 ruble 1705 – the result of the monetary reform of Peter I opens the ranking of the most expensive coins of Imperial Russia. For coining money of the values of its silver in Russia was not enough. Purchased the Polish Antoine, of which he minted new money, or sometimes without melting immediately embarked under the press. 1 ruble is a coin. Its value lies in the fact that the manufacture of the stamp was incorrectly specified date. Due to this error the price of this instance is very high. At auction in October 2015. it was sold for 2,7 million rubles, at a time when the price of other similar rubles does not exceed 400 thousand.

8. 2 kopecks 1740cost 3.6 million rubles

2 kopecks 1740 treat trial coins. During the reign of Anna Ioanovna in Vogue in large quantities was copper money issued under Peter I and Catherine I. the nominal value of dimes is much higher than the cost of the metal from which they were made, so the number of counterfeit money was very large. It was decided to withdraw them from circulation and melt in kopeck piece. The Empress was presented to the trial coins with her image. It was the first copper money, on which was a portrait of the ruler of the country. But the issue is because of the death of Anna Ioannovna in 1740 did not take place. Known only about six copies which occasionally appear at auction is price. So in 2014 this coin was sold for 3.6 million rubles., in the best quality 2 pennies left over 5.6 million RUB. at the auction, 2012

7. 12 rubles in 1836the price of 4.65 million rubles

12 rubles in 1836 – this is an isolated case in the world practice, when the platinum money was produced for daily circulation. Large enough circulations out 3 and 6 ruble coins, and 12 rubles were issued in the amount of 11 pieces Of rare platinum 12 roubles are among the most expensive coins. In November 2011, one copy was sold for 4.65 million RUB.

6. 5 rubles of 1907cost 4, 79 million rubles

5 rubles of 1907 was released in an edition of 109 pieces of gold 900 samples and weighs 4 grams.The money was not released for treatment. It was a special order – 100 coins had to be laid in the Foundation of the Church, which was built near St. Petersburg on the territory of the regiment to the day of the execution of 11 years, Princess Olga and the 100 year anniversary of the battle of Friedland. In this battle cavalry regiment suffered heavy losses. The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by the entire Royal family. But it was minted for 9 more coins, which were distributed as gifts to the audience. They appear at auctions. Latest sales in November 2014 recorded a value of 4.79 million RUB.

5. 37.5 rubles 1902cost 7.4 million RUB

37.5 rubles 1902 or "100 francs" was released in an edition of 235 copies of gold 900 samples. 200 pieces were submitted to the Empress. In most solemn days she gave them as gifts. As suggested by the numismatists of 37.5 rubles was made to be used on the territory of Russia and possible for casino games.Official version: the release of "100 francs" that the face value of Russian money is 37,50 RUB– mark Russo-French Alliance concluded in 1902 In 1904 for the Hermitage was released one instance. The coin is very valuable, so there are a lot of remakes, covered with gold. The price for it is growing year by year. If in 2009 the coin was sold for 3.9 million rubles., in February 2015 for a record 7.4 million RUB.

4. 25 rubles in 1908the cost of 9.3 million rubles

25 rubles in 1908 was released on the day of the fortieth anniversary of Nicholas II. The coins were made of a monolithic 5 kg gold nugget. It was enough for 150 copies, another 25 were released in 1910. The monarch used them as a sign of attention, giving to his subjects who have distinguished themselves in the service of the Fatherland. Despite the fact that 25 rubles was an exact replica of the same money, issued for the coronation of the Tsar in 1896, they are already in the model year has gained its value. Such "gift" coins were not in circulation and therefore very well preserved. Every year at the auctions they have experienced increasing prices. So in November 2015 has been fixed price of 9.3 million.

3. 1 rouble 1825the cost of 22 million rubles

1 ruble of 1825 or the Constantine ruble is one of the most valuable and rare coins during the reign of the Romanovs. In 2004, the coin was sold for 550 million dollars (22 million rubles). In total there are about 6 copies, according to others about 5: two in Russia, one in the United States, three in private collections. This denomination is interesting in that it depicts a non-existent Emperor. With the change of monarch mint for the coronation of released coins with the new Emperor. After the death of the childless Alexander I, it was assumed that the throne is his brother Konstantin Pavlovich. But few who knew in advance the crown Prince abdicated. Ahead of the event and not knowing the abdication, the Minister of Finance has ordered the trial issue silver coins with the image of Constantine – the Emperor and autocrat of the Russian. But the king was proclaimed by Nicholas I and this mistake quickly decided to hush up. The coins were classified. The Constantine ruble is a rare lot auctions and it always creates a stir. The most valuable and expensive coins most often counterfeited.

2. 1 rouble 1730the cost of 15.6 million rubles

1 rouble 1730, was released as a trial instance, the circulation of which is not installed. Today we know about three rubles. One is kept in the Hermitage Museum, the second in the National collection of the United States, a third in the hands of a private person who purchased it at auction 2007 for $ 626 thousand (or 15.6 million). Among numismatists, the ruble was called "Anna with a chain", as the obverse is decorated with a portrait of Anna Ivanovna, on the other hand, the eagle, surrounded by a chain of St. Andrew. Chain, as one of the attributes of Royal regalia during the coronation it has introduced Anna Ivanovna.

1. 20 roubles of 1755the cost of 77 million rubles

20 roubles of 1755 is the most expensive coin of Imperial Russia. At auction in England in 2008, it acquired into a private collection of over 1.5 million pounds. At the then prevailing rate is amounted to 77 million rubles. The second coin stored in the Hermitage. It was a trial coin of gold 917 samples weighing 33 grams. On the obverse was the image of Empress Elizabeth. This is the first Russian coin on which appeared the inscription "gold". Among collectors, it was called the "Elizabethan Golden." Only two known copies, as the further issue of gold was not approved.

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