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The most beautiful and unusual fountains in the world


The fountains are integral to the city's parks and squares. These elements of the architecture are very narrow specialisation – they are created for decoration, and their construction is driven by only the aesthetic component. The fountains are designed to give coolness in the hot day, and also joy and smiles. There are fountains, which are associated with different history and traditions. There are those that glorify their city and famous far beyond its borders. Well, now we will discuss those water structures, from which simply breathtaking and by whom in any way it is impossible to pass without emotion. So, the most beautiful and unusual fountains in the world. Turn on the pressure!

10. Fountain-whirlpool "Charybdis", Sunderland, UK

Despite the fact that the fountain of Sunderland after the mythological monsters, no danger, he does not carry. On the contrary, "Charybdis" is the source of impressions and positive emotions for both locals and tourists. The design of the fountain is made of clear acrylic, and inside circulates the filtered water. The main feature of "Charybdis" in the fact that every 15 minutes within the cylinder forms an air vortex, the flow through which is formed a funnel. As a result, the viewer observes a real vortex, and the action presented in the best possible way for the eye due to the special configuration of the fountain.

9. The singing fountain, Dubai, UAE

The unique fountain is located next to the equally unique skyscraper "Burj Khalifa" in Dubai. Let us cite just a few numbers so you understand what it's about. 275 metres – the length of the fountain; 150 meters – the height of the water jets; 83 tons – the amount of fluid regularly located above the surface; 6600 projectors – optical component. Besides all this, in a fountain, there are several dozen musical compositions played in high quality as well as power generators and gas nozzles for visualization of fire and smoke. In General, the spectacle truly Grand and magnificent – believe me, everyone will remember it for a lifetime!

8. The king Fahad fountain, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

In fact, this design represents the most powerful cannon in the world. Despite the fact that the king Fahad fountain for some reason not recorded in the Guinness Book of records, he is the absolute world leader at the height of the ejected water jet. Hardly such it is possible to imagine, but the water rises above ground level... 312 meters! What kind of power the equipment should be inside the structure, unless the air is constantly almost 19 tons of liquid. The king Fahd fountain has a distinctive feature: unlike most of their "colleagues" running on filtered water, it is able to function, while circulating the fluid directly from the sea.

7. Fountain-volcano, United Arab Emirates

As we see, the Arabs are big professionals in unusual fountains and effects that these water units have. The next design from the Arab Emirates, made in the form of a volcano. The day the fountain is not particularly remarkable, but the sun sets the real fun begins. In particular, inside the housing aktiviziruyutsya unique illumination, which makes the fountain such a mesmerizing appearance of this volcano in the period of the eruption. Is illuminated and the water flowing from the "vents" like lava. Stunning effect daily gather near the fountain of the thousand eyes of both children and adults.

6. Watch fountain, Osaka, Japan

Indeed, in the Japanese Osaka for the answer to the actual question "what time is it?" can refer to... the fountain. And rest assured, it will perfectly cope with the task. The thing is that when the device of this unusual fountain has been involved with many technologies. Specifically designed thin water jets, led lighting and an integrated digital printer – that is the secret of our smart fountain. Time is displayed every minute in the form of a huge figure, literally running down. To the indications of the chronometer not bored the audience's eye, illumination also uses a variety of patterns and inscriptions.

5. The Fountain "Dandelion", Kiev, Ukraine

The following fountain of our ranking is located on the Independence square in the Ukrainian capital. Indeed, the configuration of water pipes is very similar to the faded dandelion. It would seem that the design is quite mundane, if not banal. However, the fountain is a huge success as have the Ukrainians and tourists. Especially the water ride attracted like children, instantly stuck to him from all sides. Looked? Agree, however because there is some charm in this simplicity. And solid water shell enveloping "dandelion" like a sphere, looks impressive and attractive.

4. The sculpture-fountain "Metamorphosis", USA

Your amazing fountain there and in America. But this time the water flow goes by the wayside. At the core of semantic design is the sculpture in the form of a 7-meter-high human head that consists of many mirrored metal plates. Revolving in a chaotic manner, the elements give rise to different images – they get some. This is the metamorphosis referred to in the title. Regardless of what the shape of the head formed plate, in the area of the mouth is always formed by the stream of circulating water on a regular basis. It looks impressive, and near the fountain almost never empty.

3. The fountain of "God the father on the rainbow", Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm has the reputation of not only the homeland of Carlson, but the location is a very curious fountain. Is the song "God father on the rainbow", which again sends us to ancient legends and legends. Pipe fountain, which is located God is placing in the firmament of stars, made in the form of half of a rainbow. The role of the second part is devoted to the water jet, the pressure of which is adjusted very precisely with the intent to rainbow eventually looked harmoniously and holistically. Such a spectacular idea, owned by Carl Milles, was implemented in 1995 his student named Marshall Fredericks.

2. "Bloody fountain", Swansea, Wales

Fountain, functioning in the Castle square of the town of Swansea (Wales), unremarkable for 356 days a year. No, of course, he is handsome, but without his features didn't exactly fit in our hit parade. So, the fact that every year from 1 to 9 March (spring in Wales begins on the day of Saint David Welsh) the water in this fountain is painted in rich bright red color giving birth to rare and unique spectacle. From the first glance it may seem that we face the real circulates the blood. But do not worry, the effect is achieved by the dyes. However, the action eerily beautiful!

1. Magic Fountain "Crane hanging in the air", Spain

Crowns our rating architectural creation from Spain. The fountain is in plain tap water, hovering in the air without any supports. Manna from heaven, no less! In fact, the design of the fountain is the unique design and engineering implementation. "Magic" hanging of the crane is hidden precisely in the powerful and noisy water pressure – we are talking about the transparent tube on which a crane is actually supported. Agree, brilliant idea. Needless to say that the fountain was just doomed to success and wild popularity, which is confirmed annually. By the way, in many parts of the globe, there are analogues of the famous Spanish crane, built on the same principle.

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