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The biggest blockbusters 2016-2017


Not so long ago came to an end in 2016 – very generous with large-scale blockbusters, brought together multi-million box office and won the love of fans around the world.

And yet this begs the question, what are the biggest blockbusters of the year 2016-2017? What films earned such a great title? We will investigate.

The list of films is based on the principle of highest-grossing films – then in descending order up to the least cash. The list has not demonstrated an attempt to show which movie is better and which is worse – only the dry figures of box office receipts.

1. Loganbox office 445 million dollars

Logan (2017). Based on the dry language of figures, the highest grossing film is the final episode in the history of the "old people" – "Logan: the Wolverine". Unlike all the previous Marvel movies, "Logan" is a very grim picture, which says that the story ended and even Wolverine is already very long, like Professor Xavier.

And still hope for salvation, X-men has. A girl clone of Wolverine – the last hope. The final Chapter of the history of the Logan has already collected amazing reviews from leading critics and a good score of spectators. At the moment, the film had amassed 445 million and charges are still ongoing.

2. Fifty shades darkerbox office us $ 370 million

Fifty shades darker (2017). The story of Anastacia and her beloved billionaire Christian continues. Heroine still can't control the inner demons Christian, but trying. And still, beloved, still together and once again above them looms a danger – the former beloved gray still don't want to leave him alone, which means Anastasia has yet to defend himself from their wrath.

Continuation of the acclaimed erotic drama is in the list of highest-grossing films of 2016-2017 at the second place with box office receipts in the us $ 370 million, second only to the blockbuster from Marvel.

3. Three X: World dominationbox office 345 million dollars

Three X: World domination (2017). The third part of the series "xxx" is on the third place ranking of the highest grossing movies total charges – 345 million dollars.

Xander cage returns from the dead at the right time, because the world be on the brink of disaster. A group of terrorists is planning to launch powerful weapons, and the consequences of his actions promise to be devastating. Cage assembles a team of extreme athletes, and then goes in search of weapons and bad guys.

Will enjoy the third movie a good soundtrack, a big portion of humor, a return to the series VIN Diesel and furious action.

4. Resident evil: the final Chapterbox office 307 million dollars

Resident evil: the final Chapter (2016). Alice is one of the few who oppose the umbrella Corporation that is responsible for the destruction of human civilization by spreading the T-virus.

In order to stop the Corporation, and after a chance to return to the human race the hope of salvation, Alice returns to raccoon city, where she has to fight with an old enemy.

"The last Chapter" gathered at the box office a bit-a lot, and 307 million dollars, which gives it the right to stand in the list of highest grossing movies of 2016 and 2017.

5. LEGO Movie: Batmanbox office 277 million

LEGO Movie: Batman (2017). The fifth place of the list of highest-grossing movies is a cartoon about one of the most popular comic book characters of Batman.

Joker again escaped from the Arkham hospital. The criminal continues to terrorize his hometown of Bruce Wayne. Batman is forced to once again drop everything in order to stop the clown. However, the caped Crusader will get an assistant – a young hero Robin.

Corporate humor, beautiful graphics, and a close relationship with the comic books brought to the animated film "the LEGO Movie: Batman" the love of not only fans, but critics, and its creators a lot of cash in size 277 million.

6. Splitbox office $ 250 million

Split (2016). Low-cost picture of the "Split" of a mental disorder brought the creators a whopping $ 250 million, so the film deserves to be called one of the highest-grossing film of 2016 and 2017.

The main role was played by young actor James McAvoy. He had to portray on screen character, at the head of which get used as much as twenty three persons, for which the game will McAvoy has been praised by critics.

The brilliant performance of the title role and sharp, the plot – the hallmark of the "split". Fans of psychological thrillers recommended.

7. Kong: the Island Chaperabox office $ 160 million

Kong: The Island Chapera (2017). Restart the story of king Kong has started not so long ago and box office continue. At the moment, "Kong" has already gathered the order of $ 160 million and deserves the title of one of the highest grossing movies of 2016 and 2017. And yet, on the filming of "Kong" spent $ 180 million, so blockbuster can not be considered successful, at least not yet.

The story tells about a young captain who in search of his brother poisoned with an experienced group on one of the least studied Islands – the Island of the Skull. There are heroes faced the monster the incredible size of king Kong.

"Skull island" boasts a very high graphic level and acting. And yet, much success movie is not gained, because the story of Kong has already been logically completed by another Director.

8. John Wick 2Cash collection 154 million dollars

John Wick 2 (2017). Rave evaluations from critics and audience gathered for the continuation of the story of one of the best assassin "John Wick 2".

Keanu Reeves remains in the lead role, and the plot continues exactly the moment that pumped the first film. This time, John, being bound by oath, obliged to work for an old friend again and to forget their dreams of a quiet life.

Dynamic action movie with lots of scenes of firefights and melee fights collected 154 million dollars, and so rightfully earned a place in the ranking of highest-grossing films.

9. A dog's lifebox office of $ 144 million.

A dog's life (2017). In the ranking of the highest grossing movies of 2016 and 2017 re-enters a low-budget picture about a dog's life, which after death is born again with a single purpose – to serve man and to be his best friend.

"Dog's life" was able to collect the order of 144 million dollars, which demonstrates the success of the film adaptation of the novel, which cost only 22 million dollars.

10. Underworld: blood Warbox office $ 85 million

Underworld: blood War (2016). The penultimate film is beloved by many of the franchise "Another world" completes the list of highest-grossing films of 2016 and 2017 with the total fees to $ 85 million. The creation of the film spent 35 million

The fifth part tells the story about the alleged last stand of werewolves and vampires, where the main role is played Celine in the performance of Kate Beckinsale.

In fact, "blood War" became the penultimate film of the franchise "Another world", and not the latter, as previously planned. Will soon begin filming of the movie "underworld: the final Chapter", which will place all points in the history of Celine.

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