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The most famous paintings of van Gogh


Vincent van Gogh, a native of the state of the Netherlands, is one of the most famous artists in the world. Thanks to the talent of impressionist, was created a huge number of incredible beauty works. The most famous van Gogh paintings, now considered his "calling card".

However, not all of them were as widely known during the artist's life, as in our time. Only after van Gogh's death his works were noticed by critics, and only then appreciated. A collection of his paintings contains many priceless paintings, when considering them from the point of view of the culture.

10. Almond blossom1890

"Almond blossom" (1890). In the beginning of 1890 Theo, van Gogh's brother, had a son, who was named in honor of the artist – as Vincent. Van Gogh was very attached to the child and once wrote in a letter to his daughter-in-law Joe: "He always had a great interest in looking at paintings of uncle Vincent." This painting was painted by van Gogh as a gift for a birthday nephew. The artist himself was an admirer of Japanese art, especially of the genre of Ukiyo-e prints. the Influence of this branch of painting of Japan can be seen in this, one of the most famous paintings by van Gogh, which was critically acclaimed.

9. Wheat field with cypresses1889

"Wheat field with cypresses" (1889). "Wheat field with cypresses" is one of the three famous paintings by van Gogh, which are similar composition. The above mentioned picture is the first of three and was completed in July 1889. The artist loved cypresses and wheat fields and spent a lot of time enjoying their beauty. He regarded this painting as one of his best landscape paintings and, therefore, have created two more similar work. This work takes pride of place in the Museum of arts "Metropolitan", which is located in new York.

8. Bedroom in Arles1888

"Bedroom in Arles" (1888). This famous painting by van Gogh is the first version of the next three similar paintings that refer to her and named much simpler – "Bedroom". The decision to write this picture was taken by the artist after a trip to Arles, and then move there. Van Gogh was in correspondence with his brother Theo and friend Paul Gauguin. He often sent them sketches of his future paintings, as he did with the painting "Bedroom in Arles". However, at the planning one painting during 1888 – 1889 years we have created three options. This series of paintings is characterized in that it depicts other works of the artist in paintings such as self portrait, portraits of friends and of Japanese prints.

7. The potato eaters1885

"The potato eaters" (1885). This work became the first recognizable work of van Gogh. His aim while painting was the depiction of the peasants is the most realistic. Before the world saw the final canvases, the artist created numerous sketches and drawings. Critics pointed out the simple interior, which van Gogh skillfully conveyed through the painting, in which there is only necessary furniture. Above the table gives a dull light bulb that accentuates the tired, simple farmers face.

6. Self-portrait with bandaged ear1889

"Self-portrait with bandaged ear" (1889). Vincent van Gogh famous self-portraits written by. Throughout his life he had written over 30. This blade has its own history. One day, van Gogh had a fight with one great artist of that time – Paul Gauguin, after the first got rid of part of his left ear, namely, cut off the lobe of an ordinary razor. This canvas is one of the most famous self-portraits of the artist. After the unfortunate incident with Gauguin, he wrote another self-portrait. Critics believe that this picture most likely describes the facial features of the artist, as he wrote it sitting in front of a mirror.

5. Cafe terrace at night1888

"Cafe terrace at night" (1888). In this painting van Gogh painted the cafe terrace on the place du Forum in Arles, France. Due to the recognition of this picture, which became widely known throughout the world, the terrace, which is located in the northeast corner of the square, attracts more and more tourists every day. This work was the first in which the artist has depicted a starry sky. "Cafe terrace at night" remains one of the most analyzed and debated of paintings by van Gogh. Interestingly, one of the cafes of Croatia has copied the design of the artist's paintings.

4. Porter of doctor Gachet1890

"Porter of doctor Gachet" (1890) Paul-Ferdinand Gachet was a French physician who had been treating the artist during the last months of his life. This porteret is one of the most famous paintings of van Gogh. However, there are two versions of the portrait, and this is the first version. In may 1990, this painting was transferred from under the hammer for 82 million U.S. dollars, and thus became the most expensive painting that was ever sold. To date, this remains the highest price for a work of art at a public auction.

3. Irises1889

"Irises" (1889). Among the most recognizable works by van Gogh, this painting is the most famous. It was written by van Gogh a year before his death, and the artist himself determined it as "the lightning conductor for my illness". He believed that this painting was his hope not to go crazy. On the canvas the artist depicted the field, a part of him, strewn with flowers. Present among the irises and other flowers, but irises are the Central part of the picture. In September 1987, Irises was sold for 53.9 per million dollars. At that time it was the highest price for which has not yet been sold, no picture. Today, the painting ranks 15th in the list of the most expensive works.

2. Sunflowers1887

"Sunflowers" (1888). Vincent van Gogh is considered a master of still lifes and his series of paintings of sunflowers is considered to be among the most famous still-lifes ever created. The works of famous and remembered that depict the natural beauty of the plants and their bright colors. One of the paintings, "Vase with fifteen sunflowers" was sold to one of the Japanese investors in almost 40 million U.S. dollars in March 1987. Two years later this record was transferred to "Irises".

1. The starry night1889

"Starry night" (1889). This masterpiece was painted by van Gogh at the memory. It depicts the view from the window of the sanatorium of the artist, which is located in Saint-Remy de Provence in France. The work also shows the interest of Vincent astronomy and the study of one of the observatories showed that van Gogh represented the moon, Venus, and several stars in the exact position they occupied that clear night, which is imprinted in the memory of the artist. The painting is considered one of the greatest works in Western art and, of course, is the most famous work of Vincent van Gogh.

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