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The deepest canyons in the world


On Earth there are many places, affecting not only for its beauty and grandeur. One of the most amazing natural phenomena – canyons. Millions of years the river eroded the ground, forming a deep gorge. Over time, the river dried up, and left canyons. The deepest canyons in the world is not only the amazing beauty of the place, but also the unique ecosystems that live in them are rare birds and animals.

10. The Tara river canyon

The Tara river canyon in Montenegro is one of the most majestic creations of nature. Its depth is 1300 meters. Gorge along the river Tara – one of the main attractions of the country. Part of the canyon is part of the national Park Durmitor national Park. Its beauty, the canyon attracts many tourists. In the vicinity of the deepest in Europe, the gorge is the bridge đurđevića Tara Tara is another interesting attraction in Montenegro.

Canyon – a popular place for rafters. By the way, Tara is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. In winter, the gorge attracts skiers a variety of trails and good snow cover.

9. The Blyde river canyon

The Blyde river canyon located in South Africa ranks 9th in the list of the deepest canyons in the world. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the banks of the Blyde river covered with lush vegetation. This makes the canyon the largest existing in the world of green canyons. The maximum depth of the canyon is 1372 meters. Majestic canyon is one of the most amazing sights of Africa. Tourists enjoy visiting the canyon, the territory of which you can admire the fantastic African landscapes.

8. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the best known and largest canyons. Its depth is 1600 meters. He is located in Colorado, USA, in the eponymous national Park. Here are the reservations of three Indian tribes. The canyon formed by the Colorado river. The Grand Canyon is one of the most unusual and spectacular places.

Due to its singularity the Grand canyon carefully studied. He is among the most visited places every year to see the Grand Canyon attracts about 4 million people.

7. Copper canyon

Among the deepest canyons in the world part 6 gorges, called Copper canyon. It is located in Mexico, in the eponymous national Park. The maximum depth of the canyon is 1879 meters.

The name of the canyon has received from the Spaniards, who took overgrown with moss and lichen of the rock for copper ore. The canyons complex is a unique ecosystem. Here there are many rare species of animals and over 290 species of birds.

6. Sulak canyon

Sulak canyon ranks 6th in the list of the deepest canyons in the world. His depth of 1920 meters. It is located in Dagestan, between the mountain ranges Salatau and Gimrinsky. Sulak canyon – one of the most beautiful places in Dagestan, which is annually visited by many tourists. The plateau can enjoy a spectacular view of the Sulak river with a cascade of hydroelectric power plants.

Sulak canyon is not only one of the most beautiful sights of Dagestan. Due to the lack of the observation deck, fences and railing is at the top of the canyon is extremely dangerous.

5. Tiger leaping gorge

Tiger leaping gorge in China is one of the deepest canyons on Earth. Its unusual name of the canyon is bound to a local legend, according to which hunters running away from a tiger jumped across the turbulent river in its most narrow place. The depth of the canyon is 3000 meters. To obtain more accurate data about the canyon, stopping its inaccessibility.

4. Kolka

The fourth deepest canyon in the world – Colca. He, like the canyon Katusi, located in Peru. Its depth is 3400 meters. It is believed that the name of the canyon is translated as "grain barn". In ancient times, the tribe of the Incas, grown in the area of the crop – this is evidenced by the terraces that exist there to this day.

Canyon was formed by the activities of the two volcanoes: Sabancaya and Walka.

The canyon attracts not only tourists but also the rafters, fans of Cycling in mountainous terrain.

The Colca canyon is interesting not only for the beauty of the environment, but also because here you can watch the condors.

3. Katusi

One of the deepest canyons on Earth – canyon Katusi. Its depth is 3535 meters. It is located in Peru, between two mountain ranges: Soliman and Coropuna, and is formed by the river Katusi. To see the canyon is not so simple – it is remote from civilization places. Despite the inaccessibility, the canyon is very popular with tourists. Katusi located in the vicinity of underground hot springs and waterfalls. One of the biggest waterfalls, Sepia, with a height of 250 meters. In the vicinity of the canyon is home to several mountain villages, whose inhabitants are engaged in traditional crafts such as carpets and clothing made from Alpaca wool.

Visiting the canyon Katusi, you can not only admire the wonderful view from the observation deck, but also to engage in outdoor activities: kayaking, paragliding, climbing.

2. Kali Gandaki

On the 2nd place among the deepest canyons on Earth lies the canyon of Kali Gandaki. It is located in Nepal. In ancient times the river Kali Gandaki flowing through the Grand canyon was a pathway for the transport of goods between Tibet and India. Nowadays, the canyon is one of the attractions of Tibet.

The exact depth of the canyon remains controversial. If we assume its depth from the highest mountain peaks, it will be at least 6 kilometers.

1. Yarlung Zangbo

The deepest canyon on Earth is in Tibet, high in the Himalayas. The greatest depth of the Yarlung Zangbo canyon is 6009 meters. The Tsangpo river flowing in the Grand biggest gorge from the height of the canyon seems a small trickle. The river is popular with rafters, although the alloy it is considered extreme. The unique ecosystem of the canyon – lush vegetation is adjacent to snow-capped mountain peaks. These places are difficult to reach and therefore the flora and fauna preserved in its original form.

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