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Top 10 horror books


One of the most action-Packed genres in the world literature are horror. They fascinate, frighten, tickle nerves, and leads the reader into a mystical, full of nightmares of the world...

Attention knigomania presents the best horror book, a list of top 10.

10. The exorcist

"The exorcist" by William Peter Blatty opens the ten best books of the horror genre. A world bestseller and was translated into many languages and received among the readers immense popularity. The inspiration to write this piece, Blatty learned from a real case of exorcism, which he learned from the local newspaper. Plot: Regan in the eyes turned into a beast with animal face and a rough, rasping voice. Really just a few hours ago he was a happy sweet girl? What dark force possessed her? Her gentle soul is groaning in pain and horror and tries to resist. But the forces are unequal, and the devil, took possession of it, is ready to celebrate.

9. Ghost house on the hill

"The Ghost of hill house" Shirley Jackson is one of the most important works of literature of the horrors of the 20th century. The old mansion on the hill brings its inhabitants only grief. The owners refuse to live in it, and an old couple looking after the house, not likely to remain here for the night. Behind the house was firmly entrenched notoriety. And then one day the quiet of the house violates the noisy company of visitors. Dr. Montague, a paranormal investigator, takes on the summer mansion to explore phenomena occurring there. No one who comes can't even imagine what a nightmare will complete this trip.

8. Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus

"Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus" a scary book by English writer Mary Shelley. The novel got immense popularity and been adapted. The protagonist of the piece Victor Frankenstein creates a hideous humanoid creature, not knowing what terrible consequences this will have...

7. 10 little Indians

"10 little Indians" or "there were none" — a book of horrors Agatha Christie, who considered this work the best of all his creations. The events happen in a small "Negro island" cut off from the mainland in a huge mansion. A group of unfamiliar people together, who, under various pretexts invited to the island and cut off from civilization come to the house. An old nursery rhyme describing the death of ten little Indians, waiting for each visitor of the island, the Guests begin to die one by one, killing each one of them corresponds exactly to the description of the death of the Negro from the children's counting. The people on the island realize that the killer is among them, and where to get help

6. The fall of the house of usher

"The fall of the house of usher" Edgar Alan Po — one of the best works of the horror genre. Roderick usher, the last Scion of an ancient family, invites other youth to visit him and to stay in the family castle on the shore of the dark lake. The lady Madeline was the sister of Roderick seriously and hopelessly ill. Her days are numbered and even the arrival of his friend is unable to dissipate the sadness of usher. After the death of Madeline was a place of temporary burial of the selected one of the dungeons of the castle. For several days Roderick was still confused, until the night a storm raged and didn't come out terrible circumstance that the lady Madeline was buried alive and now came for the brother to take him with me to another world...

5. Mountains of madness

"Mountains of madness" — the second volume of the complete works of masters of literature horror writer HP Lovecraft, is not published during the life of any book, but which became a beacon and guide of the whole genre, idol as the wide readership of the masses, and refined intellectuals, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for filmmakers. Sam Borges admired his stories, in which man's place is on the far periphery of the universal scheme of things and forces supramundane give careless soul sacred terror.

4. It

"It" a book of horrors by Stephen king. In a small provincial town of Derry many years ago seven teenagers had to face utter horror — the living embodiment of hell. Years passed... Teenagers have grown up, and nothing seemed to promise a new disaster. But the nightmare of the past returned, an unknown force has caused seven friends back in a new battle with Evil. For in Derry again, blood is shed and disappear people. For back causing a nightmare, so incredible that not even have a name...

3. Lullaby

"Lullaby" by Chuck Palahniuk is included in the list of the best books of the horror genre. Events begin with the fact that reporter Carl Streator begins to explore the Syndrome of sudden infant death. They die in the crib or even in the hands of parents. Then a reporter finds out, they die after they read an ancient African lullaby from the collection "Poems and nursery rhymes from all over the world". This song to read to their children when the tribe became the borders of their habitat, read it hopelessly sick or wounded soldiers to die without suffering. The song is still in effect, die editor of the reporter, its always noisy upstairs neighbor and passers-by, prevented him to go outside.

2. Call

"Wake" — a novel of the horror genre Japanese writer koji Suzuki. The book with the release of has gained immense popularity and was twice filmed. The plot is based on Japanese legend. Journalist Asakawa Kazuyuki becomes the owner of a videotape that caused the death of four people. He has one week to find the clue ill-fated record, otherwise he will die himself...

1. Pet cemetery

"Pet Sematary" by Stephen king tops the list of best horror books. According to the storyline, the couple — Rachel and Louis Kredi, along with their two children, moved to Ludlow. Not far from the new home the neighborhood children put on a makeshift funeral for their Pets. Louis warns the Ghost of a deceased patient, forbidding him to go into the woods behind the pet cemetery, but the protagonist repeatedly violating the ban. Touching on the theme of death, in the story king uses the fear of loss of the child and necrophobia. The idea of the novel came to the author after the funeral the family cat Relishes. The writer considered the work so terrible that after finishing work on a book abandoned plans to give it in print. However, due to financial troubles with the publisher, king has consented to the publication of the work. The novel was received as the reading public and literary critics. "Pet cemetery" received a nomination for "world fantasy award" and the award "Locus". Literary criticism, considering the book daunting, noted the influence of William Wymark Jacobs, Mary Shelley, and Nathaniel Hawthorne.

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