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The most famous paintings of Russian artists


Art for several centuries, considered as one of the most precious treasures of human culture. Paintings by famous artists become a state treasure that should be vigilant of thousands of specialists, and they cost hundreds of millions of dollars. In our country art is valued much less, but everyone is perhaps familiar with the following the most famous paintings of Russian artists. It is about them necessarily know of any educated person.

10. The appearance of Christ to the peopleAlexander Ivanov

"The appearance of Christ to the people" it opens the top most famous paintings of Russian artists. Russian artist Alexander Ivanov famous painting "the appearance of Christ to the people", which drew as many as twenty years. The dimensions of the painting are striking as her detail. Inspired by the author, of course, stories from the Bible, and it was not the first artist's work on religious themes – Ivanov knew that everyone liked in the first picture and realized again – for the last time. The picture was called by contemporaries not just stunning, but the most important event in their lives. Ironically, Ivanov died on the same day, and the king bought the painting immediately after the author's death.

9. The unequal marriageVasily Pukirev

One of the most famous paintings of Russian artists is considered to be incredibly deep in meaning painting by Vasily Pukirev "Unequal marriage". Pukirev – unremarkable villager, who was famous for only one picture – all the other works of the author were forgotten. Why "the Unequal marriage"? The painting describes the story of the life of the Pukirev – he's even depicted on the painting itself. Young Pukirev standing in the background with arms crossed, unable to do anything, because his fiancée marries an old General. Kostomarov himself, seeing the painting, and took to wife a young girl.

8. The rooks have returnedAleksey Savrasov

"Rooks have arrived" – the most famous painting by Russian artist Alexei Savrasov. The popularity of the film received during its first exhibition, which appreciated its realism and sincerity. "These landscapes is only in "Rooks"," – said about the picture Savrasov. Interesting, but a Church that is in the background, there is in the same form to this day. In the same village famous Susanin made the feat.

7. The hunters at restVasily Perov

The author of the painting "Hunters at rest" is the famous author Vasily Grigorievich Perov. Now this one of the most famous paintings of Russian artists know everything, and in the nineteenth century, many spoke as unsuccessful. There were those who admired the work of Perov. First of all, a work admired great classic Dostoevsky. Some have criticized the painting for unreliability, because Perov painted hunters with their friends, who was unfamiliar with this type of studies.

6. Three bogatyrsViktor Vasnetsov

Viktor Vasnetsov created one of the most famous paintings among Russian composers – "the Three heroes". Vasnetsov said that he was inspired by gnarled oak trees – he was amazed by their power, and the heroes he later just appeared in a dream. The painting depicts well-known characters of Russian folk tales. In the center painted Ilya Muromets, in the hand a spear, left – Dobrynya Nikitich, takes sword from its scabbard, and the right – Alyosha Popovich with the bow and arrow. It is known that Alyosha the artist painted with son Mamontov's estate and hung the picture. And the rest of the heroes are similar to the family members of the Vasnetsov.

5. Girl with peaches byValentin Serov

Valentin Alexandrovich Serov, unlike the previous authors, after the painting "Girl with peaches", has become one of the most important artists in the Empire. The picture so impressed the public, and even the Royal family that she turned to the author with the purchase of several paintings required to decorate the Royal palaces. "Girl with peaches" honored is among the Top most famous paintings of Russian artists, thanks to the joy that radiates girl. Critics called the picture "alive". But imagine, as was the girl who had to pose for Valentin Serov, and he's not the only one who put this young lady on his canvases.

4. Barge haulers on the VolgaIlya Efimovich

Ilya Efimovich – a native of Ukraine, in childhood, had never seen large ships, boatmen and especially of the Volga. For the first time E. saw the boatmen on the Neva river, where he formed a plot for a future masterpiece. Now "the Volga boatmen" is one of the most significant works of Russian artists, which honored is in the top 10. The picture is not once described the great literary figures, including Dostoevsky himself. To paint a picture "barge haulers on the Volga" it took me only 200 rubles for the trip. Then it was sold for only 3000 rubles Vladimir Alexandrovich – a great Russian Prince. Now picture legacy of Russian culture and its value cannot be assessed.

3. Boyarynya MorozovaVasily Surikov

"Boyar Morozova" Russian author Vasily Surikov is one of the most important exhibits of the Tretyakov gallery and at the same time, one of the most famous paintings of Russian artists. The picture is large, and visitors marvel at how well detailed life on such a big canvas. The Tretyakov gallery acquired the painting for only 25 thousand rubles – money, of course, great for the XIX century, but now its value cannot be overstated. Interestingly, the purchase of the painting was a risk for the gallery, because the majority did not take the painting.

2. StrangerIvan Kramskoy

The second most famous painting by Russian artists is considered as a mysterious "Stranger" by Ivan Kramskoy. On a small canvas depicts a young woman dressed in expensive and most fashionable clothing of the late nineteenth century. Someone says that the painting depicts Anna Karenina, and some even believe that the "Stranger" brings great misfortune to anyone who will look her in the eye. "Unknown" is the most famous painting of all the works of archaeology, and the world still doesn't know who the artist is drawing a picture. The author himself mentioned nothing.

1. Morning in a pine forestIvan Shishkin

"Morning in a pine forest". Ivan Shishkin artist, who in the Academy said that there will be a landscape painter, painted the famous painting "Morning in a pine forest". Even little children know about the painting, but they call it "bears", as they are depicted on the chocolate candy of the same name. Among the Russian artists painting "Morning in a pine forest" Shishkin – the most recognizable and frequently criticized the lack of realism. The most annoying mind why the three bears, because the bear is rarely the offspring. The popularity of the painting is found thanks to the fabulously beautiful forest landscape with the addition of the story of animalism, that is the bear family.

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