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Top 10 yogurt makers


Yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir, fermented baked milk is not only delicious but also very healthy dairy products for health. Home cooked they taste better and more useful double. To prepare the yogurt, cheese, fermented baked milk or yogurt without adding any synthetic substances, and most importantly on the basis of the favorite ingredients helps the yogurt maker.

The top 10 includes the best of the yogurt maker, which is located below.

10. DEX DYM-108

DEX DYM-108 opens top 10 best yogurt makers for making delicious dairy products. The device has a stylish design and small size that allows it nice and compact look to any kitchen. To use the device absolutely not difficult and very convenient. The model consists of a housing with a heating element that maintains the ideal temperature for the development of lactic acid bacteria, six plastic cups, as well as sealed cover. The model DEX DYM-108 also has a tray for making cheese. In addition, the set includes a small tray for the cups, through which capacity it is convenient to remove from the yogurt maker. In a single cooking process it is possible to obtain about a liter a useful fermented milk product.

9. Binatone ym 80

Binatone ym 80 occupies the ninth position in the list of the best yogurt makers. Stylish and functional design and rich features — that offers consumers this model. Kitchen electric appliance is supplied with eight glass jars 180 ml with brightly colored lids with a marker for setting a date. On the body of the phone has a large LCD display, next to which are the control keys.

8. Oursson FE2103D

Oursson FE2103D included in the list of the best yogurt makers for delicious home-made dairy products. The model is equipped with a ceramic vessel with a volume of 2 liters, a user manual and a recipe book. The device itself is made of glossy plastic. It is located inside a groove, which prevents "hanging out" ceramic pitcher. The interface apparatus has a small display and four control keys. The first button is responsible for switch on/off, the second decrease in the period of preparation, the third for a longer period of cooking and for the fourth mode selection for the necessary prescription. Oursson FE2103D timer adjustable from 0 to 48 hours.

7. Maxima MYM-0154

Maxima MYM-0154 is the seventh in the list of the best yogurt makers. Compared to other similar devices model stands out for its size and relatively low cost. It is equipped with four portion cups 180 ml. the Unit has a power indicator and work. On completion of cooking the product smart machine will alert with a sound signal, and then automatically shuts down.

6. Smaile MK 3001

Smaile MK 3001 is one of the best yogurt makers for making fermented milk products. The model is made in litova design: calm white and pink color, smooth shapes and small size, so it will be comfortable to look great at any corner of the kitchen. The body of the device, as the lid is made of plastic. Inside is the plastic capacity of 1 liter, which is cooking yogurt, and other milk-made dairy products. The device is very simple and is done using the controller, which allows you to set the desired cooking time. In addition, included with the device is branded spoon of quality plastic pink.

5. Brand 4001

Brand 4001 is included in the rating of the best yogurt makers for making healthy milk products. The setup has seven bottles of 250 ml that can be securely fixed inside the device and not to touch each other. Yogurt can be prepared as individual portions in cups and in capacity to 3.5 litres. The device is equipped with LCD display and timer that allows you to control cooking. On lids of containers there is a special token with numbers that allows to set the desired date. 4001 Brand also comes with a recipe book.

4. Moulinex YG230 Yogurteo

Yogurteo Moulinex YG230 — practical and high-quality yogurt maker. In addition to the device itself, the kit includes seven bottles for 140 ml, Cup, lid and user manual. This model received a very nice, neutral and practical design. White glossy plastic case not only looks stylish, but will allow the device to successfully fit in nearly any kitchen. On plastic lids glass jars set the token expiry date by which you can easily control the freshness of the prepared yoghurt. Capacity for the product is stored in a special container with a lid. The build quality is excellent, and the unit itself will last a very long time. On the front side Yogurteo Moulinex YG230 is a small display with blue backlight and on its sides there are two buttons and a timer. Using the timer you can easily control the cooking yogurt. At the end of the cooking apparatus itself will turn off automatically. A nice bonus of this model is a collection of recipes that is included in the user manual.

3. Redmond RYM-M5401

Redmond RYMM5401 opens the three of the best yogurt makers today. The model is eight glass cups, each of which has a lid with a marker the date by which the shelf life of fermented milk product can be tracked. To operate this device is very simple: on the panel there is a display with two buttons "on/off" and "timer". The screen displays information about how much time is left before cooking.

2. Vitek VT-2602

Vitek VT-2602 is located on the second place in the ranking of the best yogurt makers. Includes six glass jars for 165 ml and four containers of 500 ml each. The device is suitable for making yogurt and cheese at home. Next to an intuitive display there are the buttons "enable/disable" and a timer that allows to control the cooking time. At the expiration of the period of cooking, the appliance switches off automatically.

1. Tefal YG 6528

Tefal YG 6528 — the best yogurt maker available on the market today. The package includes twelve glass cups that can also be used for making cottage cheese at home, thanks to the special grilles, available in every capacity. In addition to the cottage cheese and yogurt, you can prepare dessert. Next to the display are control buttons, allowing you to select the desired mode. The model is compact, practical and very easy to manage.

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