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The best ski resorts in Europe


Most fans of active winter rest going to the ski resorts. Among them there are many worthy, which include a large number of trails designed for skiers with any level of training. Here are the best ski resorts in Europe that are very popular among the tourists worldwide. Every year they take a large flow of fans of winter sports, and earn the highest number of positive ratings and reviews.

10. Chamonix Mont Blanc

Chamonix Mont Blanc (France) opens the top ten European leaders among European ski resorts. This place is also famous for the fact that here was held the first Olympic games back in 1924. Also, this resort is known worldwide for the descent dvadtsatikilometrovaya length called the White valley. Chamonix is perfect for not only experienced, but also beginners in the field of skiing. The resort is ideal for a visit since the beginning of the first month of winter on the last month of spring. The resort has a huge number of different entertainment and hotels where you can stay with maximum comfort.

9. Sölden

Sölden (Austria) — this place was chosen as skiers and snowboarders. Prestigious ski resort in Europe every year attracts a large number of lovers of active leisure. There are perfect conditions for skiing beginners and professionals. Additional recreational amenities include a water Park, which contains pools, both open and closed. Sölden is also a popular large selection of cafes, bars and restaurants so love to visit the followers of the night life.

8. Courchevel

Courchevel (France) — very popular in France and in Europe among gornolyzhnik. It belongs to the most prestigious European ski resorts, which annually attracts exceptionally wealthy people. Courchevel is popular the fact that here was partially carried out Winter Olympic games 1992. Wide, very comfortable, and safest route are the hallmark of this resort. Slopes are low to moderate and high complexity. Infrastructure in Courchevel is at the highest level. Boutiques, restaurants and other institutions for the elite and comfortable stay here represented in full force.

7. Mayrhofen

Mayrhofen (Austria) is among the ten most famous resorts in Europe for lovers of ski sport. There are trails that are designed for people with different levels of training. So there happy to ride as beginners and Amateurs and true professionals. Infrastructure in Mayrhofen developed quite well, which also affected his popularity. It is ideal for ski from November to April. The resort operates more than two hundred hotels, so tourists will easily find a place with the most suitable conditions.

6. Ischgl

Ischgl (Austria) belongs to the elite and the most prestigious European ski resorts where you can afford to spend nice time, not all tourists. He has one of the largest areas for skiing not only in Europe but in the world. It provides trails for both beginners and experienced skiers, thanks to the wide difference in the level of difficulty. Ischgl including love and snowboarders, for which there is provided freeride trails, half-pipe and four springboard. Ischgl can be called the center of the night partying, so it is often chosen by young people for recreation.

5. Livigno

Livigno (Italy) — one of the youngest Italian ski resorts, but rapidly growing. Every year it attracts not only skiers, but also fans of freeriding. Livigno choose in most cases the professionals and Amateurs of extreme sports, as the dominant part of the track has a very high level of complexity. The resort has trails with a total length of more than a hundred kilometers.

4. Davos

Davos (Switzerland) is one of the most mountainous European ski resorts. Smooth road and wide opportunities for skiers annually attract as fans of the sport, and seasoned with more experience athletes. In Davos, the infrastructure is especially good and is at the highest level, so there will be entertainment for every taste and budget. Spend the evening in the mountains you can in the cinema, theater or bar. Swiss resort will also be useful for people with respiratory disease, thanks to the healing air of the local mountains.

3. St. Anton

St. Anton (Austria) opens the three leaders among European ski resorts. It is also considered one of the most snow in Europe. This is a real Paradise for professional skiers and snowboarders who come here in search of extreme sports and new experiences. The tracks here are of high complexity, but have perfect conditions for skiing. St. Anton is famous for the fact that here was opened the first Austrian ski school.

2. Breuil-Cervinia

Breuil-Cervinia (Italy) — the world famous and very popular Italian ski resort that is loved not only by locals but foreigners as well. It is located on vsesvitnia the peak of the Matterhorn. The resort is the neighbour of Zermatt and is connected by lifts. Among other entertainment available here, you can select Spa, which offers Spa and swimming pools. There is also here and a few bars where you can relax and in a relaxed atmosphere to spend the evening. Breuil-Cervinia is particularly attractive for beginners, as they there are a lot of trails that are low level. This place is ideal for skiing from November to end of April.

1. Zermatt

Zermatt (Switzerland) is considered the most popular Swiss winter resort designed for lovers of ski sport. It is located in the Alpine mountains to the South. This place is famous also very world-famous peak of the Matterhorn, which has a quadrangular pyramidal shape. Zermatt is famous for the best skiing infrastructure here is very well developed. It provides extremely long routes (longest run: 14 km) with significant elevation changes. Ski resort is suitable all year round, thanks to the favorable location, which creates favourable climatic conditions for optimal low temperatures, providing perfect snow for skiing.

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