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The most famous paintings of Claude Monet


Even far from the art world person at least once in their life heard the name of the French artist Claude Monet. He went from poverty and persecution to the world the genius of impressionism. The most famous paintings of Claude Monet are stored in the world's best museums, art galleries and private collections. The cost of some of his works reaches more than 40 million dollars.

10. Field of poppies at Argentia

"Field of poppies at Argentia", written in 1873, is one of the most famous paintings of Claude Monet.

It depicts the wife and son of the artist. They go to the viewer through the tall grass dotted with bright poppies. On top of the hill Monet painted two more people joined all four figures barely visible in the grass by the path.

This is interesting: in his youth Monet was not going to connect his future life with the painting. If not for meeting future artist eugène Boudin who became his mentor, the world has lost the founder of a new movement in painting.

9. The terrace at Sainte-Address

The most famous paintings by Claude Monet is "the terrace at Sainte-Adresse", written in 1867. This is one of the early masterpieces of the artist. The picture reflects one of the aspects of the artist's life. Monet due to financial problems had to return home. The canvas depicts the artist and his father – they sit in chairs. A little further is a cousin of Monet with someone unknown.

The painting was done in the period when the artist was not yet fond of impressionism – it is characterized by precise composition and meticulous depiction of details.

The picture can be seen in the new York Metropolitan Museum.

This is interesting: Monet started earning pocket money at the age of 14, drawing caricatures. His paintings enjoyed enormous popularity among local residents.

8. Breakfast on the grass

Perhaps one of the most famous paintings is Claude Monet's "luncheon on the grass". It was written in 1866 and is now in the Pushkin Museum. Of A. S. Pushkin.

The story of the creation this masterpiece is very interesting. In 1895, at Chailly artist began work on a large painting, but the finished version he didn't like, and Manet went to Paris, leaving the canvas to the landlord, which the artist took in as collateral. When he returned to Chailly, he discovered that the painting suffered from neglect. To save her, Manet cut the canvas into three parts. A year later, returning to Chailly, he wrote a smaller copy of the big picture.

This is interesting: before meeting with his future mentor, eugène Boudin, Monet hated it. The reason was a marine landscape artist, Monet was considered disgusting. Boudin taught him to understand and love nature.

7. Water lilies

"Water lilies", painted by the artist in 1916 and became one of the most famous paintings of Claude Monet. Now the canvas is in the National Museum of Western art in Tokyo.

Since 1905 and until the end of life the main theme of the artists began painting the water lilies, or water lilies. The painting "water Lilies" were part of a series of magnificent water landscape artist. It is noteworthy that he wrote of Monet's paintings from memory, as time of flowering water lilies are limited in time. Besides the artist's sight all the more worse, and he could not work with the same speed.

This is interesting: one of the most expensive paintings, "Pond with water lilies", written in 1919, was sold at Christie's auction in 2008 for $ 80 million.

6. Impression. Sunrise

The most famous Claude Monet paintings include "Impression. Sunrise" – the famous painting that gave name to impressionism. The painting depicts a morning in the port of Le Havre. In the misty dawn of barely visible boats in the harbour. Bright orange sun rising above the port, is contrary to the General gloomy mood of the painting. First the audience did not appreciate the painting and found his unfinished work.

This is interesting: after undergoing surgery on the eyes of the artist began to see new colors. This happened due to the replacement of the lens in the left eye. His paintings changed – they got new, unusual color.

5. The lady with the umbrella

"Lady with umbrella", written in 1886, is one of the most famous paintings of Claude Monet. It depicts Camille, Danse, the artist's first wife, and their eldest son, Jean. A woman holding a parasol, like he feels someone's gaze. The painting belongs to the early period of Monet's work is evident from the fact that he was more focused on the transmission of light and color, and less attention was paid to the clarity of the lines.

This is interesting: the paintings of the artist has become the object of attention of criminals. In 2012, the number stolen from the Rotterdam Museum of paintings was a painting by Monet "Waterloo Bridge". According to law enforcement, all the stolen paintings were burned by criminals.

4. Manport

In the new York Metropolitan Museum of art is one of the best paintings by Claude Monet "Manport", written in 1883. It depicts the majestic chalk cliffs on the coast of Normandy, near Etretat. The artist came here for three consecutive years and created about 60 paintings.

This is interesting: the first known painting was a portrait of his future wife Camille, Danse.

3. Water lilies

"Water lilies", created in 1905, became one of the most expensive and famous paintings of Monet. In 1915 the work of the great impressionist was sold for 54 million dollars. To purchase her an unknown collector pattern was not present for more than 70 years because he was in a private collection.

This is interesting: a new movement in art, impressionism got its name from the painting of Claude Monet "Impression. Rising sun". It is noteworthy that the artist came up with the name for the product at the last moment, preparing a picture to the first impressionist exhibition.

2. Lady with a parasol turned to the left

Written in 1866 painting "woman with an umbrella turned to the left" is among the most famous paintings of Claude Monet. The painting depicts each of the artist's daughter Suzanne. The canvas features a vibrant style of writing, the woman depicted in it – a striking pose.

This is interesting: most of the paintings of Monet depicted his wife and model, Camille Danse. She died at the age of 32, presumably because of tuberculosis.

1. Women in the garden

One of the most famous works of Claude Monet – painting "Woman in garden", written in 1866. The painting is distinguished by its large size, and the artist had to work with him, digging a pit in the garden and lowered it to the canvas. It is noteworthy that the only model for the four depicted in the painting the women was Camille, Monet's future wife.

This is interesting: Monet is among the three most expensive artists in the world.

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