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Top 10 deepest lakes in the world


Lakes are water bodies formed in natural depressions of the earth's surface. Most of them contain fresh water, but there are lakes and salt water. Lakes contain more than 67% of all freshwater on the planet. Many of them are of enormous size and great depth. What are the deepest lakes in the world? We present to you ten of the deepest lakes of our planet.

10. Lake Buenos Aires590 m

This reservoir is located in South America, in the Andes, on the border of Argentina and Chile. This lake appeared due to the movement of glaciers, which created the basin of the reservoir. The maximum depth of the lake is 590 meters. The pond is located at a height of 217 metres above sea level. The lake is famous for its beauty and the famous marble caves, which annually attracts thousands of tourists. The lake has the purest water, it found a large number of fish.

9. Lake Matano590 m

The deepest lake in Indonesia and one of the most important sources of fresh water in the country. The maximum depth of the lake is 590 meters, it is located in the southern part of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The water of this lake are crystal clear and are home to hundreds of species of fish, plants and other living beings. On the shores of the lake are vast reserves of Nickel ore.

From lake Matano river flows Patea, which carries its waters into the Pacific ocean.

8. The crater lake is592 m

It is the largest lake in the United States. Is of volcanic origin and is located in the eponymous national Park, located in the state of Oregon. The maximum depth Kreiter is 592 meters, it is located in the crater of an extinct volcano and you'll be inconceivable beauty. The lake is fed by rivers that originate in mountain glaciers, so the water Kreiter differs amazing purity and transparency. Here the purest water in North America.

The local Indians are folded about the lake, a large number of myths and legends, all of them beautiful and poetic.

7. Great Slave lake is614 m

Located in the North-Western part of Canada and has an area of over 11 thousand square miles. It is the deepest lake in North America, its maximum depth is 614 meters. Great Slave lake is in the Northern hemisphere and almost eight months of the year iced up. In winter the ice is so strong that it is easily transported heavy-duty trucks.

There is a legend that in this lake lives a strange creature, very reminiscent of a dragon. Many witnesses saw it, but science is evidence for the existence of mysterious creatures have not yet found. In the middle of the last century in the vicinity of the lake were found gold reserves. The lake shore is very picturesque.

6. Lake Issyk-Kul704 m

This mountain lake which is located in Kyrgyzstan. The water in the salt pond, its maximum depth of 704 m and the average depth of the lake is more than three hundred meters. Thanks to the salty water of the Issyk-Kul lake does not freeze even in the most severe winter. With the lake linked to a very interesting legend.

According to archaeologists several thousand years ago on the site of the lake was very advanced ancient civilization. From the Issyk-Kul does not follow any river.

5. Lake Malawi (Nyasa)706 m

On the fifth place among the deepest lakes in the world is another African reservoir. It is also formed on the stress fracture of the earth's crust, and has a maximum depth of 706 meters.

This lake is located on the territory of three African countries: Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique. Due to the high temperature of the water in the lake is home to the largest number of species of fish on Earth. Fish of lake Malawi have been among the inhabitants of the aquarium. The water is crystal clear and attracts a huge number of diving enthusiasts.

4. Lake San Martin836 m

Located on the border of the two South American countries: Chile and Argentina. Its maximum depth is 836 meters. It is the deepest lake not only South but North America. In lake San Martin empties a lot of small rivers, it implies the Pascua river, which carries its waters into the Pacific ocean.

3. The Caspian sea is1025 m

On the third place of our list is the lake, which is called the sea. The Caspian sea is the largest enclosed body of water on our planet. It has salt water and is located between the southern borders of Russia and North of Iran. The maximum depth of the Caspian sea is 1025 meters. Its water also washes the shores of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. In the Caspian sea flows into more than one hundred rivers, the largest of which is the Volga.

The natural world of the pond is very rich. It is home to very valuable fish species. On the shelf of the Caspian sea explored a large number of minerals. There is a lot of oil and natural gas.

2. Lake Tanganyika1,470 m

This lake is located almost in the center of the African continent and is considered the second deepest lake in the world and the deepest in Africa. It was formed on the site of an ancient crustal rift. The maximum water depth is 1470 meters. Tanganyika is located on the territory of four African countries: Zambia, Burundi, DR Congo and Tanzania.

This reservoir is considered to be the longest lake in the world, its length is 670 miles. The natural world of the lake is very rich and interesting: it is home to crocodiles, hippos and a huge number of unique fish. Tanganyika plays a huge role in the economies of all States on whose territory it is located.

1. Lake Baikal is1642 m

It is the deepest on Earth is freshwater lake. Also, it is one of the largest bodies of freshwater on the planet. Its maximum depth is 1642 meters. The average depth of the lake is over seven hundred meters.

The origin of lake Baikal

Lake Baikal was formed at the place of rupture of the crust (so many lakes with a large depth are of similar origin).

Lake Baikal is located in the Eastern part of Eurasia, near the Russian-Mongolian border. This lake is the second largest volume of water and contains 20% of all freshwater available on our planet.

This lake has a unique ecosystem here 1700 species of plants and animals, a large part of them is endemic. Baikal annually attracts thousands of tourists is a real pearl of Siberia. The locals consider sacred Baikal lake. Are regularly collected shamans from all over East Asia. Baikal is connected with numerous myths and legends.

. Lake East1200 m

We should also mention the unique lake Vostok, located in Antarctica, not far from the Russian polar station. This lake covered nearly four-kilometer-thick ice, and its estimated depth is 1200 meters. This amazing body of water was discovered only in 1996, and while little is know about it.

Scientists believe that the temperature of the water in lake Vostok is -3 °C, but in spite of this, water does not freeze because of the huge pressure that exerts the ice. Still it remains a mystery whether there is life in this gloomy world of ice. In 2012, scientists were able to drill the ice and reach the surface of the lake. These studies can give a lot of new information about what was our planet hundreds of thousands years ago.

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