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Top 10 books that should be read by anyone


Books have an incredible power of persuasion and human exposure. They make never give up, to believe in love, hope for the best, learn to understand other people, help to recall his childhood, and make the world a better place.

Despite the fact that each person has their own preferences, there are top 10 books that everybody should read. This work, which in his time a great influence on the development of culture. Believe me, your attitude to the world will never be the same after meeting these amazing books.

We should note in advance that the work is in the ranking at random. They are all worthy to take a leading place in the list, and each of these books has a loyal readership. Therefore, the distribution of places in the top 10 literary works that are worth reading will be a mere Convention.

10. Gabriel Garcia Marquez "one Hundred years of solitude"

A great novel of the Colombian writer, was created in the genre of mystical realism. The main theme of this book is loneliness. 20 chapters of the book tell the story of seven generations of the Buendia family and the village of Macondo.

9. Saint Exupery "the Little Prince"

A unique book that should be read by everyone, and it does not matter an adult or a child. Its main premise – all people were once children, but remember that only few. Not to forget the meaning of childhood, friendship and responsibility for someone who trusted you, you need at least occasionally to re-read this book. Illustrations created by the author and are an important part of the work.

8. N. In. Gogol "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka"

It seems incredible that this work, written with subtle humor, created by the author of "Dead souls". Eight stories, supposedly collected by "beekeeper Panko", tell the reader about the amazing events that occurred in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Even in the times of Gogol, his first literary experience was enthusiastically accepted by Pushkin and other famous writers. In our time, the book is among the best works, and a must-read for anyone who appreciates and loves Russian classical literature.

7. Mikhail Bulgakov "Master and Margarita"

The writer created works of genius, but the crown of his creation was the novel "Master and Margarita". This is a book with a difficult fate, literally endured by the writer and completed them shortly before his death. Bulgakov had three times started working on it. The first version of the manuscript was destroyed in 1930. The novel is a mix of genres: satire, mystery, parable, fantasy, drama. The author never saw his book published – a brilliant creation of the wizard was released only in 1966.

"The master and Margarita" is a deeply philosophical book that raises difficult moral and religious questions. It has one peculiarity – is the book you need to grow. The novel may not like at first reading, but if you return to it later, it is impossible to put down.

The interweaving stories of many people and interference in the fate of the characters of all mystic power, worthy to enter the top 10 books that everybody should read.

6. Ray Bradbury "451 degrees Fahrenheit"

Guy Montag, a fireman hereditary, continues the work of his family. But if his ancestors were extinguished and the house saved people, it is the burning of books. The consumer society in which he lives the main character, does not need books because they can get people to think about life. They have become a major threat to the well being of the state. But one day, on the next call, the guy could not resist and hid one book. It turned his world. Frustrated in the same ideals, he becomes an outcast, trying to rescue books that are worth to be read by everyone.

5. Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland"

Often books written exclusively for children, adults Board works. Carroll, a mathematician and quite a serious man, wrote a tale about a girl who because of his curiosity fell into the rabbit hole and found themselves in a strange country, where at any moment to grow and shrink, talking animals, playing cards come to life and smiling a Cheshire cat. This is the best book created in the genre of the absurd, and is just Packed full of riddles, allusions and jokes. Reading it, I feel the main character that with every step the beautiful country reveals something new and surprising.

4. John. Austen's "Pride and prejudice"

There was a place in the top 10 books that are worth reading, and women's affair. This is the story of the complex relationship of Mr. Darcy, a wealthy gentleman, and girls from families with modest incomes Elizabeth Bennet. Their first meeting was disastrous – a young man told a friend that the girl he was not interested in. The pride of Elizabeth, who overheard this conversation was piqued, and she came to extreme dislike of Darcy. But the case brings them again and again, and Elizabeth's gradually changing attitude. This is a book about a strong, independent woman, which itself makes important decisions and boldly expressed his opinion.

3. JK Rowling's "Harry Potter"

Top books is impossible without a series of novels about a boy who learns that his dead parents were wizards and he is invited to study at the best school for young wizards. The story of Harry Potter has received incredible popularity, and its author, then unknown J. K. Rowling became one of the best writers of our time.

2. John. R. R. Tolkien trilogy "the Lord of the rings"

The most famous book that everyone should read. It has everything – magic, great characters, true friendship, dignity and honor, self-sacrifice. The novel is epic Tolkien had a huge impact on the culture. Of even greater interest was awakened after the release of book adaptations created by Peter Jackson.

The trilogy tells of middle earth, the peoples of which Millennium they lived quietly after the victory of the combined forces of elves, dwarves and humans over the Dark Lord of Mordor. But he finally left this world, but hiding in the darkness on the edge of their possessions. The ring, forged by Sauron and possessed of great energy, after centuries of oblivion has returned to the world, bringing the threat of a new terrible war between the free peoples of middle-earth and the hordes of Sauron. The whole world's fate is in the hands of the nine guardians of a terrible artifact.

1. Jerome Salinger "the catcher in the rye"

The book that became the symbol of rebellion the youth of the XX century, starting from the beatniks to the hippies. This life story of a 17-year-old boy told himself. He does not accept the reality surrounding him, the lifestyle of a society, its morality and rules, but does not wish to change something.

In fact, the ratings are fairly arbitrary thing. If you like a book that is not in the suggested reading list doesn't mean that it is bad. Any work, which finds an echo in the soul of the reader, already worthy of a place in the list of books that everyone should read.

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