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The best gas boilers for private homes


The attention of consumers presents the best gas boilers for private homes rating includes both floor and wall models.

10. AOGV the 11.6-3 Economy

Model Russian-made boilers an 11.6-3 Economy (GMS) opens ten best gas boilers for home. The unit is suitable for open and closed heating systems. Is electronization, therefore, does not require connection to the electrical network. Start-up and device management is performed by the control unit, located in the lower part with the button piezo ignition and a temperature regulator. The boiler has a robust security system that protects it from overheating, lack of thrust and flames. For areas not connected to Central gas pipeline, there is a possibility of transfer of the boiler to the liquefied gas by substituting the injector.

9. AOGV-23,2-3 Comfort

AOGV-23,2-3 Comfort (IS) one of the ten best gas boilers for private homes. It is a non-volatile two-circuit outdoor unit with a control unit imported. This design allows to minimize the cost of equipment. The device runs on natural gas or LPG (after replacing the injectors). The second circuit allows the use of boiler units of a series of Universal simultaneous supply of heat and domestic hot water. Small size, light weight and comfortable shape make these boilers the perfect choice for installation of Autonomous heating in small spaces.

8. Ksts KONORD-GW-12H

In eighth place in the ranking of the best gas boilers for private homes — model KSC KONORD-GW-12H. The unit is equipped with a manual ignition and is not dependent on electricity which makes it more comfortable to handle. For the safety of customers developed a special system of heat insulation that do not give to occur the heating of the external surfaces, thereby giving all the heat directly into work. With proper maintenance the equipment will last for 15 years, and maybe more. Technique doesn't spend a while working a lot of gas, which allows consumers to save their funds, but it has high performance. The percentage of beneficial action reaches 90, which is not true of many analogue options.

7. Protherm Medved 40 TLO

Protherm Medved 40 TLO takes the seventh place in the ranking of the best gas boilers for private homes. Feature of the device is no consumption of electricity. It can heat rooms up to 500 sq. m. the Control is performed by a microprocessor. The unit has a clear display system – water temperature and pressure. Design capable of withstanding hazardous hydraulic regimes. The ignition of the boiler is carried out by using piezo ignition.

6. Baxi Slim 2300Fi

Baxi Slim 2300Fi is one of the best outdoor heating models for private homes. The device is adapted to Russian conditions, working steadily with decreasing input of natural gas pressure of 5 mbar. Also can be reconfigured to run on LPG. The model has two ranges of temperature control in the heating system (30-85 degrees and 30-45 degrees), the built-in weather-compensated automation, electronic temperature readout. The unit is equipped with the most advanced systems of security control: the self-diagnostic system, ionization flame control, safety thermostat against overheating water in the primary heat exchanger, sensor of traction for the safe removal of products of combustion, the system of protection from pump blocking, etc.

5. PROTHERM Gepard 23MOV

PROTHERM Gepard 23MOV located on the fifth place in the list of the best gas boilers for home. The unit relates to a heater Deluxe is easy to use and maintain. Using the LCD display it is possible to continuously obtain information at any time during the operation of the boiler. Display allows you to constantly monitor the whole process. The speed of heating water using Cheetah 23MOV is 11 liters per minute. The boiler is a Combi and runs on natural and liquefied gas.

4. Vaillant turboTEC pro VUW 242-3 INT-H

Vaillant turboTEC pro VUW 242-3 INT-H is in fourth place in the ranking of the best gas boilers for private homes. Two-circuit heating device, intermediate-level wall mounted gas heater and has a useful output of 24 kW in the heating mode, can heat an area up to 180 sq. m. Maximum temperature in the heating circuit — 85 °C, pressure 3 bar. For DHW pipes, the figure is 10 bar, while heating at 25 °C, the production capacity reaches more than 11 liters per minute. There is a summer operation mode. It is also worth noting sorbirovannoe the combustion chamber and an abundance of safety systems, in particular, have protection against overheating of water and its circulation.

3. Buderus Logamax U042-24K

Buderus Logamax U042-24K opens the three best gas boilers for private homes. The unit was designed to maintain a stable performance even under strong changes of gas pressure in the network and the electrical voltage. Because of this the boiler can be installed in almost any room. The unit operates on a flow principle of a plate heat exchanger wide modulation range ensures fast and efficient cooking of hot water in any desired volume. Source of fuel for the device can be liquefied or natural gas. The design of the boiler are simulated, the burner and fan. Using the latest technology, the manufacturer was able to create one of the safest gas boilers in its class. This model is equipped with multiple safety systems to prevent potentially hazardous and emergency situations.

2. BOSCH Gaz 4000 W ZWA 24-2A

BOSCH Gaz 4000 W ZWA 24-2A is one of the best gas boilers for private homes today. Turbofan gas appliance with wall installation and standard practice for units of middle class useful capacity of 24 kW. Equipped with a closed combustion chamber with a number of safety systems — in particular, the lack of traction and the extinction of the flame. In addition, it is worth noting protection against freezing. Gas consumption is no more than 2,72 m3/h. the Main feature of this model is that when the standard is actually the characteristics it can give up to 17 liters of hot water per minute while heating at 25 °C and up to 11 when heated to 35 °C. it is Possible to work in a summer mode for DHW only.

1. Baxi Luna 3 comfort 240 Fi

Baxi Luna 3 comfort 240 Fi tops the ranking of the best gas boilers for private homes. Wall-mounted model has a removable panel, which is made in two versions — wired or wireless (optional). It allows you to easily interact with the boiler, setting it to the desired room temperature and hot water temperature. In addition, the panel displays all the data about the operation of the boiler thanks to the wide LCD display. Included in panel duplex weekly timer and room temperature sensor. The timer allows you to create your own program operation of the device for a day or a week, separately for the contours of the hot water and heating. And for removing hot water is available only two modes – on/off. The heating circuit is programmed more flexibly, allowing lower temperature, which saves gas.

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