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The most beautiful places of Crete


Crete is not only the largest of the numerous Greek Islands, but the most interesting of them. It is the largest economic, historical and cultural centre of Greece. Here was born the oldest civilization in Europe — the Minoan. The first settlement on the island occurred over 9,000 years ago, annually attracts on Crete thousands of tourists, wishing to join the pages of the ancient history of this beautiful island.

The most beautiful places of Crete will give a vivid impression of its magnificence and stunning views. The island and its attractions will appeal to tourists who appreciate a quiet relaxing holiday.

10. Knossos the Palace of Knossos

One of the most beautiful and famous places of Crete include the ancient city of Knossos and the Palace of Knossos. They can be called the hallmark of the island. In its heyday, the city was the most influential settlement in the Mediterranean. Construction technology and engineering solutions used in the creation of the city and Knossos Palace, to amaze and surprise. The ancient Minoans built multi-storey buildings with natural and artificial lighting, ventilation, water supply, Sewerage and heating.

The Palace of Knossos, despite the fact that he left practically in ruins, and now impresses with its grandeur and beauty. It is so huge, that in ancient times was a real city with huge number of rooms, halls, terraces. In the Palace were Bullring and an amphitheater. Around the world the Palace of Knossos is primarily known for the legend of the Minotaur who lived in a giant maze, constructed by the order of the legendary king Minos.

9. The Samaria gorge

The Samaria gorge is one of the most beautiful places of Crete. It is the largest gorge in Europe, reaching a length of 13 kilometers. Now it's a national Park, to visit which can be anyone. Among the many plants grown in the Samaria gorge, you can admire the rare Cretan endemic. The gorge is a popular tourist route. To visit this beautiful attraction of Crete is better in the spring, because in summer in the gorge reigns stifling heat.

8. lake Kournas

Among the most beautiful places of Crete include lake Kournas. It is the largest freshwater reservoir of the island. The lake with clear turquoise water is among low mountains. For tourists on the shore, there are sun beds with umbrellas. Here you can spend in peace and quiet all day, enjoying the surrounding views. You can go on a catamaran for a walk along the lake to see the turtles living in it.

7. Lassithi Plateau

Lassithi plateau is one of the most beautiful places of Crete, where you can admire many windmills. Here is another popular attraction of the island — Tiktaka the cave in which, according to ancient legend, Zeus was born. Since ancient times it was considered a cult place. The cave boasts stalactites and stalagmites covering its vault and floor. With the trail leading to the cave with a great view to the plain of Lassithi.

6. Voulismeni

In the town of Agios Nikolaos is one of the most beautiful places of Crete — the lake is almost perfectly round. It is called Voulismeni and is the second largest freshwater reservoir of the island. According to local legends, this lake was chosen as the place of bathing, the ancient Greek goddess Pallas Athena. The lake is fed by underwater sources, therefore after the construction of the canal connecting the lake and sea, the lower layers Voulismeni are still fresh. On the Eastern part of the lake are the city's many restaurants and cafes.

5. The island fortress of Spinalonga

Keeps a list of the most beautiful places of Crete island-fortress of Spinalonga. The fortress is long and tragic story. It was founded in XVI century to protect against pirates and invaders. Different times the island belonged to the Venetian merchants and Turks. With the onset of the twentieth century the castle changed its purpose — it was turned into a leper colony, which brought the lepers from all over Greece. When visiting the island of Spinalonga, it is recommended to have a headdress from the sun on the island there is shelter.

4. The Balos Lagoon

The Balos lagoon — an amazing beautiful place of Crete. As the locals say, there are three seas, so at different times of the day, the water in the Bay gets to 17 shades. Here is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. The bottom is completely sandy. Although the beach is "wild" and are not equipped with deck chairs and umbrellas, it is very popular. Tourists are attracted by not only the beauty of the Bay and the beach, but also located here is the ancient fortress of Gramvousa.

3. Elafonisi

Another one of the stunning beaches in Crete — Elafonisi. It is famous for the sand pink. The pink hue of the sand was due to the presence in it of fragments of corals, shells and sea shells. Transparent clear water, small depth of the sea and the unusual color of the sand made the beach one of the most popular places on the island. The beach is on a small island, distant from the coast of Crete, 100 metres, allowing the tide to get to it by wading.

2. The Matala Beach

Among the most beautiful places of Crete part of the beach of Matala. It is located in the Bay of Messara. The beach is interesting because the surrounding rocks were ancient carved caves. It is assumed that they first lived ancient people, and later, during the Byzantine era, they were used for burial. In the early period of Christianity, the cave became a refuge for followers of Jesus. The cave is now deserted and open to the public.

1. The Beach Of Vai

One of the most beautiful places of Crete, the beach of Vai, located in the eponymous national Park. The famous Park that grows here is a unique forest of the endemic palms of Theophrastus. There are several local versions of the appearance of the forest. One of them had it planted in ancient times by the Phoenicians, on the other pirates. According to scientists, the palm tree forest no planted date palms had been on the island since ancient times.

The beach of Vai is very popular among the guests of Crete, despite the fact that the seabed here is sandy, and stony.

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