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The most expensive coin Russia 1997-2014 – cost rare of rarities


Collecting coins is not only exciting, but also profitable. Price very rare instances could amount to hundreds of thousands of rubles. But modern banknotes, which each of us daily pays for goods and services may surprise. The most expensive coin Russia 1997-2014 – the value of the rarities that can be found in your wallet.
Full list of rare banknotes with the current prices You can find on the website Valuable coins of Russia.
To some it may seem incredible that some metallic currency now in circulation, have a rather high cost. It plays the role of several factors:

  • The year of issue denomination. If, for example, 5 rubles in 2003 was a limited edition, it already makes a coin valuable and of great interest to collectors.
  • Varieties of metallic currency also makes them rare. It happens that one coin year and denomination different from the others. This increases its value in tens and hundreds of times.
  • Marriage. Coins that have beautiful or rare type of marriage, actively bought by collectors and the price can be quite high.
  • The value of the coins depends on the degree of preservation, and on various auctions, the price tags can vary. Therefore, in our ranking we will take into account the average value of banknotes of Bank of Russia. Was used to analyze the data Taganskaya price tag for November 2015 and the information from specialized numismatic resources.

    10. 50 cents 1999300 rubles

    Opens a rating of the most expensive coins of Russia in 1997-2014 year 50 cents 1999 (St. Petersburg mint). If someone is fortunate enough to find this coin, it will enrich its owner 300 rubles.

    9. 2 rubles 1999400 rubles

    2 rubles 1999 (Moscow mint) will give anyone who finds such a coin, 400 rubles. Ninth place in our rating of the most valuable modern coins of Russia. But these instances, though superior to hundreds of times the value of their denomination, are far from the records of prices of some of the rarities, to pay for which collectors are willing a huge amount.

    8. 2 rubles 2001,more than 4 thousand rubles

    2 rubles 2001, released to celebrate the date of the flight in space by Yuri Gagarin – at the eighth place in the list of most expensive Russian coins. Rare is only one instance, which do not bear the mint mark. The average price of such a rarity is from 4 thousand rubles and above.

    7. 5 cents 20026 thousand rubles

    7 among the most rare and expensive Russian coins used now in circulation are 5 cents 2002 issue without designation of the mint mark. The average price of such a rarity – about six thousand roubles, provided a great safety instance.

    6. 1, 2 and 5 roubles 20028-9 thousand rubles

    The year 2002 was rich in the release into circulation of a metallic currency, which are among the most expensive coins of Russia in 1997-2014 year. These include coins of 1,2 and 5 rubles minted in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Their average cost is 8 to 9 thousand rubles. These rarities occupy sixth place in our ranking.

    5. 1, 2 and 5 rubles 200310-28 thousand rubles

    Fifth place in the list of the most valuable and rare coins has banknotes in denominations of 1, 2 and 5 rubles 2003 minted in St. Petersburg. Their rarity and value stems from the fact that the circulation of coins was limited and was intended for souvenir sets. It so happened that they were in circulation. The most expensive of them is the coin with denomination of 1 ruble. Its cost is depending on the safety is from 10 to 28 thousand rubles. Coins 2 and 5 rubles are estimated slightly below – up to 20 thousand rubles.

    4. 50 cents 200170-120 thousand rubles

    4 in the ranking of most expensive Russian coins, 1997-2014, the cost of which can reach the impressive sum of 50 cents 2001. The history of their appearance is not entirely clear. They were issued in small editions, or deliberate leakage of samples. Anyway, the cost of rarity is from 70 to 120 thousand rubles. In 2009, one of the copies was sold for 65 thousand rubles. Unfortunately, this rare coin is often counterfeited, so the risk of becoming a victim of fraud.

    3. 1 penny 2011100-150 thousand rubles

    1 penny 2011 (SP), the authenticity of which no doubt, although there is a picture of her on the obverse is one of the most rare and expensive coins of Russia in 1997-2014 year, the cost of which can reach huge sums. It occupies the third place in our rating. Most likely, this is a trial sample edition that never went into circulation. As the coin was outside of the mint is unknown. Because at public auction rarity was not present, to judge of their true value difficult. According to experts, the price of a coin ranges from 100 to 150 thousand rubles.

    2. 5 rubles 1999200 thousand rubles

    Rare and one of the most rare coins is 5 rubles 1999 (SP). The story of the coins is similar to another intriguing discovery – 5 cents of the same year. She was found by the owner in the Bank in may 2009 and immediately caused an unprecedented stir among collectors. Many thought the coin is a clever forgery, and the image is trivial with photoshop. Eventually the discovery was original and took his place in the directories. Today there are 2 copies of the coins. The true cost is difficult to determine, but one of them was sold for the fabulous sum of 200 thousand rubles. Second place in the ranking.

    1. 5 cents 1999100-500 thousand rubles

    5 cents 1999 (SP) – one of the most expensive coins of modern Russia 1997-2014 year, the cost of which, according to experts, can range from 100 to 500 thousand rubles. The story finds this rare book extremely interesting. According to the version of its owner, he found the coin in the kitty and asked for help in determining its authenticity for specialized numismatic forum. The owner put the photo finds, but first to coin were skeptical, taking the fake. It was then described two well-known and competent coin collectors Yuri Calvinism and Alexander by Taskinen and included in the directories. After that, the authenticity of the rarity, no one doubted.
    But how did this coin, and why almost 15 years after its release, it has not been known? The answer, according to numismatists, can be one – someone from workers of the mint issued a proof copy coins. Although in favor of the version of the owner says the fact that the obverse of the rarity, there are scratches and scuffs – this is an indication that the coin some time been in circulation.
    As for the cost, the owner estimated his find 500 thousand rubles. At an auction the coin was put up for sale for 400 thousand rubles, but buyers it was not found.

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