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The most beautiful places of Gorny Altai


One of the most picturesque places of Siberia is the Altai Krai. Mountainous terrain with varied vegetation and numerous ponds annually attracts a huge flow of tourists wishing to enjoy the local beauty. It is home to several state parks and national Park Belukha, which is well worth a visit, having arrived in this delightful and fascinating region. The top ten we have included the most beautiful places of the Altai mountains, which will impress at any traveler.

10. The Katun River

The river Katun, which means "mistress" opens the ten most beautiful places in Altai region. It originates on one of the slopes of the Belukha mountain. One of the most exciting gornoaltayskoe places in its picturesque Katun river has a very strong current and rapids. Along its entire length is a forest, which can be divided into separate plots for variety of vegetation. In the summer, Katun is green, which in autumn becomes turquoise. The river is especially exciting as its appearance in the spring, when it starts drifting.

9. The Tract Of Kalbak-Tash

The tract kalbak-Tash in the first place famous not only for its local beauty and ancient petroglyphs, which represent the big historical value. They represent the cave paintings, which depict the life of ancient people. The petroglyphs show several periods in which depicted scenes from mythology, and daily life of our ancestors. The drawings of ancient people can be found along the ridges for ten miles. In addition to the petroglyphs this place is interesting for the traveler beautiful views of the valley of the river Chuya, which opens with tracts.

8. The Kucherla lake

The Kucherla lake is on the list of most beautiful places of the Altai Republic. It is located at an altitude of over 1700 meters above sea level and is sandwiched on both sides by peaks of the mountain ranges. The lake is amazingly beautiful and deep turquoise color, which attracts many tourists. Also, this place is beautiful due to its vegetation and mountainous terrain, which in combination create a wonderfully picturesque panorama of which it is impossible to look away.

7. Uchar

Uchar or Large Chulchinsky waterfall — spectacular creation of nature. His appearance, which occurred nearly a century ago, associated with the collapse of local rocks due to the earthquake. Rivers of water rivers of Culci rush down from the height of 160 meters. Uchar is one of the most remote attractions, as it is not so easy to get to. The waters of the river Culci are calm, however, due to the formed during the earthquake of obstacles, it flows begins to boil and foam. The sound of rushing water is so loud that can be heard far away in the surroundings of this amazing place created by nature.

6. Teletskoye lake

Teletskoye lake is famous not only for its beauty but for the fact that is the largest closed reservoir in the Altai. Its total area exceeds 230 square metres. Teletskoye lake is included in the honorable list of UNESCO. The peculiarity of this reservoir is the fact that its waters are covered with ice only once a decade. On the shores of Teletskoye grow evergreen trees, including fir, cedar, spruce, etc. Is one of the most visited tourist destinations of Siberia. There are not only Hiking, but also water, cycle, air and car trips. If desired, on the lake you can fish in its ponds there are about 14 species of fish.

5. Shavlinskoe lake

Shavlinskoe lake is one of the wonders created by nature. Chain local reservoirs is of great interest for tourists due to its beauty. There are constantly organized for relaxation, Hiking and horseback riding. This place is called as the pearl of the Altai or Altay Switzerland. The upper lake from the chain of reservoirs is located at an altitude of over two kilometers above sea level and is located near a Large Shavlinski glacier, also known as Shavlinsky horseshoe.

4. The Pass Karatyurek

The pass Karatyurek, which means "black heart" is one of the most picturesque places belonging to the Altai mountains. With a magnificent view of the famous mount Belukha. Its height is more than 3 kilometers. Hence, in addition to Beluga whales, you can contemplate amazing views of the ravine yarlu and the valley of river Akkem. The pass Karatyurek is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Technically it is easy, however, due to existing debris requires endurance and psychological readiness from the tourists.

3. Jarl or Edelweiss Valley

Jarl or Edelweiss Valley opens the top three places of the Altai Republic for the beauty and unique scenic beauty. It is located 2000 meters altitude close to awesome mountain Belukha. Grow here in large numbers some of the most beautiful and rare flowers in the world, which are listed in the Red book — Edelweiss. That is why the mountain got its second name. Special landscape and a large number of different colors thanks to the local plants made the Earl is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The special charm of this valley not only gives the plants and rocks of unusual colors.

2. Valley of seven lakes

Valley of seven lakes is located near one of the most beautiful mountains, called the white whale. High valley is rich in lakes and waterfalls, as eloquently says her name. It offers amazing scenic views which are not going to compare to anything else. In addition to Beluga whales from here, you can see this top as the AK-Oyuk, famous for its hanging glacier. The height of some of the local lakes reach 2600 meters. The whole area of the valley is dotted with raznomastnogo vegetation and surrounded by majestic snowy peaks attributable to the Katun ridge.

1. Belukha Mountain

Belukha mountain is one of the most amazing and picturesque places of the Altai mountains. This is the highest point of the Republic of Altai. The name of the peak was due to the fact that it liberally covers snow from the peak to the foot of the mountain. On the slopes of Belukha is located about 169 glaciers, and hence originate multiple rivers, including the Akkem, Kucherla, the White Berel, and others. Mostly they are located the rapid river, which often form magnificent waterfalls. One of the most beautiful local waterfalls is considered to be Alluvial, located in the right tributary of the Katun river.

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