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The most expensive hotels in the world that wants to relax everyone


With the onset of summer comes and it's time of holidays. Most people plan their holidays in advance, choosing the place where to fly and which hotel to stay. Unfortunately, the income of the average worker is not allowed to stay at the premium hotels, where one night in the room, you can spend a fabulous amount of money. And can only dream about what it was like to vacation in the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world.

10. Burj al-Arab (Dubai),23 thousand and $

Dubai is a dream for many. It is difficult to find another place in the world, which for beauty surpassed that city. Thousands of people from all over the world dream to get into this story. And one of the most expensive hotels where you can stay is the Burj al-Arab. A room in this hotel will cost 23 thousand$. The building is located in the open sea at a distance of 270 metres from the shore. With the hotel connected by a bridge. Hall the apartment consists of two floors. On the first floor of boutiques and cafes, and upstairs are the rooms of the hotel.

9. The Connaught (London) 23.5 thousand $

Another five-star hotel, to spend the weekend in which can afford only very wealthy people. Stayed at the hotel even Queen Elizabeth II. The interiors of the rooms have been designed by renowned designers guy Oliver and David Collins. Is The Connaught in London Mayfair. Nearby is Hyde Park. Guests can relax on Spa treatments, restaurants headed by famous chefs and just enjoy the beautiful views of the British capital.

8. Atlantis Paradise Island Resort (Paradise island)25 thousand $

Truly, the king's apartments with a heavenly name. The hotel is located in the Bahamas. In the surroundings of a luxury hotel on the Islands is a lagoon pool, and casino gaming. On-site there is everything to spend your vacation. This is a Spa centre equipped courts for playing tennis, golfing, clubs, restaurants, gyms and swimming pools. You can also enjoy Hiking through the scenic Paradise island. For children there is children's clubs. For a room in a hotel will have to pay 25 thousand$ and go to Paradise.

7. Four Seasons (Manhattan)34 thousand $

Trendy Manhattan were always prestigious and expensive area. Here is one of the most expensive hotels in the world Four Seasons. The building belongs to the monuments of modern architecture, which was designed by architect Yu Ming Pei. Four Seasons is located near Central Park and Madison Avenue where you can walk and do shopping in the boutiques from designers from around the world. For this luxury, and hotel provided people are willing to pay for 34 thousand$.

6. Grand Resort Lagonissi (LAGONISSI Attica)35 thousand $

Greece has always been one of the main resort. Here you can relax not only the budget tourist, but to stay in the Royal hotel with expensive rooms and excellent service. The rooms offer beautiful views of the Saronic Gulf. It provides a restaurant with exquisite cuisine and unique Spa treatments. In addition guests can visit the restaurants with traditional Greek cuisine. You can also rent a yacht or a limousine. Nearby ancient Greek city with a rich history of Athens. You can reach it in 30-40 minutes. In this hotel you can feel the ancient Greek gods.

5. Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel (Cannes)37,5 thousand $

In 1929 began construction of one of the hotels, which is almost immediately after acquired the status of a five star. It a frequent stop for actors, musicians and celebrities. On-site restaurants with fine French cuisine and enjoy a glass of aromatic wine. Nearby the hotel are the Cannes kinoforum. The rooms are decorated in Art Deco style. By staying in a hotel room in Cannes, feel like a king. The hotel has several types of rooms, where every guest can enjoy the unique interiors and beautiful views of Cannes. The room rate is about 37.5 thousand$. this amount will have to pay to live in the Royal apartments.

4. Palms Casino Resort (Las Vegas)40 thousand $

What to do if you have a few extra tens of thousands of dollars? Right, to visit Las Vegas and stay at one of the most expensive hotels in the world. Here you can not only relax but also to play at the casino. The hotel's rooms have a Minibar and 42-inch plasma. On site you can visit the Spa centers, massage parlors, Turkish bath and fitness centre. You can dine in restaurants with unique cuisine. There are also 9 bars and restaurants featuring organic cuisine, unique cocktails, wine list and more. In the evening various entertainment shows. Stay in such a place will cost a round sum, but for the money offers a unique service and luxury accommodation.

3. Raj Palace (India) $60 thousand

The construction of the hotel dates back to 1727 in the heart of the ancient Indian city of Jaipur. Rooms in a luxury hotel Raj Palace is made according to the traditions of Indian interiors. The apartment is unique with antique furniture and crystal chandeliers. Many of the rooms decorated with furnishings of the Museum of the Royal family. Cosy and spacious rooms create a unique atmosphere of Indian luxury and tranquility. In this place you can relax not only the body but the soul. Among the amenities available for the guests spas, croquet, gym, swimming pool, puppet shows, restaurants and bars. The unique atmosphere of mysterious India and modern technology organically intertwined in Raj Palace. For$ 60 thousand offers unique accommodation, fine cuisine and the unique charm of India.

2. Hotel President Wilson (Geneva)83 thousand $

Costly all-Suite hotel is located on the coast of Geneva, 10 minutes from the beach. The hotel offers incredible views of lake Geneva, the slopes of the Alps and Mont Blanc. Hotel rooms are equipped with the latest technology. Spend the evening in the Japanese restaurant under the direction of Michel Roth, in addition to visit a restaurant with Lebanese cuisine. Guests can relax in the Spa centres, where guests can enjoy unique treatments that cannot be found in any hotel in the world. Beautiful places of Geneva, first-class service and a magical kitchen. The hotel accommodation is like a fairy tale and is over 83 thousand$.

1. Lovers Deep, British Submarine Hotel (Saint Lucia)150 thousand $

The most expensive in the world a room is available in beautiful St Lucia. The cost of staying in such a place 150 thousand$. Hotel room designed for two people and he is underwater in a real submarine. A trip on the submarine in the Caribbean so unique that it can only dream about. It offers the chef, maids, bar and Butler. The minimum period for which you can rent the hotel is 2 days. This holiday can be called the truth memorable and magical. A romantic journey on the waters of the Caribbean are impossible to ignore.

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