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The most beautiful and unusual bridges in the world


Bridges are a necessary measure and are often dull and drab design, completely devoid of architectural delights. However, there are some bridges that attract the eyes, which has its own aura and special spirit, and who simply saw everyone at least in the picture. This compilation is dedicated to our current rating. So, the ten most beautiful bridges. Many of them are real characters in those areas where they are located. Start?

10. Vasco da Gama (Portugal)

We will start immediately with the ex-record holder. The fact that the bridge Vasco da Gama from Portugal a month ago stepped down as the longest European bridge, giving way to the construction in the Crimea. The total length of the Lisbon bridge is 17.2 kilometers (19 against Crimean). The first cars drove on Vasco da Gama 29 March 1998. It is symbolic that in the year, exactly 500 years since the great Explorer of the waterway from Europe to India. The design is so Grand that during the construction the engineers took into account the spherical shape of the Earth (do not keep the Portuguese this condition, the bridge would be slightly skewed).

9. Pont du Gard (France)

The legendary Pont du Gard in France is the construction of the old Roman Empire. The latest research has shown that the bridge was erected in the middle of the first century of our era. Three-tiered design makes the Pont du Gard is high enough (relative to the horizon, the bridge stands at 47 meters), the length of the building is 275 meters. I wonder what its original purpose of the aqueduct was used not too much time. Gradually, the Pont du Gard turned into a bridge for carriages, and in the mid 50-ies of the XVIII century it ceased to function, becoming a monument. By the way, the bridge on the 5-Euro banknote is nothing else as the Pont du Gard.

8. Akashi-Kaikyo (Japan)

It so happened that in the fate of the Akashi-Kaikyo twice intervened the unfortunate circumstances caused by natural elements. One of them, by the way, and was the final argument in the need to build this bridge. The fact that one day during a storm here sunk two ferries (before the erection of the bridge did the crossing), taking with him to the bottom of 168 lives. The second time mother nature has complicated the task of the engineers by sliding one of the pylons 1 meter by the earthquake. Thus, had violated all the original calculations. And yet, in 1998, the Akashi Kaikyo was opened for the first cars. By the way, the construction of the record – it's the longest suspension bridge in the world.

7. Rialto (Italy)

Unlike our previous heroes, the Rialto is a Grand design, and is a small pedestrian bridge. Outstanding appearance structure connects the two banks of Venice's Grand canal and has a length of 48 meters. Surprisingly, even such a small bridge is not fully retracted to deliver the people. Right inside there are stalls that sell Souvenirs and other tourist stuff. History of the Rialto began in 1588, when at the narrowest point of the Grand canal it was decided to build a stone bridge. What can I say, in the 4th century, the structure is maintained not only the strength but also the original appearance.

6. Brooklyn bridge (USA)

The legendary bridge connects two boroughs of new York – Brooklyn and Manhattan. Structure design is a suspension bridge, and at the time of opening (and, for a moment, 1883) was the world's longest suspension span. It provides both road and pedestrian traffic. In addition, it is possible to move around on the bike. I wonder what cars go on the sides, while the pedestrian zone right in the middle of the canvas (and with a noticeable overestimation). In 2006, the repairmen found in bridge construction curious greetings from the 50's – in one of the pylons was classified whole bomb shelter with supplies of food and medicine.

5. Bridge Henderson Waves (Singapore)

Despite sophisticated design and a very unusual configuration, the bridge "Henderson Waves" is quite an impressive structure. Its length is as much as 274 meters, and above ground construction stands at 36 meters. But enough of statistics. This architectural masterpiece, it seems impossible not to fall in love. Inside the bridge is trimmed with panels of special wood the Ball, which, combined with warm LED lighting makes the "Henderson Waves" is a very atmospheric place. There is a lot of Jogging along, in the afternoon there strolling families with children, the same evening, the bridge is filled with a romantic aura – converging couples.

4. Tower bridge (UK)

Of course, we could not include in this list one of the symbols of not only London but the whole of the UK. Not so long ago tower swing bridge celebrated its 120th anniversary, and in that time have accumulated a lot of interesting facts about this building. For example, initially, each pylon had within itself a spiral staircase and a couple of lifts for lifting-descent of upper layer in the divorce, however, people preferred to wait for when the bridge will be reduced. In 1912, between the tiers of tower bridge sent his biplane pilot by the name of McClean. Forced the stunt was successful. And 40 years later another stuntman inevitably, being a bus driver, less successfully made the jump on the transport with the divorcing of one wing to the other.

3. The Millau Viaduct (France)

Our next hero is also not passed record. Officially, the viaduct de Millau, in France, is considered the highest transport bridge in the world. Moreover, it is important to note that this refers not to the height at which is located a layer (here Millau loses to some other members), and construction in General. A crucial role in our case is played by the pylons of the Millau, the highest length of which is 343 meters. Just think – this is higher than the whole Eiffel tower! Of course, in this scenario, the bridge looks very impressive. 2.5-kilometer canvas for the movement of vehicles at the highest point reaches 270 meters (you can imagine the view from a passenger window).

2. Old bridge (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The little bridge in our current rating. Its length is 30 meters, width – 4. However, this is one case where size doesn't matter. The amazing beauty of the bridge is achieved by the configuration and location. At the top of the canvas has an angular form, whereas the bottom layer forms a perfect semicircle. Additional effect, gives that the bridge hangs over the Neretva river at the altitude of 24 metres. This was the reason for the appearance of a kind of tradition for over 300 years here in the order of things to happen jumping from the Old bridge. Not so long ago (in 1968) fun has become official, and now every year in late July there are competitions.

1. Anshun (China)

China is often associated with antiquity. Here stone and our hero is no exception, because of the bridge called Anson was known at least in the XIII century. Marco Polo will not lie – in fact, this person described the bridge in all colors 700 years ago. However, such durable structures as Anshun need help. In 1980, the bridge reached such a deplorable state that barely survived after the next flood. Restoration work was begun in 2003 and the main aim of restoring the original shape of Anshun. The task was completed, and now the bridge is an iconic place, gathered around dozens of cafes and retail shops for tourists.

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