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The best movies with Gerard Depardieu


A list of best movies with Gerard Depardieu would be incomplete without one of the most famous paintings with his participation – the Comedy "Unlucky". Acting Union Pierre Richard and Gerard Depardieu – one of the greatest Comedy duos in the world. "Unlucky" – the first successful movie actors, and was followed by several collaborations.

10. Unlucky

The film private detective Jean Campana performed Depardieu looking for missing in South Africa, the daughter of the owner of a large company. With him on the quest is sent to the accountant of this firm Perrin, which is known for its fatal bad luck. Mary, missing in Africa girl, too, was distinguished by his incredible bad luck. Perrin, following her route, sometimes out on the trail of the daughter of his boss. Rational Campana and charming in their childish Perrin come in all sorts of absurd comedic situation.

9. Daddy

Comic Duo Depardieu and Richard has been so successful that after the "Unlucky" on the screens out another Comedy with actors – "Daddy".

When young Tristan runs away from home, his mother turns for help to his two ex-Boyfriends. To spur the search for, she tells everyone that Tristan is his son. Strong journalist Luke and depressive teacher Pignon soon collide with each other and decide to join forces in search of the young man, temporarily putting aside figuring out whose son he is.

8. Fugitives

Keeps a list of best movies with Gerard Depardieu Comedy "the Fugitives". This is the third joint pattern of Pierre Richard and Gerard Depardieu.

Jean Luc, the famous Bank robber, is released with one thought – to end with criminal activity. Deciding to start a new life, he walks into the first Bank to open the account. By coincidence, this Bank chose to target Francois Pignon. In dire need of money to treat his daughter and he goes on a desperate step – a robbery. When the Bank is surrounded by police, Pignon takes hostages Jan. But the guards do not believe that the robbery started puny and completely innocent looking. Luke is forced to take matters into their own hands to save themselves and the unfortunate robber.

7. Cyrano de Bergerac

Among the best movies with Gerard Depardieu part of the drama of "Cyrano de Bergerac", created on the play by Edmond Rostand. The role of Cyrano de Bergerac brought the actor a few prestigious awards and a nomination on "Oscar".

A brave and strong man Cyrano without hesitation, rushes at the enemy, but lost before charming cousin Roxanne. His feelings he expressed in verse. To fear rejection because of appearance, beloved Cyrano writes on behalf of his friend, the handsome Christian, and sadly watches as he wins the girl's heart.

In the film "Cyrano de Bergerac" Gerard Depardieu has clearly revealed his talent amazing dramatic actor.

6. Between angel and devil

In the list of best movies with Gerard Depardieu and a fantastic Comedy "Between an angel and a devil." Here the partner was actor Christian clavier.

The owner of the cabaret Antoine Carco gets in a difficult situation. Before his death, he's approached by an old friend with a request to pick up from Hong Kong to Paris of a little boy and pass his own mother. Clarko exports from the country of the child, using the help of the priest Herve TARENA. Giving a large sum, he leaves the boy in the orphanage, for which he curses Taren. From that day the life of Clarke turns to hell – it starts to chase the angel. The priest, in turn, tempts appeared in opposition to the angel of the devil.

5. The man in the iron mask

In an adventure film "the Man in the iron mask", based partly on the plot of the novel Alexander Dumas ' "Vicomte de Bragelone", Gerard Depardieu played the role of Porthos. The painting ranks among the best movies with the actor.

The three old Musketeers enter the struggle with the king of France Louis XIV. They decide to release from the Bastille prisoner, known as the "Iron mask". It is none other than the twin brother of the king. The Musketeers plan to replace Louis "Iron mask". The captain of the Royal guard, d'artagnan could not break the oath and refuses to support old friends, but soon realizes that it is not Louis XIV, and his brother has the true qualities of a wise and just king.

4. Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar

In a list of best movies with Gerard Depardieu part of the Comedy "Asterix and Obelix against Caesar", created based on the comic book about the fearless Gallach Asterix and Obelix.

Great Caesar conquered all of Europe except for a small Gallic village. Its inhabitants had incredible power, which gave them a wonderful elixir. The druid Panoramix, who owns secret of the magic potion, has been kidnapped. Two old friends, Asterix and Obelix, penetrate the camp of the Romans, to free Getafix and not allow the enemy to take possession of a miraculous elixir.

In this film, Depardieu again played by Christian clavier. In the role of Obelix, the actor appeared in three films about the adventures of the Gauls.

3. Vatel

Historical drama "Vatel" is one of the best films in the filmography of gérard Depardieu. The great chef françois Vatel committed suicide in order not to be disgraced. The reason for the rash step was the fear that the table of the Prince of condé, and his distinguished guests will not ripen fresh fish. Ironically seafood delicacy was brought in time.

The XVII century. King Louis XIV comes to the disgraced Prince of Conde to visit. On the eve of the war with Holland, he is looking for a talented commander, and the Prince of condé will receive not only the presidency, but will return to the court. So the king was pleased with the visit, he entrusts all care about the guests and their entertainment, her housekeeper, talented cook Vatel. Depended on the latter, will the Prince of condé, the post commander and the forgiveness of the king.

2. Vidocq

Mystical Thriller "Vidocq" is one of the most interesting and unusual films in the list of the best works of Gerard Depardieu.

The mid-nineteenth century Paris. In the city from the impact of lightning killed three famous people. The strange death of their charge to investigate the famous detective Widoku. He goes on the trail of a criminal, nicknamed the Alchemist dies in the final showdown with him. A young writer, the journalist, in turn, investigates the death of Vidocq to find out who is behind the mirrored mask of the Alchemist.

1. Rasputin

In 2011, Gerard Depardieu added to his filmography historical film "Rasputin". It tells the story of Grigory Rasputin's personality is complex and contradictory, which had a huge impact on the life of the whole country.

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