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The most beautiful places of Cyprus


The most beautiful places of Cyprus charm with its panoramic and unique views. This Paradise Land, where there is much to see tourists. Memories of what he saw will remain in memory for a lifetime. Here, not only amazingly beautiful nature, but also has unique attractions that are well preserved and are the pride of local residents. Cyprus has a lot of beautiful and enchanting places, but we tried to select the best and included in the top 10.

10. The ancient city of Kourion

The ancient city of Kourion reveals a ranking of the most unique, interesting, fascinating for its unsurpassed beauty of Cyprus attractions. It is a true Museum, which is spread under the open sky. A long time ago, this attraction was nothing more than the largest local city, which was on seventy-metre hill. Its Foundation happened in the 12th century BC, but two centuries later the city was doomed to destruction because of the powerful earthquake. Despite this curio was able to save many buildings that might be watching the tourist in the present time. Unrivalled collection of Roman mosaics, theatre and more will be able to contemplate a traveler, visiting this amazing ancient place.

9. Coral Bay

Coral Bay is one of the most enchanting areas of Cyprus, their unearthly beauty. It is located in Paphos, and enjoys immense popularity among tourists due to its white sandy shores and crystal clear water. As the place is popular, it is very well-developed infrastructure that attracts more people here in this amazing place.

8. The Millomeris Waterfall

The millomeris waterfall is the place that tend to visit many tourists, trapped on the amazing island Paradise of the Earth. The waterfall derives from the river Krios, which translated into Russian means "cold". He rushes down the fifteen-meter height, which falls the crystal clear water. Noteworthy is not only the waterfall but the surrounding area. Here lies overgrown evergreen in the cypress, pine, flowers and other very beautiful plants. Also here you can find a large number of different birds, including jays, crested crows, dippers, and others.

7. Gorge Avakas

Avagas gorge is a beautiful place on the island of Cyprus. Here are the gallery of gorgeous winding cliffs that form the gorge. Connection occurred during a strong earthquake. Also here is a cave, which was discovered relatively recently. But in order to get into it, you must first overcome many obstacles and narrow passages. This cave is remarkable (especially to archaeologists) that there were discovered pottery and other household items. How they got there, scientists can not yet give an answer. Tourists can only admire the gorge, but the entrance to the cave closed.

6. The archaeological area of Kato Paphos

Archaeological zone of "Kato Paphos" is an ancient city whose total area reaches tens of hectares. He was found during archaeological excavations, after which he was awarded the status of a Museum. The tourists have a unique opportunity to wander through the streets, hundreds of thousands of years. Special attention in the old town deserve the catacombs, where they buried the Holy Solomonia and tombs. Represent historical value, and villas, the excavations of which are still underway. From the walls of the buildings were almost nothing left, but in good condition preserved the beautiful mosaics that adorned the floors of villas. They entered the UNESCO List.

5. National forest Park KaVo gkreko

National forest Park "Greco" located at Cape Greco and is one of the most amazing places in the South-Eastern part of Cyprus. It covers an area of several hundred hectares. Its creation was carried out with the aim of preserving the beauty of pristine nature. Now this place is constantly a lot of tourists, for which there appointed, both pedestrian and equestrian, and Cycling. It is truly a Paradise on earth that is worth a visit. Amazing panoramic views from the observation deck at the top of the mountain overlooking the Bay.

4. Petra-Tu-Romina

Petra-Tu-Romina is a beautiful Bay located on the island of Cyprus. Remarkable in this place the rock on top of which strives to get every tourist for a wonderful and scenic panoramic views from the top. According to local mythical legend, at the foot of the rock of Peter-Tu-Romina was born the goddess Aphrodite. Near the shore in water is a rock which bears now the name of Aphrodite's rock. Crystal clear water is light blue.

3. Cape Greco

Cape Greco is one of the most incredible and beautiful locations in Cyprus, where a must-see for every tourist. View from the Cape offers a very simple. Particularly noteworthy is the national Park forest.

2. Baths Of Aphrodite

Baths of Aphrodite is a naturally formed grotto in the rock, which is filled with spring water. It forms a small lake with clean water that flows into the local waterfall. There is a legend that the water in the lake is endowed with magic power, so one who bathes here will be young forever. But alas, currently, the bathing here is forbidden. Maximum tourists are allowed to wash her face in the fountain, the water in it comes directly from the baths. Tired travellers can relax on the benches. Here the truth of the virgin nature and the incredible beauty. This place has a lot of green, sprawling vegetation such as trees and ferns. Near the baths is another remarkable place — the fountain of love, which also deserves attention.

1. The Troodos Mountains

The Troodos mountains — the most beautiful there is in Cyprus. In rocky terrain is specially constructed for tourists Hiking up. Here you can enjoy the local wild Caledonia waterfall and unsurpassed nature, untouched by human hand. If you are lucky, you can see animals that live in the local pine forests. In winter the Troodos mountains attracts tourists skiers due to the snow that adorns the peaks. This is the only place in Cyprus have snow. However, Troodos attractive not only scenic views but is located here mountain villages, and ancient monasteries virtually untouched.

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