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The most beautiful places of Spain


To see the most beautiful places of Spain — a great reason to visit this amazing country, which has picturesque beaches, formidable mountains and plateaus, plains, and even volcanoes. Spain has something to show its guests the ancient Roman monuments, medieval castles, majestic cathedrals, the amazing creations of Antoni Gaudi, the magnificent Royal palaces, national parks and beautiful architectural and Park ensembles.

10. Masterpieces Of Antonio Gaudi

Opens the list of the most beautiful places of Spain masterpieces of the genius architect Antoni gaudí, which can be seen in Barcelona. The capital of Catalonia can offer its guests beautiful beaches, a vibrant nightlife, plenty of shops and boutiques for shopping, but many tourists go to Barcelona with one goal — to see the ingenious creations of one of the greatest and most extraordinary architects of the world Antonio gaudí. In the Catalan capital are the most famous of his work, stunning in its beauty and uniqueness. His buildings are easily recognizable – they look like exotic plants, bizarre animals.

One of the most famous creations of gaudí, the Sagrada Familia has become the symbol of the city and its business card. The architect spent on the construction of the last 43 years of his life. The Cathedral was never completed, and its construction is to this day. Other masterpieces of the eminent architect, which you can see in Barcelona include Park güell, with its amazing "gingerbread" houses, houses Casa Mila and Casa batlló and Wine cellars güell.

9. Architectural and Park ensemble of the Alhambra

To the most beautiful places in Spain applies architectural ensemble of the Alhambra, located in Granada. The appearance of the Alhambra is linked with the reign of the Muslim Granada of the Nasrid dynasty. The magnificent complex of towers, residential buildings, mosques, warehouses and gardens was the residence of the rulers of the Emirate of Granada. Now the Alhambra is considered the finest example of Moorish art in Europe. The complex is divided into several areas: the Nasrid palaces, Palace of Charles V, Generalife gardens, the top of the Alhambra and Alcazaba.

8. Cathedral Of St. James

Cathedral of St. James, located in Santiago de Compostela Catholic Church, the largest center of pilgrimage and one of the most beautiful places of Spain. In the Cathedral, in a silver reliquary, the relics of Saint Santiago Matamoros (St. James the Apostle).

Cathedral of St. James has several attractions: different facades, decorated with many sculptures of different eras, the biggest censer in the world, weighing 80 kg, and 80-meter tower. The huge building is striking in its powerful energy. Despite the monumental size, the architecture of the majestic Cathedral has a surprising elegance.

7. The Beaches Of Formentera

Spain can boast not only wonderful architectural attractions, but also the fabulous beaches of Formentera.

Formentera is a small island, part of the Balearic archipelago. Here is one of the most beautiful places of Spain — clean and deserted beaches. The main advantage of the Formentera beaches — pure white sand, gentle turquoise sea and delicious sea air.

6. Espana

A list of the most beautiful places in Spain continues square of Spain (Plaza de España), located in Seville. It is an urban ensemble built for the international exhibition of 1929. The ensemble is decorated in the then fashionable styles of neo-Mudejar and art Deco. In the center is a large fountain and surrounded by buildings with niches, each of which is dedicated to some of the provinces of Spain. Niches with murals depicting events that reflect important historical moments in the life of the provinces. Now the buildings is the municipality of the city. The square stretches along a small canal, and you can also catch him on the rowing boats. The square is flanked by museums.

5. National Park aigüestortes and lake San Mauricio

National Park aigüestortes and lake San Mauricio is one of the most beautiful places of Spain. It is located in the Catalan Pyrenees. Here you can admire the many waterfalls and glacial lakes, dense pine forests and flowering Alpine meadows. The most popular with visitors to the Park lake San Murizio. The late spring and summer riding lovers of mountaineering, climbing and rafting. Visitors to the Park can stay overnight for a small fee in cabins with minimal amenities and try the local cuisine.

4. Teide national Park

In the Teide National Park on Tenerife is the highest peak of Spain. And this is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places in the country. The island is of volcanic origin. The peak of Teide equal the height of all Hawaiian volcanoes Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea. Park Teide, in spite of the deserted appearance, attracts tourists with a wealth of unique flora and fauna. Fans of extreme relaxation come here to climb to the top of the volcano. The majority of Park visitors prefer Hiking to climbing, the ascent by cable car.

3. The beaches of the island of Menorca

Speaking of the most beautiful areas of Spain, not to mention the magnificent beaches of the island of Menorca. Today most of the island is a biosphere reserve under UNESCO protection. The island has over 70 beaches, most of which are wild. The beaches of Menorca is a true Paradise with beautiful nature, small and cozy coves and clear turquoise water.

2. The Alcazar Palace

The Royal Alcazar Palace in Seville — the most beautiful place of Spain and the oldest of the palaces of the rulers in Europe. Like the Alhambra, it was built in the mudéjar style. The Palace is now used for its purpose – when the Spanish rulers live in Seville, they stay in his official residence. The rest of the alcázar is open to the public. The Palace amazes with its fanciful Arabian architecture, which is characterized by a rich decoration of floors, walls and ceilings, rich moldings, tiles and friezes.

1. Park Buen Retiro

Among the most beautiful destinations in Spain include the city Park Parque del Retiro is the largest Park of Madrid and a favorite place of local residents. Here you can see sights such as the fountain "Fallen angel" with a statue of the devil, crystal pavilion, which hosts art exhibitions, the Palace of Velasquez. Adorns the Park small lake.

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