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The best films of Steven Spielberg


Steven Allan Spielberg is one of the most popular and successful American filmmakers. Its 20 highest-grossing films were able to collect rent more than 8 billion US dollars. Three-time winner has earned worldwide fame, and his paintings are loved and recognized by many.

Readers the films of Steven Spielberg — the list of the best.

10. Dissenting opinion2002

Fiction Thriller "minority report" (2002) opens the top ten feature films of Steven Spielberg. The film was shot on the eponymous work of Philip Kindred dick. In the picture describes the events of the distant future. Science stepped far forward, to develop a pilot program to identify criminals who only planned the murder. Thanks to her, security officers can apprehend murderers before the Commission of the crime. The system is gaining popularity, works smoothly and helps clean up the mess. But once smart accused has not committed the crime officer predprestupny division, John Anderton, which implies procuretopay machine, will kill the person doesn't even know. The protagonist has no choice but to hide from my colleagues and find a way to prove to them that even a perfect program can sometimes fail...

9. Indiana Jones and the last crusade1989

"Indiana Jones and the last crusade" (1989) — best action adventure Steven Spielberg, who is in the top 250 of the site "Kinopoisk" 201 place. The picture is the third part of a series of films about the amazing adventures of Indiana Jones. This time the fearless hero looking for the most mysterious relic in the history of mankind — the Holy Grail. This helps the archaeologist of his father, Professor Jones Sr. Now under the watchful eye of his father and with the help of his faithful mascot, unchanged hat and whip, Indiana will make many noble deeds and amazing discoveries. In the new brave archeologist travels happen to get the Cup that held in the hands of Jesus Christ and get an autograph from Adolf Hitler.

8. War of the worlds2005

"War of the worlds" (2005) — a film by Steven Spielberg, loosely based on the book by Hg wells. Fantastic Thriller was thrice nominated for "Oscar". The story begins with the author's reflections about the fact that people are too busy with their own Affairs and do not notice anything around, for example, the danger that coming to them... For a long time mankind see the alien beings who have not good intentions towards humans. And then came the hour when men have to answer for their complacency...

7. The terminal2004

"The terminal" (2004) — Comedy by Steven Spielberg. According to "IMDb" the movie is in top 250 best films, where it takes 141 place. This is the story of Victor Navorski, who went to new York from Eastern Europe. While the main character was in the plane, in his homeland was a coup. Once at the international airport named after John F. Kennedy with the passport of nowhere, he has no right to enter the United States and must spend their days and nights on the benches at the exit 67, until the war in his home country will not end. Stretch weeks and months, and Victor discovers that small little world of the terminal can be filled with absurdity, generosity, ambition, entertainment, a desire to maintain their status, Serendipity and even love for the charming flight attendant Amelia. Victor manages to gain the sympathy of everyone except one person — the official airport Frank Dixon, who considers him a bureaucratic error, a problem that he can't control, but which longs to get rid of...

6. War horse2011

War drama "war horse" (2011) is included in the list of the best works of American Director Steven Spielberg. Artistic, the picture was six times nominated for "Oscar". This is an amazing story of friendship between a boy albert and a horse named Joey. First world war starts. Horse Joey is sent to a place with a cavalry regiment to the front. Albert young, not yet fit for service by age, goes behind the horse to find and save her beloved pet.

5. Munich2005

"Munich" (2005) — historical drama by Steven Spielberg, based on real events. Artistic, the picture will tell about the terrorist act at the Munich Olympics in 1972 and the subsequent retaliation by Israeli forces. The film is based on the novel by George Jonas. In 2006, "Munich" was nominated for the award "Oscar" as the best film.

4. Spy bridge2015

"Spy bridge" (2015) — one of the best historical films of Steven Spielberg, is based on real events. The plot unfolds during the cold war between the USSR and the USA. American spy during the execution of the task falls into the hands of the Soviet military. The CIA to develop a plan for the return of a valued employee and connected to the operation of the Brooklyn lawyer, before which set the task in any way to negotiate with the enemy. Despite huge experience, the lawyer for all practice was not to deal with such heavy things. In fact he is thought to be impossible, because there is a high risk of failure of the operation.

3. Saving private Ryan1998

"Saving private Ryan" (1998) opens the three best films of Steven Spielberg. The picture is partially based on real events. The manual instructs the captain John Miller and his small unit a particularly difficult task: to break through the enemy lines and find private James Ryan. On the battlefield, killed all the brothers wanted soldier, so it was decided to withdraw the fighter from the front and to send to the grieving mother. But before a character is found, the squad of 8 people have to go through a terrible ordeal. War drama was awarded five Oscars, including for best Director (Steven Spielberg), as well as the prize "Golden globe" as best film. In the "IMDb" top 250 best films of the film takes place 85.

2. Catch me if you can2002

"Catch me if you can" (2002) — one of the best films of Steven Spielberg. Artistic, the picture was filmed on the eponymous book, which is based on actual biographical events of Frank Abagnale, American expert in the field of documentary security. He is a genius and a virtuoso crook having a plurality of masks. He's a pilot, lawyer and even doctor Frank was not yet 21, but he's already a millionaire. The master of deception has been living for several years on others forged Bank checks. On his trail is FBI a long time, but Frank is always one step ahead of the experienced agents of the Federal service.

1. Schindler's list1993

"Schindler's list" (1993) — best film by Steven Spielberg. It is a historical drama based on true events, tell about the businessman and the member of NSDL Oskar Schindler, which account for more than a thousand of lives saved. The picture was the winner of seven Oscars, one of which went for Spielberg as best Director. In the top 250 best films of the site "Kinopoisk" "Schindler's List occupies the fourth place of honour.

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