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The most beautiful places of Abkhazia


Abkhazia is one of the most picturesque and beautiful places on the planet. Here is the fascinating and unique objects created by both nature and man. It is difficult to identify the most beautiful places of Abkhazia, as this wonderful region has a unique and very picturesque nature, does not leave indifferent any one person. From all the mountainous region we have tried to focus on the best attractions that are a must visit to all tourists coming here.

10. New Athos cave

New Athos cave opens ten most beautiful and amazing Abkhaz attractions to visiting tourist. It is located in the depths of the Iverian mountain. It belongs to the genus of karst caves that formed during the melting of limestone that has been happening for millions of years. The discovery of this unique place created by nature, occurred in the early 60-ies of the last century. The new Athos cave has received from the local residents nickname, like a Bottomless pit, due to the fact that it has a very deep cavity and collapses. The length of the cave is over two kilometers. For a complete survey, there is a special excursion train. There are only eight rooms, the hideouts of the majestic and enchanting beauty of nature.

9. Gorge Stone bag

Gorge "Stone bag" or an unforgettable gorge belongs to the best places of Ahaz, which should definitely be visited. It is located near lake Ritsa. Of greatest interest is the Yupsharsky canyon, which emerged in the course formed a huge crack in the rock. His first name an unforgettable gorge received because of its amazing similarity with the bag. Resposables this natural wonder for as long as 8 kilometers. At the entrance width of the gorge is about one hundred meters, but farther inland the traveler is immersed, the more narrowed passage, and the end of the road becomes quite narrow, only 20 cm

8. Blue lake

Blue lake is a wonderful place in Abkhazia, where you should definitely visit. Bright rich blue color determined the name of this natural wonder. There is always a calm prevails on the surface of the water, despite the fact that in the rush lake water mountain tributary. The uniqueness of this lake is that it never covers the ice. Moreover, there is no one living. A unique color, as scientists assume, the lake was named for the lapis lazuli, which lines its bottom. There is a local legend, which says that people swim in this lake will gain eternal youth.

7. Cave Of Krubera

Cave of Krubera is one of the most unique places of Abkhazia, located in Gagra. It is a very deep karst cave that goes underground for more than 2 kilometers. It was opened Abkhaz cavers, but it was called in honor of one of the best Russian explorers of Krubera, is a founder of karst science. The opening of this amazing and beautiful place occurred in the early 60s of the last century. The entrance to the cave is situated at an altitude of more than 2 thousand meters.

6. Colonnade in Gagra

Colonnade in Gagra is a beautiful place in Abkhazia, founded in the middle of the last century. Originally it was built as part of the Winter theatre, located not far from seaside Park. Over the construction of buildings, local builders worked for two years. Now the colonnade serves as the entrance to the local beach. It stretches along the seafront at 60 meters. The building has four towers, connected by arches. Colonnade in Gagra is primarily famous for the fact that he was involved in the Soviet film "Night in Gagra". Tourists and locals love this location because it offers a wonderful picturesque view on the Black sea.

5. Seaside Park

Seaside Park refers to exotic parks located in Gagra. Its Foundation was on the orders of the Prince of Oldenburg at the beginning of the twentieth century. It is located on an area of 14 hectares. The vegetation in the Park was brought from all the tropical places on our planet. Here you can find a very rare and beautiful plants. In total, the Park features over 4 hundred of species of flora. In addition to the exotic vegetation here you can meet animals in the form of swans and peacocks. In the heart of this beautiful place preserved building from the 6th century, once constituted the temple. Now, this building is functioning armouries Museum. This amazing Park created by man, does not leave indifferent any visitor.

4. Naberezhnaya Makhadzhir

Naberezhnaya makhadzhir is one of the most visited and picturesque places, located in Sukhumi. In this part of the city is concentrated a large number of architectural landmarks of historical significance. In addition to architectural structures, this place stands out for the lush exotic vegetation.

3. Gegsky waterfall

Gegsky falls is an incredibly scenic place of Abkhazia, which fascinates every traveler with its beauty and grandeur. It was formed due to river flows that burst from the depths of the caves. It is located at a height of five hundred meters, and its water falls down at a height of 70 meters. To find this miracle of nature can be in the Northern part of the Gega ridge, in the place where two rivers Gega and Yupshara. It is in this amazing place were filmed some scenes of the famous Soviet films about Sherlock Holmes. Here is not only very beautiful but also very chilly at any time of the year.

2. Castle Prince of Oldenburg

Castle Prince of Oldenburg is one of the most beautiful sights of Abkhazia. Located this architectural structure on one of the slopes of the mountain in Gagry. The castle was built in the early twentieth century by architect Ljuteranskaja. A magnificent architectural building is designed in a modernist style, it has a huge balcony, stained glass Windows, towers and chimneys. In the castle can be accessed with a tour group.

1. Sukhumi Botanical garden

Sukhum Botanical garden is the oldest in Abkhazia. It is very picturesque and an amazing place created by human hands. The garden was established half a century ago on the initiative of doctor Begenovskogo, which decided to diversify the vegetation of the city. Huge garden area, comprising 30 hectares, divided into fifty sections, where grow various exotic plants in the form of floral and woody crops. Also in the garden there is a Monkey who is so fond of visiting tourists.

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