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The most interesting films about teenagers


Among modern art paintings there are a huge number of films shot about the life of teenagers. Movies, dedicated to the difficult and amazing age are very popular among teenagers and among adults. Some of them are light and hilarious comedies, others are dramas and reveal the psychology of the younger generation. They reveal all the secrets of teenage life and help to understand the sometimes unpredictable behavior of young girls and boys. Most of them are filled with romance and genuine feelings, which are so lacking at times adults.

The TOP 10 includes only the best and most interesting movies about teenagers.

10. Cruel intentions1999

Cruel intentions (1999) opens top ten teen movies. Sebastian is a real Casanova. For it is not difficult to lure in their love of the network. Catherine – a bored beauty who is tired of the banal confessions, feelings. Experienced in the secrets of love Catherine and Sebastian together for the search of new sensations. In the network violent games should get the girl who will keep them company in new entertainment.

9. Sosedka2004

Sosedka (2004) – a light Comedy about teenagers. In the center of the story is high school student Matthew, who dreams about a career of a prominent politician. Next to him in the neighborhood settles nineteen dazzling blonde Daniel. Matthew loses his head from beauties and ears falls in love with her. The young man is completely sure that he found his only beloved. But suddenly Matthew finds out that his girlfriend is a former porn actress. But this fact doesn't stop a man in love. He is willing to sacrifice his reputation and doing everything possible to hold Daniel.

8. Eurotrip2004

Eurotrip (2004) – American Comedy about teenagers. The main character Scott Thomas, a graduate of the school. The guy wants to learn German and met for this purpose in social media with Mike, who is a resident of Germany. Between users getting better confidential correspondence, in which Scott shares all her feelings with a new friend. The American resident has no idea that his buddy on the Internet is a girl. When the mystery opens and Scott finds out that Mike is a charming blonde Mika, he falls in love with her and is going to tour Europe to meet her.

7. LOL2008

The French Comedy LOL (2008) tells about the life of a schoolgirl Lola. Friends call her LOL, what in the language of the Internet means lol. The new school year begins for girls with unpleasant surprises: Lola finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her. She is not going through the easiest time in life, besides his mother Lola does not understand it. The innermost secrets of the teenager trusts only to his diary. Lol suddenly moving closer to the best friend of her ex-boyfriend. Between them arise true, sincere feelings. But before Teens are together, they will be the real test. They need to solve the eternal problem of fathers and children, to uncover deception and to find love.

6. 17 again2009

17 again (2009) – one of the best comedies about teenagers. Mike – the negligent father of two children. Fate is magically an adult and the father turns into a teenager and falls in the home school. Now he is studying in the same class with their children and becomes their friend. Mike in a new way – universal pet and basketball star. But in a short time to an adult to a teenager comes the realization of true values, and they are not successful in the game of basketball.

5. Mean girls2004

Comedy mean girls (2004) is one of the most interesting paintings about the life of teenagers. In the center of the story is fifteen-year-old Cady Heron, who spent her childhood in Africa with her parents zoologists. The girl who lived to 15 years in the wild nature, I'm sure absolutely everyone knows about the rule of survival of the fittest. But once in a regular school where she had to interact with their peers, Cady revising their former views on life. She falls in love with a guy the meanest girl in school and doesn't notice as she turns into a mean-girl.

4. A walk to remember2002

A walk to remember (2002) – one of the best American dramas about teenage life. Landon Carter has a lot of fans at the school who are crazy about him and want to be with him. After another antics of everyone's favourite make in school to conduct lessons with lagging students and to participate in performances. Arrogant, handsome have to ask for help to the nondescript little Jamie. The student agrees to help Landon, but only on condition that he would not fall in love with her. An ambitious young man gives the word Jamie and a hundred percent sure that the girl is not interested. But fate plays a cruel joke hero and he did not even suggest what the outcome of his deal with the school prude.

3. Three meters above the sky2010

Three meters above the sky (2010) reveals three of the most interesting films about teenagers. Adaptation of the novel by Spanish writer Federico Moccia was a runaway success and gained a huge following. Babi – a girl from a wealthy family, who is the embodiment of innocence and goodness. H is an ordinary guy who is in search of risky adventures and dangers. Babi and H are totally different, but a fate they were destined to meet and madly fall in love with each other. But whether children from different backgrounds go through the trials and save his love?

2. Step forwardthe year 2006

Step forward (2006) – one of the most successful films about teenagers. Tyler gage – storm the streets with the clear makings of a talented dancer. He is constantly in conflict with society, and commits rash acts. After the last incident with the defeat of the Assembly hall, the young man sent to art school for correction. There he meets a professional dancer who will completely change his personal life and professional career.

1. The notebook2004

American drama the notebook (2004) heads the ten best films about teenagers. In the house the elderly man tells a neighbor touching love story. They met young and fell in love with each other. The girl belonged to a wealthy family, he was a native of commoners. Due to different social backgrounds, the lovers could not be together, and fate separates them. A few years later she married a businessman, and he remains with his memories alone. She learns about his first love from the Newspapers and decided to find it to solve their future life.

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