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Top 10 most beautiful flowers in the world


People have always been indifferent to the beauty and one of the most beautiful things in nature are flowers. Human history is imbued with the cult of flowers. Feminine beauty was always compared with the beauty of the flower, often mentioned in legends and myths of various peoples of the world, many of the colors got their own secret value and are widely used for logos or family emblems. We can say that the flowers became his standard of beauty. There is even a secret language of flowers, and meticulous Japanese invented ikebana – a science about the correct preparation of the bouquet.

We give flowers to your loved ones, grow them in their gardens and on windowsills, love them, and they in return give us a small piece of harmony. Because flowers are a symbol of harmony and perfection. We have prepared for you a list that includes the most beautiful flowers in the world. It is clear that this list is to some extent subjective, but we tried to come to this issue as impartially.

10. Dendrobium

This beautiful plant belongs to the Orchid family. The name of this plant translates as "living trees". This plant lives in Southeast Asia: the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand. In our latitudes this flower can be found in the greenhouses, ornamental gardens or in flower pots.

9. Lily of the valley

This plant has a very simple yet incredibly exquisite flower. Graceful white bells have always been associated with women's virginity, beauty and youth. Lily of the valley belongs to the family Liliaceae and is one of the most attractive flowers of this group.

However, do not forget that this plant is very poisonous. To humans all parts of the plant, especially the berries. Long to inhale the scent of Lily of the valley is also dangerous.

8. Calla

This flower has a surprising elegance and grace. These plants are natives of South America. Probably no other flower has no form, which is similar to the shape of this flower. There are two large groups of these plants, with white flowers and colored. They are very popular among fans of indoor plants, they very often give in different celebrations, especially at weddings. It must be remembered that this plant is poisonous to Pets.

7. The bleeding heart

These flowers have the shape of a broken or bleeding heart. They gathered in the arched inflorescence containing few flowers, like a small heart from which flows a white BLOB. In many Nations there are legends about the origin of this flower. They are all poetic and very beautiful.

6. Hydrangea

This is one of the most beautiful garden flowers. This family includes about 70 species, it is shrubs or small trees. They grow in South and East Asia (especially China and Japan), and North and South America.

The name of these plants was in honor of the sister of the Prince of the Holy Roman Empire. At the moment there are several hundred varieties of this plant.

5. Kanna

The these plants are native to South and Central America. This collection has about fifty species. In Europe, they were brought in the sixteenth century. Now this is a very common ornamental plant.

The flowers of this plant have a very original shape and vibrant colour. This flower is one of the most beautiful on the planet. Some varieties are bred for their beautiful foliage. The flowers of this plant are painted mainly in red, yellow and orange.

Curiously, in America, where he was introduced these plants, the local Indians are bred for their rhizomes, which they gladly eat.

4. Orchid Egret

This is a very rare flower, we can say, unique. It grows only in Japanese rice fields. This Orchid refers to the number of deciduous plants. Orchid has beautiful white flower with a unique shape. It is very similar to the bird, which spread their wings.

About this flower in Japan are composed of numerous legends. But, unfortunately, he is now on the verge of extinction and is considered critically endangered. The Japanese do everything to save this plant.

3. Proteus

Flower Proteas is considered one of the most beautiful on earth. This plant is a symbol of South Africa. This family includes about seventy species of plants.

The flower of this plant is spherical in shape, its colour varies from snow white to bright red. In the wild this plant is found only in the southern part of the African continent or in Australia.

Currently the Proteas are bred almost anywhere in the world, but despite this, the plant is quite rare and expensive, so if you want to make someone an original gift – must be ordered in advance to Proteus.

2. Sakura

This flower traditionally symbolizes Japan, but today Sakura is widespread worldwide. And, despite your nationality, you can't ignore the beauty of the cherry blossoms. For a few days a year this tree is covered by a real blanket of white and pink flowers. The Japanese at this time, don't even go to work, and take the opportunity and contemplate this fragile beauty. Sakura blooms in late March and it blooms less than a week. In honor of this plant even arrange special festivals.

1. Rose

It really is the Queen of flowers and deserves the status of most beautiful flower in the world. Rose at all times was considered a symbol of love, feminine beauty, fidelity and tenderness. Currently there are more than 30 thousand varieties of this plant. Poems about roses were laid down in Ancient Persia. This flower is distinguished by its delicate and very pleasant aroma.

To breed these plants for the first time guessed the Romans, they are also actively engaged in its selection. Gorgeous roses we can see the ancient Roman mosaics. In medieval Europe, the rose was considered a Royal flower, although active in their cultivation, mainly practiced in monasteries.

In the early nineteenth century in Europe were imported roses from the Far East, which had a special flavor and decorative properties. It gave a powerful impetus to breeding the breeding of these plants.

Currently, there are a huge number of varieties of roses. Of conventionally divided into garden and Park. There are other classifications. The breeders brought a huge number of color variations of these plants today, you can find red, white, yellow, orange roses. There are plants and more exotic colors and shades.

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