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The most famous paintings by Aivazovsky


Aivazovsky said that the sea is his life. The artist considered that, having lived three hundred years, he would still see even after all that time at sea something new. Not one Aivazovsky gave life to the sea, but only he was able to give myself completely to this magical element. Love of the sea and talent allowed him to capture all the beauty of the sea. Over a lifetime, Aivazovsky, just imagine drew the order of six thousand paintings, most of which depicted the sea. In this article, we will discuss the most famous paintings by Aivazovsky, but rather ten of them, as six thousand in one article is impossible to describe.

10. Storm on the sea at night

Opens Top 10 most famous paintings of Aivazovsky's painting "Storm on the sea of night." The picture was an example of emotional painting, which vividly and in detail reflects the character of the marine element, and shows its temperament. The picture can be called a living creature, which is heavily raging in the vast expanse of sea. Palette "Storm on the sea by night" is striking, first of all, a combination of Golden and dark shades. The night the moon covers the waves of the sea, as it were, "trembling in gold." The vehicle presents like a stranger among the sea of beauty.

9. Bay of Koktebel

"Sea. Koktebel", "Sea. Bay of Koktebel or Koktebel Bay" – one of the most beautiful of paintings, with which were associated the best years of his childhood. The painting depicts his homeland – Feodosia. Here he spent his childhood. Art lovers say that in writing this picture, Aivazovsky achieved true skill "seascape". In the film, the author successfully combined pink, orange and purple colors, which allowed us to make a unique pattern of heat coming from the Black sea, which it emits to this day.

8. Rainbow

Equally famous Aivazovsky's painting is the painting "rainbow", which is currently kept in the Tretyakov gallery. The picture drawn by the storm and people trying to escape from the power of the sea. Aivazovskaya brings the viewer into the epicenter of a powerful hurricane that wouldn't stop. But still, at the last moment a rainbow – it is to be hope for the sailors trying desperately to survive.

7. Sunset on the sea

One of the most famous paintings of Aivazovsky seascape – "Sunset at sea", now kept in the city of Kostroma in the Kostroma art Museum. The artist's skill was evaluated by Tretyakov and Stasov. First of all, the painting attracted the living movement of nature, which the author was able to show, portraying the vastness of the sky and sea. Attention rushes to the infinite variability of forms of the sea surface. Where the picture shows calm calm, and somewhere- the raging elements. The steamer seems to be a stranger among wild marine nature.

6. Sea battle at Navarino

Aivazovsky painted not only the "peace of the Marina", but liked to portray battle scenes of key naval battles. One of these works became known Aivazovsky painting – "Sea battle of Navarino". The powerful Russian Navy along with its allies in the battle against the Turkish fleet, which in the end was utterly defeated. The victory over the Turkish fleet has accelerated the development of the national liberation war in Greece and was struck by Aivazovsky. Hearing the exploits of the author embodied the fight on the canvas. The film shows the cruelty of the sea battles: boarding, volleys of artillery naval guns, debris, drowning sailors and fire.

5. Sinking ship

Among the most famous of paintings, the "Sinking ship" is one of the most tragic works, because it shows the destruction of a sailing ship that can't hold onto all the power of the sea. Shipwreck transferred in such detail that compels any audience to worry about the crew of the unfortunate ship. A small ship is unable to resist such a large and powerful waves. Aivazovsky when writing the special attention was paid to the details. To see them, you should look at the picture for hours and only then you can feel the pain of the ship and the sailors fighting to the death.

4. The Bay of Naples

While traveling in Italy, Aivazovsky wrote one of his most famous paintings, "Bay of Naples". Europe was so impressed by the skill of the Russian author that named him one of the best artists in all of Europe. King Ferdinand and Carl Pope Gregory XVI personally expressed a desire to see a picture of the Russian author. After seeing this, they were amazed at the skill of Michelangelo and the Pope presented him with a gold medal. During the painting Aivazovsky finally decided as a marine painter, who uses techniques of creating paintings from memory.

3. Brig "Mercury

One of the most famous and at the same time, the most battle of paintings is the painting "Brig "mercury" attacked by two Turkish ships". In painting the battle of "mercury" against two Turkish ships of the line, which occurred in 1829, at the shores of the Bosphorus. Despite the advantage of the enemy in guns – ten times, brig emerged victorious and inspired Aivazovsky to write the picture, which immortalized the memory of Russian sailors. Now the picture is to be deposited in Feodosia art gallery of Ivan Aivazovsky.

2. View of Constantinople and Bosphorus Gulf

"View of Constantinople and the Bosporus Gulf". During his travels in the Ottoman Empire, Aivazovsky liked the great city and its ports have not paid attention to the author himself Bosphorus.

After returning home, Aivazovsky painted a picture, which in 2012 was estimated at more than three million pounds or 155 million Russian roubles. The painting depicts details the port of Constantinople, a mosque, the Turkish ships, the sun, which is about ready to hide behind the horizon, but most of all attracts blue water surface and allows the cloth to be called one of the most famous of paintings.

1. The ninth VA

Without a doubt, the most famous Aivazovsky's painting was the painting "the Ninth wave". At the moment the picture to be stored in the Russian Museum. Art lovers say that in this picture the most detailed transferred to the romantic nature of a great artist. The author shows that had to endure the sailors after the wreck of their ship by the power of the sea. Bright colors Aivazovsky portrayed the power and strength of not only the sea but also the power of the people who managed to overcome it and survive.

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