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The most famous of Picasso


Pablo Picasso – a recognized genius of the 20th century, his paintings are recognizable, and the style is difficult to confuse with other artists. One of the favourite themes in the artist's work is the circus and its characters. Master used to say that the true painters is Rembrandt, Giotto, and he's just a clown. The most famous Picasso paintings are sold for huge money, but the artist himself considered painting something like a personal diary. During his long, almost a century, the life he never ceased to create.

10. Balloon girl

"Girl on the ball", written in 1905, one of the most legendary paintings of Picasso, refers to the beginning of the pink period of the artist, coinciding with his move to Paris. In the wizard, come new shades: light pink, red, grayish, pearl, air, what distinguishes the new from the previous period (blue). Mood also changed: if earlier topics were chosen sad, troubled, now appear a simple explanation of joy and delight from life. The painting "Girl on the ball" is built on contrasts: lightness, femininity, flexibility, grace acrobats on the balloon against resistance, hardness, masculinity athlete in Cuba. Both artists opposed the background: girl at any time get away with the ball or moves it farther in that time, a sad landscape with a lonely horse will not change for a very long time, maybe ever.

9. The absinthe drinker

"The absinthe drinker" — one of the most acclaimed paintings of Picasso was written in 1901, its theme has become a favorite beverage trendy Bohemian – absinthe. Though this creation is very painful, not to mention perfectly matched color palette: contrasting color to Express the inner struggle of the heroine, her struggle with the outside world, the contradictions, the difficulties encountered on the way. From the image of the painting emanates the loneliness and abandonment issues, he is angular, like broken, posture stiff, and too much right hand if shuts a woman off from the world, looking for solitude, protection. And only a light sarcastic smile on the lips of the character tells us that this lady is still alive.

8. Les demoiselles d'avignon

"Les demoiselles d'avignon", painted in 1907, the painting belongs to the most typical examples of cubism. It would seem, cubism it is not appropriate where it is necessary to represent flexible female body, but Picasso manages to make it so that no dissonance when looking at the canvas is not felt. Despite the fact that the knees, face, chest girls depicted angular, we understand that we have before us prostitutes. The prototype became a real girl from a brothel in Avignon quarter in Barcelona. Initially the picture was supposed to present even other images personifying death, but later the artist left only images of women and fruit as a symbol of fertility. Here the challenge lies not in the subject, not what is depicted, and in the form, how it is depicted.

7. Three musicians

Well-known Picasso's "Three musicians" is written in the style of cubism. In fool's garments represented not just the musicians, the artist symbolically portrayed Guillaume Apollinaire clarinet, max Jacob with accordion and himself on violin. Heroes like pasted on the canvas separately from each other and the contours of their bodies like moving in space, giving the image depth, and dynamism. Despite the apparent simplicity, the similarity with applique and a small palette of colors, the picture, of course, is an outstanding work of art.

6. Blue Nude

Blue Nude — this pattern can be attributed to the most well-known canvases by Picasso, despite the fact that it is one of the earliest of his paintings (1902). Blue Nude, as you can easily guess from the title and one look at her, refers to the blue period of the master. It is difficult to say what I wanted to convey with this work the author wanted it at all: the figure of a woman in the fetal position sitting to the viewer. Only by color and position can be caught a hint of desperation, of despair, of loneliness, of nakedness, not only literally but figuratively.

5. Dora Maar with a cat

"Dora Maar with cat". The artist Dora Maar has developed a vibrant, passionate relationship for ten years, she was his Muse repeatedly. The Douro can not be called tender and delicate, her femininity is mystery, power, of extraordinary energy. The energy splashed the artist on this, perhaps, the most recognizable painting by Picasso. The lady with the hat and the sharp blue nails involuntarily evokes associations with the felines and smells of independence, rebellious nature. The person represented simultaneously in profile and full face with a deformed nose, mouth and eyes cannot be called beautiful, but hard to forget. A picture of a little black cat on the woman's shoulder only emphasizes the brightness of nature, a certain aggressiveness of Dora Maar.

4. Seated woman. Maria Teresa Walter

"Seated woman. Maria Teresa Walter" is one of the most famous paintings inspired by Picasso's other Muse, Maria Teresa Walter. The female figure occupies almost the entire canvas, its shape is bulky, rough and angular. Face Nude woman expresses a deep reverie. Picasso aims to show the diversity of female character, while deliberately forgetting about the anatomy and realism of the human body.

3. Guernica

"Guernica" is almost the most recognizable painting by Picasso, mainly because of the political meaning. This canvas master not only speaks a word against the Nazi bombing of Guernica (Spain) during the civil war, but also portrays the image of war in General, with all the tragedies and suffering. Canvas emanates from the physical pain, sense of loss, destruction, death. Despite the sketchiness of images of people, each of them endowed with a strong emotion.

2. Girl before a mirror

"Girl before a mirror" — another very popular work by Picasso inspired by the familiar Maria Teresa Walter. The main idea of the picture – the girl sees in the mirror is not entirely reflected, and beyond, different. Bright contrasting colors highlight the ambiguity of nature. Maria Teresa was like seeing in a mirror his true nature, deformed, distorted, painted in bright shades, finds new facets of herself.

1. The old guitarist

"The old guitarist". The most recognizable works by Picasso – mostly those that are written in blue period art. This picture is the clearest example. The inspiration for it was the suicide of a friend of the painter, Carlos Casagemas. Cool blue color expresses sadness, frustration, withdrawal, the figure of the guitarist rounded and tight, wraps her big brown guitar. The tool size and the color is symbolic, saying that music is the way to escape from the cruel world and to forget about poverty, and even blindness.

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