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Top 10 historical movies about the middle ages


The middle ages is rich in historical, bright events, which tried to reflect fully the films in their art works.
The article presents the best historical films about the middle ages.

10. Braveheart1995

"Braveheart" (1995) reveals ten of the best historical films about the middle ages. William Wallace – national hero of Scotland. A warrior at an early age lost his parents, are killed by the British. Later the British troops will take him and his beloved bride. This will be a turning point in the life of a hero who will rebel and will gather a huge army of supporters to fight against the hated British.

9. First knight1995

"First knight" (1995) one of the 10 most famous historical films about the middle ages. The story unfolds during the reign of king Arthur. Lancelot, a valiant knight and confidant of the king. By the will of fate he falls in love with the bride of Arthur and Guinevere. Before the knight has a difficult choice: love and betrayal or loyalty to the king and the renunciation of love. Breathtaking historical paintings and the forbidden passion of an ordinary knight to the Queen makes the film a dynamic and colorful.

8. Jeanne d'arc1999

"Jeanne d'arc"(1999) – picture about a historical figure who became a national heroine of France. The country is at multi-year war with England. Troops burst into a French village, destroy them, rape women and burn houses. The main character, a young girl, Jeanne predicts the destruction of his village and relatives. She wants revenge for the death of loved ones, so she asks the Dauphin Charles's army.

Brave girl gets a squad and inflicts a serious defeat on the enemy. Orleans released. Because of the treachery of compatriots, Jeanne falls into the hands of the British. The girl will basely deceived and myself will sign the verdict. Considered a heretic and burned at the stake. Historical drama was a huge success and is part of the best films about the middle ages.

7. A knight's tale2010

"A knight's tale" (2010) – a film about the brave imposter William, illegally appropriated to themselves the title of knight. After the death of his master, he takes away his armor and calls himself his name is Ulrich von Liechtenstein. Now he fights in tournaments in and out of each winner.

In the film, interwoven nobility and treacherous conspiracies, love and hate, lies and exposing. Pseudo brave knight will find his love and will find a friend in the person of Prince Edward of Wales. The picture is colorful and exciting. A strong story allows you to immerse themselves in medieval times. This is one of the best historical films of all time.

6. The lion in winter2003

"The lion in winter" (2003) is a historical drama, the center of which are the English king Henry II and his family. The time has come when for the king to name his successor. For this to Kingdom come wife of Henry Elionora, his three sons, the king's mistress Princess STE. The hatred and enmity reigns between competing for the throne. Each of them is ready to go on any meanness and cunning to get a Royal. The picture entering the screen was a huge success, and is one of the most popular films about the middle ages.

5. King Arthur2004

"King Arthur" (2004) is a historical picture that tells about the legendary king. The film combines historical facts and fictional stories about famous people. The plot revolves around Arthur and his faithful and loyal friends. The picture tells about the dangerous adventure of the king and his companions. They have a long and risky path. But the brave knights ready to overcome all difficulties to achieve your goal. The film received many positive reviews from viewers and is one of the best historical films.

4. The Golden age2007

"The Golden age" (2007), a film with Oscar, entered in the best historical paintings of the middle ages. Drama affects the time period in which to rule the throne of England Elizabeth I. the British government is at war with attacking Spain. Troubled times for the state is compounded by the protest of the people against the ruler. The crowd thinks Mary Stuart, worthy of the Royal throne.

On the background of the unfolding strife, there is a meeting of Elizabeth and Walter Raleigh. Between the pirate and the Queen tied a whirlwind romance. But the sweetness of love will not force to turn the woman off the track and lose power. The historical film is a sequel to the film "Elizabeth" which had no less success.

3. Robin hood2010

"Robin hood" (2010) – the historical picture of a legendary personality. Sagittarius Robin, after the death of king Richard, decides to return to Nottingham. Archer impersonating a dead knight of the king and marries his wife Lady Marion. From a brave hero he turns into a criminal. The new king is not pleased with the behavior of Robin. That, in turn, together with his lover Marion and associates goes to live in the forest. Estimated viewers, the painting of the middle ages included in the top 10 historical films.

2. The physician2013

"The physician" (2013) is the story of a boy, Robert Cole, who lost at an early age mother, who suffered not even open a medicine disease. Shaken by the death of his mother, Rob firmly decided for myself that as an adult, he will possess the medical profession. The boy has a long way to mastery, which is eager to learn. Meeting with the Barber, surgeon and part-time juggler, gives him the first knowledge and skills in medicine. Cole realizes that with the help of Barbera will not be a good doctor.

The boy learns about the great physician Avicenna, and goes to find him. Robert becomes a diligent pupil, reveals all his talents and abilities to healing. But not always a young man acts according to the laws of morality and society. The film received world-wide recognition, and is loved by many viewers. The film ranked among the best historical films about the middle ages.

1. Iron knight 22014

"The expendables 2" (2014) – received a higher rating than the first part of the picture. Historical film about the fight for freedom and life one of the 10 most successful historical films about the middle ages recently. The main character is a knight of England guy. The Kingdom of England suffered attacks from the Celts, who are merciless in battle.

They Rob the Royal possessions, and brutally slaughtered with all who come their way. For the sake of profit, they swept away everything in its path. Guy becomes the Savior and protector of the state. He will fight with the Celts for the salvation of loved ones and dear to him. The film turned out amazingly expressive and dynamic.

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